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Google Analytics

By Google LLC


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Google Analytics


The official Google Analytics mobile app helps you monitor your business on the go. With this app, you can:
1) Check key metrics in built-in reports
2) Compare date ranges and apply segments
3) Monitor real-time data
4) Explore to build your own reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments that you care about
5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you can easily come back to them

Sign in with your Google account to use Google Analytics.

Permissions Notice
– Contacts (Get Accounts): Needed to get a list of accounts to sign in with


Download Google Analytics App-

Download Google Analytics App ( 22 MB )

User Reviews

Daan Dawud
Ticks my boxes I use this on a daily basis to check mainly my web stats, unique visitors and real time figures. It does the job in a sense that it gives a fair idea of web usage however i do find sometimes the figures are lower than the web analytics ones. It also packed full other stuff like revenue and various otherr stats. Essential app.

Nicola DuPont
All your metrics right there in an easy to view format. Love the update

Bill Rough
Pretty good, especially since it fits in your Palm

App User
Perfect! I hadn’t checked on this app for some months and I got a pleasant surprise today when I opened it. Kudos, well designed so that it gives a vast amount of information without any signs of clutter. It will replace the web interface for me

vikash singh
This app is only to track your website.

Joe Goga
Love It Awesome creation ever invented

Dino Mesic
Fantasticno Novi update je odlican. Interface je daleko pregledniji nego prije. Svaka cast

Ahmad Elkaragy
Great everyday companion Useful for checking stats on the go, and well implemented and easy UX. Thank you

Google’s one of the best product

Christopher Smith
Best app for website traffic tracking

Kevin Brandt
Does what I need

Julien Coquet
For analytics on the go Awesome for us data nerds

Nguyễn Chiến Công
Great app for analytics my website Google analytics app helpful my site better . i love google

Mohsin Ali
Easy to use and best one in the industry.

Milos Stojanovic
Best metric tool out there There is nothing more to say..

One of the great webstats app from Google

sopyan nurcahyana
Great So become very easy every where i go , i can check my visitor 4rm here and i want to know how to check google analytic properly install i didnt see here

Kyle Tyndall
Love being able to keep track of my website on my phone.

Mahendri Winata
Very useful to monitor traffic the website and give informations

John Benn
Great source of info Love this app – good layout and functionality. If you’ve got a website you need this app.

Amin Sarhan
A great analytical tool for viewers and their interests.

Ján Kočiš
So good So good app and very interesting content to look at…

Ján Kočiš
So good So good app and very interesting content to look at…

Ido Segev
Great app to analyze your website’s results

Gopinath Kochunni
I need to know more about how to use this app for e-commerce.

harshit jain
Best app for keeping track on ur web analytics

rajesh bonam
A big thanks to google who is develop this amazing tool for easily tracking the traffic from anywhere in the world

Voice Of Moment’s
awesome apps this apps makes easy everything. its part of my life. every each hour I use this

iXDev Uk
Good to track website traffic and visitors

hudini lefty
Works great for me. Helps me understand how google gets its ideas

Steve Kreeger
At last! Been waiting for a good analytics app. Just changed from iPhone to Android and found this beauty!

Mayur Soni
Love the sheer amount of data This app is a delight for anyone interested in data and metrics. We can track visitors, do comparison with another period, find out how the visitors move inside the website. A limitless amount of analysis can be done through this data. Yet the app manages to keep itself very simple and user friendly and does not intimidate even if you are not very comfortable with numbers. You might need a good 3g/4g connection to run the app smoothly though.

David Ireri
This app does its job as prescribed. Very Nice

App User
Yes, you can add your analytics account! You just have to add that account to your phone, first. Settings>Accounts>Add Accounts. You can also decide what services (gmail, drive, Chrome, analytics, etc) you want to sync or not sync. Google Android apps work this way. You have to add the account to the phone first. If you are running gingerbread you may not be able to add more than one google account.

Er. Vivek Choubey
Wow! Love this analytics app. It actually help me a lot to run my website best way

Sharannath Mohanram
Perfect. Great to have Analytics on Mobile. However, would be better if more desktop features are brought to the app

App User
Greate new update How I can choose dashboard as default on start?

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