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Google Ads App

Google Ads App

Google Ads


The Google Ads app helps you stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere, using your Android smartphone. You can easily view your ads’ performance on the go with this simplified companion to your desktop account. So you’ll keep your campaigns running smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.

● View campaign stats
● Update bids and budgets
● Get real-time alerts and notifications
● Call a Google expert
● Act on suggestions to improve your campaigns
● Add, edit or remove keywords


Download Google Ads App:-

Download Google Ads App ( 21 MB )

User Reviews:

David Ross
Wow, what a brilliant App I never expected that it would be so feature rich. Excellent

Abhishek Singh

kapil pal

Lovely app always need money lol

Srinivas Ik
Good one to use in simple way

sai Sowbagya
This is a big way for business

A Google user
Awesome ThankYou

Like too banta ha g
great app

Durgesh Chaubey
Very easy to get detail and ppc status and bill detail and many more things for ad.

At Ease As a digital marketing consultant, this app makes it easy to monitor over the MCC on the go within your pocket. Loved it

Peter O’neill
I had a good laugh at the one star reviews. Quality platform that has grown my business. It can be complicated and costly if not done right. Make sure you know what negative keywords are and check your search query report often to add additional negative keywords.

nitin sinha
Nice app Always helping

Keith Bowser
I Love when a plane come to together.

K Mazz
Works great. Added features improved this app.

Marvinsr Jackson
Good at all of times 😆🤗

Dirk Mortensen
Love it. I use it all the time. Great information that’s presented on a way that’s easy to digest. It’s not every detail, but I don’t need them all on mobile.

Andrew Desbiens
Simple but useful Well designed UI and I can customize to my liking (conv and cost per conv is available but its a bit hidden in the customize columns menu)

Lyu Kostadinov
People who complain about others not converting after visiting their website – this is not an issue with AdWords. Your landing pages probably suck. If your ad is saying one thing and delivers confusing or even worse irrelevant content no wonder people are clicking away. AdWords is the best thing after sliced bread for those who know how to use the service.

Chandra Singh
its very nice I like it

Tradesafe IP Worldwide
Buzz Promotion Possible Yes this seems to be the best tool to advertise your buzz.

Balasubramaniam GuruVishal
Very good application

Rickee James
Love Finally my problem of being hackt will be over

Ahmed Hamada
BlackTigger400 Thanks for your help all the time

safayet Hossain
It’s a fantastic way to understand market seniors and add campaigns.

Obinna Ugorji
Love it It’s so easy and wonderful

Nazir Wani
Need good Publicity through AD wording

mantaray 616
Confiuse Which AdSense and AdWords activity

Suyanto F
great at last android apps

Anil Singh
Good I have to change my review after i find that there is option to get conversion column. Very happy…

Anil Singh
Good I have to change my review after i find that there is option to get conversion column. Very happy…

Avner Pinchover
Loved it! Would be great if we had the option to have even more columns when landscaping, then scroll sideways.

Alp- ies
It is a great opportunity for advertising

Jeanne Meisenzahl
Fantastic for advertising for all of your business needs and it improves your business by 100%!

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