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Google Japanese Input

By Google LLC

App Category:- Productivity

Google Japanese Input


Google Japanese Input, optimized for Android devices. Featuring a rich and relevant vocabulary set and convenient conversion capability to increase the efficiency of Japanese Input.
– Rich and relevant vocabulary set. We have extracted all the right words from our desktop version to cover all the mobile use case: from writing an email to looking up a map and writing something on your favorite social network site and so on.
— Places: [東京都中央卸売市場] [秋葉原ラジオ会館] [立山黒部アルペンルート]
— Celebrity : [徳川光圀] [織田信秀]
— Foreign words : [Android(あんどろいど)] [Bistro(びすとろ)] [Trattoria(とらっとりあ)]

– Neat features. Take advantage of unique handy features such as:
— 「きょう」to get today’s date or「いま」to get the current time.

Download Google Japanese Input App Apk:-

Download Google Japanese Input App Apk ( 12.9 MB )

User Reviews

Rhea Felicidario
google japanese input great app. 👍👌👏👍 すごい!😍😍💕(*´ω`*)

Fadli Hermawan
A very useful Japanese typing app Now I can type the Japanese letters by using this app. Thanks Google!

Lauren The King
I love it. Just wished that my phone came in multiple languages to use besides English and Spanish.

App User
I am not from Japan but this serves my needs. I just want to input Japanese and this app does it well.

App User
Not better than this Great

Stef Evanz
Google Japanese Input awesome app. i can use it in translating words from nihongo to englsh. thnx a lot. five stars.

App User
Very good 今まで一番よかったかも!早い!^_^♪♥♤♬☎♔✘☆彡日本語はなかなかいいね!ラテン語の文字も使えるので私にはぴったり!Ótimo! But I hope it get better english prediction.

Heather Anne
FINALLY!!! I’m so relieved that I can now properly warn my friends in Japan about possible GODZILLA sightings! ゴジラ

App User
Best Android IME so far It works amazingly well on my samsung galaxy s2, and the emoticon selection is quite fun

Zain Ali
Super The best japanese keyboard so far on google play.

Miel Bradley
great im not the best at japanese just yet but this helps a ton!!!! ありがとう

App User
Useful Best IME I have found for JP input. Despite what description says it does work with my Droid 3 HW keyboard, though onscreen keyboard still shows. Emoticons are a nice touch.

App User
great app! i’m a big fan of this app ever since i’ve installed its desktop version. works fine for my smart phone as well!

Best keyboard ever imho. Even if you’re not learning or speaking Japanese.

Puffy the Wolf
Best keyboard This is the best keyboard I have used. Now I can type in Japanese!

David Gray
Works well! Swype is still faster for me but this is great if you want to avoid using romaji.

App User
Google Now this is Google at work…only an ics theme is needed

Mark Owens
Great, but…. A great ime, only complaint is there seems to be a problem with the hanging radical (shidare). It displays properly on my screen select, but then loses the radical after selection leaving the rest of the kanji e.g 直、置き. May be a font issue.

App User
Will not survive without this This keyboard will be a permanent install in all the androids in my life. I love it!

Rajeev Mishra
Well done google I am learning Japanese, and now typing it too. Easy stuff.

蔵内翔 Garth
このキーボード最高!!! This is the best Japanese keyboard I’ve used. Love how customizable it is – I can go from QWERTY in English mode to 12 key in Japanese mode. Also really love that I can shrink the keyboard size! Love it!

Nathan Norris
Great Works great with no issues, have used for years.

Great app Thank you for this app. It is very helpful expecially for those who just start to learn japanese

Gannon Tillery
Very user friendly. Comes with a slight learning curve. For Japanese, it’s very useful and easy to navigate. Just takes some getting used to like any new keyboard.

Ara Monet
So shining amazing!⭐ I like this input because you can learn typing kanji texts.

Hynz Amai
LOVE IT! ITS AWESOME! Its better than the rest.. Well, i like it.. Its very easy to use and it doesnt take so much space.. 🙂 <3

App User
Finally. Responsive, easy to use with gorgeous GUI. Love the smileys too.

Azren Almanza
I recommend this if you know Japanese 🙂 I live in Japan so I use this with the messenger app to communicate with my teachers or friends when when I am out of school or not with them, so I’ve had no trouble with this so far, I think it is very convenient, and I also know Japanese ! Obviously : p

Roto Xu
Perfect if There was a switch language key

Cool google language app i think it should be more famous

Dustin Olinger
Amazing This is one of the better japanese ime’s because it can function like the ime on your computer converting romaji input into kanji which helps alot for us learning the language or that just dont think in kanji. Also has full support for all the cool little symbols. So far best one I have found.

Anasseh Holt
Awesome Wish my phone had the Japanese Language option to keep my Japanese lang skill active!! Great app

Diego Ortiz
Excellent! Works perfectly, no bugs or crashes. Truly deserves 5 star rating! 🙂

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