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GMX Mail



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GMX Mail

GMX Mail

GMX Mail


GMX Mail App – Your All-in-One Email App

Everything you’ve come to expect from a GMX webmail account can now be utilized on your Android mobile device with our official email app. Enjoy convenient and easy access to your free email account wherever you are. Quickly find contacts in your address book, view, receive and reply to messages, all at the touch of your fingertips. Experience unparalleled mobility and freedom with our email app.

✰ Some of the features of the GMX Mail app at a glance:
✓ Available on every Android device
✓ Optimized, simple and intuitive usage
✓ Email SMTP, and IMAP
✓ Access to all your email accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook
✓ Battery saving push notifications for incoming emails
✓ Secure access with PIN protection mode
✓ Read and save attachments easily

GMX’s free email app is not only designed to be easy to use, but simple to install, too. Once downloaded, you’ll have access to all the same features as on your desktop. No longer will you be anchored in one place to receive an email, but you will be afforded the flexibility to view and receive emails while on the go.

Ease of Use
Sending and receiving emails should be as easy as possible, and it’s that ease of use that has gone into the design of the GMX Mail app. Regardless of your provider, collect all of your email accounts in one single place. Navigating and managing emails is a simple task with the use of swipe gestures, and your address book, inbox and other folders are never more than a click away. Saving attachments is effortless and will allow you to keep them on hand for later use.

✰ Customizable and Intuitive
Just as everyone lives a different lifestyle, we understand everyone has different expectations and requirements from an email client. With this in mind, we have made our app customizable to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you’d like to set custom alerts for emails, enjoy a more low-key mail experience with a vibration notification, or change the way emails are presented to you, GMX Mail enables you to do this and more.

✰ Always take your Email with you
Never miss another urgent email with GMX’s mail app. Our push notifications will alert you to incoming emails, meaning you won’t even have to have the app open to be informed of new messages. With GMX’s PIN protection mode, you can rest assured that your mail will always remain safe and secure, and will be privy only to you. Never miss another email with our free mobile app, courtesy of GMX.


Download GMX Mail App Apk:-

Download GMX Mail App Apk ( 35 MB )


User Reviews

Stuart McMillan
Brilliant I have been using GMX for Years, simple and reliable.

Peter Rehberg
Gmx mail Works perfectly. No problem.

App User
Stellar App! THEE best, all around, email service I have found….ease of use, simplicity of its design and speed of actions is fantastic!

App User
Useful and straight-forward Very handy app that saves me a lot of nuisance when I am on the go and have no way of using my computer. It’s well structured and easy to understand. No complaints here.

charyl melson
No issues Since having this service I have no issues with it. Been with it for about 5: yrs now. Using on my slate 21, laptop and my razor hd .never a problem . very happy with it.

Moses Smith
Best App… I love it. Excellent email provider

Nessa Winters
This is the best they give you solo many opportunity’s

App User
Great mail app! It’s kinda weird to see a mobile app that’s easier to use than the online version. Way to go gmx!

Sno Dove
Works good No complaints and hope it comtinues to work well.

Alex GamePlus
Really good This email company gets you free anything and works very well, why not try it.

App User
Great app Ultimately safe, secure n easy to use.. Keep up the great work

Met Metebay
Emad Fantastic and convenient email!

App User
Never had a problem with gmx mail service. Excellent app for collecting all of your email from different, e.g. gmail, etc,, accounts. They respect your privacy.

Carl Shotwell
Mail Great app my business has it on all the important phones.

No ads and clean UI I love it and ability to have aliases

massashi kishimoto
Usefull I like it that i can acces to all other folders

HotVwBug ทอมมี่
Great email provider. Love the app. A lot Better then Gmail and that so called New Hotmail Crap.

Charlie Brown
Great mail app Great features, low spam content.

David Ramirez
Just works Great app, i can’t think right know of something to change

Thomas L
Great app. You can even use it for non gmx e-mail accounts too!

Clevetta Carter
New to this app Nice to have

Javier Aguilar
Gmx email Five stars! What can I say? Works great on my fascinate phone.

Shirley Way
Best email app GMX is the email I use all the time and this phone app is awesome. No frills just a nice clean fast application. 🙂

giovanni russo
Great way of sending and receiving mails and an organizer as well

Gihan Anuradha
Best Best Best Mail service and App I am really satisfied with this app. I have never ever wanted to open the browser or other email app to fullfill my job because GMX MAIL APP took care of it in every possible manner. Multiple account handling at once, the folders system, swipe left to delete mail in inbox, thats cool. Thanks gmx

Mohamad Elhashash
It does the job This app is just like using gmx online. Even the interphase is friendlier than the web-browser version

Michael Adeshina
Works great! Very well made well done. Never have a problem with it.

Rohit Kumar
Great mail app & service Its vary useful, fast, secure and different from crowd. Really good service and nice app

Carolynne Molden Jackson
Excellent program unbelievable mail service Best mail service on web. Won’t use any other. Love it

Edward Grant
Edward Grant Excellent email client. Not at all sluggish like some. Intuitive to use and allows any number of email addresses.

App User
Installed quick and easy Fast and to the point, excellent complement email app for my Samsung gal note.

Nicholas Deschler
Superb, but Please add the possibility to mark emails as read from the notification bar of the device without opening the app.

Thozamile Nomvete
Excellent service. I like it even better when I access GMX via the Thunderbird platform and the Thunderbrowse browser. Excellent service indeed.

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