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Gboard – the Google Keyboard
by Google LLC

App Category:- Tools

Gboard has everything that you love about Google Keyboard – speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing and  more plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and share, right from your keyboard. Glide Typing – Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter Voice typing – Easily dictate text on the go

Search and share: –that Press the G to search and share anything from Google:
• Nearby stores and restaurants
• Weather forecasts
• News articles
• Sports scores
• And anything else that you’d search on Google

Emoji Search – Find that emoji, faster GIFs – Search and share GIFs for the perfect reaction.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard – the Google Keyboard


Multilingual typing – No more switching between languages manually. Gboard will autocorrect and suggest from any of  your enabled languages.

Google Translate – Translate as you type in the keyboard

Pro tips:
• Gesture cursor control: Slide your finger across the space bar to move the cursor
• Gesture delete: Slide left from the delete key to quickly delete multiple words
• Make the number row always available (enable in Settings → Preferences → Number Row)
• Symbols hints: Show quick hints on your keys to access symbols with a long press (enable in Settings →
Preferences → Long press for symbols)
• One handed mode: On large screen phones, pin keyboard to the left or the right of the screen
• Themes: Choose your own theme, with or without key borders

Download Gboard – the Google Keyboard App :-


Download Gboard – the Google Keyboard App



User Reviews :-

Jonathon Nazaroff
Overall, I love this keyboard. Wide range of functios, languages, and other input. Would like more layout  customizations, however: 1. Slide left/right on space bar to switch languages (frees up bottom row to help avoid accidental presses of the period button 2. Choose exact keyboard height you want (as opposed to choosing betweeen
5 preset options)

Dan Fedida
Not really a review but what I’d love to see: GIF bookmarking – I’ve seen gifs in my searches that aren’t right for that particular moment, but would like to use in the future. If would be great to be able to mark gifs for future use. Also: GIF send confirmation. In Hangouts, one touch of the gif and it’s away. Which can mean accidental sends. Maybe 1 tap for  select and then another tap to send?

Syed Hazran
i am using Gboard mainly because of it has arabic (malay) letter. it is very fantastic & great app. though, i just found out it has missing ‘gha’ (something like ڠ but with single dot only). we have very few words spell using this letter, but the  word is commonly used among us.. it would be great if you could add it..

Muhammad Zaid Hasbullah
Hey, nice customisation wallpaper there. Besides 2 language on same keyboard is cool. I want to recommend you to add incognito mode at any time, where currently only available when you are using Chrome incognito. I really do need it because sometimes i will need to text formally to my employer, so the words used is quite formal, and I dont want gboard to learn the formal words, cause it will disturb my future predicted word, since I often used swype features.  Adding this feature will make me consider again about giving you 5 stars. Thanks.

Finding $ symbol is very hard and also sometimes we won’t get , symbol easily. If we click on symbol button we are again getting numbers which is really unnecessary for which we have click to again to find the rest of the symbols. Local language addition and working is really good and more importantly very easy but we need more words in the database. Most of the times it is ok but sometimes we won’t get the word what we really need…

James Fleming
I switched to this from another keyboard app that took its eye of the ball and started focusing more on GIFs,emojis and waffle and let the predictions and spelling slide. I’m starting to worry Gboard is following suit. So far it still glides really well, saves me a good amount of typing corrections and handles corrections really well. I hope they keep that up and focus less on frippery.

Paddy Landau
Gboard has improved hugely since my first review. Unfortunately, quite bizarrely, in January the spell-check was been removed (and reported to Google in a bug report) with no response from Google, nor any idea when (or indeed if) it might be reinstated. This would have been a five-star rating otherwise. I am now using the competent SwiftKey  Keyboard instead.

