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Google Earth
by Google LLC

This is the new Google Earth.

Google Earth

Google Earth

Gain a new perspective of the world as you explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.

Fly through landmarks and cities like London, Tokyo and Rome in stunning 3D, then dive in to experience them first hand with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, which brings you one-of-a-kind experiences from Sesame Street, BBC Earth, NASA and more.

Download Google Earth app:-

Download Google Earth App ( 11.5 MB)

User Reviews :

-Great app. Seems a lot more stable these days, memory management has gotten better. One improvement I would really like to see though is to have your GPS location automatically refreshed. I dislike having to manually hit the location button every time I move. An option also to lock the view on the live location, just like Google Maps would be useful. Also just like Google Maps with live location updates, it should animate between each location change to make it look like it’s smoothly moving in real time.

-Overall, it’s a great app. The 3D effects really brings the cities to life and is very detailed and pretty accurate although it will have random places in some very odd places like a prison in the middle of the woods for example. I just wish that it had the time lapse features from year’s past like the desktop version did a few years back. If Google can add that features I would give this app a slightly higher rating.

-Very good app in many ways. Works well on Android. My only complaint is I wish Google would allow the app’s MASSIVE data files to be stored on an SD card. Because it takes up 1 GB of storage, I can’t keep it on my 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab A…..

-Obviously this is a good app to have on your phone. The only thing I’d say would greatly benefit both the ppl who use this app AND the app itself are updated views. I typed in my mom’s house address and it showed my mom’s house with cars in the driveway that she sold, literally, over 10 years ago. Then i checked out a friend’s house and it showed the area she lives in long BEFORE he neighborhood had even been built in that area lol. So obviously the views Google Earth shows are between 5 and 10 years old. The views could MOST DEFINITELY use an update. That would actually be greatly beneficial for both the users and the app itself, as I

-It’s great but it mainly lost a star because it has some very creepy pictures like asylums and strange objects in the desert. So far I’ve found 3 unmarked buildings in the desert and 1 white round thing that looked like a fried egg with a black yolk. There are hundreds more like these but all way smaller. None of this stuff was labelled and it was all very creepy. Overall though it was great.

-Its good 👍 but it only shows places which are historical or famous. I wish it could show us the local places in 3D too! It’s awesome but still. I wanted to see the unseen places in 3D with Google Earth! Unfortunately It’s a stain for its name. It doesn’t show whole Earth in third dimension. #GOOGLEEARTH #REQUEST

-It’s a great app but sometimes when I really need the app, it’s disabled and I have to enable it all-over again. My phone has more then enough space to accommodate the app, but this still happens. Can anyone throw light on this?? The bug has been fixed. Thanks Team Google!!!!!👍

-I’m a truck driver who delivers GAS to the gas stations and when I go to a new store I need to know where are their tanks before I enter. Previously I use to park my truck in the middle of the road and walk inside and look but now I can look at the place before I even start driving there. So helpful. Thank you technology.

-Facing a strange problem, When I install the app, the app store says the app is installed but it is nowhere to be found on my device. The app store app page has the “Enable” button where the “Open” or “Update” buttons are otherwise. When I enable, the app icon is visible in the app drawer until I try opening it, to which the app closes and the icon is gone and the “Enable” option reappears. Update: Thank you for the acknowledgement, and yes the problem has been fixed. Great job guys 👍

-Interesting… how /why the rate is so low! All ppl from planet Earth is using it, me included — which i don’t like most of Google products… but this is other discussion. Oh, maybe it’$ ’cause without a PC u can’t have places saved…

-This app is just amazing. I know in this high tech world that it shouldn’t be surprising, but remembering my childhood of paper maps, compasses, and getting hopelessly lost this app is just mind blowing. Even out in the middle of nowhere you can boot this up and quickly and easily navigate through the woods to the closest roadways. No more getting lost ever. It’s also nice being able to boot up a campground and see what they are truly offering before making reservations. Just a great app!!!

-Amazing! I got this game for a video i was doing.It was about revenge on my mean friend Liam, his YouTube name is called “Liamthelegond XD” I JUST WANNA get revenge and this helped me alot,also i found were my grandad and auntie and grandma live!

-Blur. The road is blurry and seem to be out of focus when keeping track of it. Also cant seem to view number on bus stop stand as it is blurry. Also used up alot of my mobile data when browsing through the road. Need alot of improvement.

-It is a brilliant app, however. When I looked up chernobyl NPP, all street view blue sections crashed when I tried to access them . Conspiracy or Coincidence

-The app closes on its own and I have to open the Play store app in order to enable the Google earth app. Is the problem with my phone or with the app?

-The app disables by itself very frequently and I have to enable it every time. Please fix this issue as I am starting to hate this app

-It’s interesting to be able to look at places from different perspectives, but looking around where we live the information shown is quite clearly 8 years out of date at least. Some buildings shown are no longer there or are now used for a completely different purpose and so it has limited use.

-This is absolutely amazing on the pixel 2. The whole world at your fingertips, I know I’m going to get lost for hours just playing with it. Graphics are spot on too. Glad I found this thank you Google!

-The icon disappears automatically, sorry. It does not stick to my mobile permanently, I have to download again and again, the icon remain for a short while and disappears becomes disable, kindly solve the problem.

-Outdated. Too many areas have been developed as of 10 years. Maps still show the area as underdeveloped.

-At school I always get on this on the computer. It’s great and really fun. With the street view you can act like your walking around

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