A cross
Still taking a while to get used to the new emojis. I’m coming from Swype, this is leagues beyond it. The prediction is waaayyy better. This keyboard is waay faster. I do miss having the gestures Swype had, to spacebar, it had to get punctuation. I also miss how if I typed a word ex: “Apple,” the emoji “🍎,” would appear in the suggestion row. Maybe the team could start implementing that in beta…

Works flawlessly for me! Straightforward and fast, definitely worth downloading! My only problem is that, there’s no way
to change the color of the Glide trail/Enter key! Currently I’ve set it to a deep black theme but im stuck with a green
Enter key! I hope you implement this feature!

Sandra Sanchez
I have a Samsung Galaxy s9, I used to love Gboard, but since the last update I can’t search emojis, every time I try to search it keeps saying “emoji data unavailable”. Also I can’t seem to attach GIFS in a message through WeChat app,  which used to work perfectly before the update. Please fix this issue

App User
When SwiftKey was taken over by Microsoft and then demanded that I do age verification, that they must have access to my emails etc, otherwise “Your account (which I paid for) will be deleted in 3 days” I tried a few alternatives and settled here. Don’t be put off by the rather bland default theme. A few minutes selecting a different template and adding your own photo gives you a smart shiny keyboard. It handles languages and other functions just like I am used
to. This is a superb keyboard.

Joe Gray
(Huge Feature Missing…please can developer add).. Still the best keyboard app out there… but missing a huge feature. Please can add you add the ‘TEXT SHORTCUT FEATURE’ where you can type a phrase ‘e.g.. omg… and the keyboard translates to ‘oh my god’.. nearly all other keyboards have that… Thanks

Benjamin Michelson
This is one of the best keyboards on Android, but… I have a huge issue with the word correction. With GBoard you can’t have correction on the current word, without enabling it to also correct already typed words. GBoard gives little visual indication that it has corrected a word you already typed in, even if you typed it in letter for letter it will go back and correct a word, or if you selected the word from suggested. This frequently will change the meaning of sentences completely, which is no trivial thing. It’s the difference between: “So pretty I hope that makes you feel great” – What I typed. “So petty I hope that makes you feel great” – What I sent. GBoard needs to be updated to do one of the following things: 1. Be able to turn on current word correction and past word correction as a separate setting 2. Flash the keyboard a color, or give some other very clear visual indication that it’s “corrected” a past word I have submitted an issue to Google months ago, and yet it’s still not addressed. Turn off auto-correct, or use this at your peril.

Ricky Gorzel
The glide typing is much more accurate than the Samsung keyboard. It almost always types what I imagine I’m typing, but does still mess up now and again (still learning than any other keyboard I’ve used). Impeccable personalization in the form of themes and many settings to change how the keyboard is used.

Deep Sab
What did you do to this amazing and my favourite keyboard 😐 After this latest update, the keyboard is freezing way too much, some alphabet like Q, K, A and few more have to be pressed again as they won’t show up. Fix this or I’m moving to another keyboard unintentionally.

App User
I absolutely love this app, although there is one annoying thing. I got the phone I have currently a few months ago and I finally adjusted to the way the special characters are laid on on the default keyboard. When I downloaded this app, the layout changed so I now have to relearn where the keys are. Otherwise, this app is great and the customization features are AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to mess around with all the pictures on my phone for the theme. Also, I’m very
happy with the fact that you can turn down the brightness of custom images,so you can still see the keys.

Lee Barnes
This issue seems to come and go from one release to the next:- Space bar issue: pressable area is not big enough. Pressing beneath the space bar would ideally still cause it to press, but it is a dead zone. The full stop (period) area keeps catching what should be space bar presses and resulting in full stops in between words instead of spaces. This wasn’t apparent in the previous version but is causing me to re-type constantly.

Brad Carter
Swipe text stops working randomly, and gifs won’t send, but have no issues sending them from Samsung keyboard. Whole reason I download was to have to ability to search gifs but I can’t send them. It either fails, sends a blank screen, or fails to attach file.

Topher Barnett
One huge feature missing from this keyboard is capitalization while swiping. I know I can highlight and hit shift, but that requires going back after the fact. Let me swipe from the shift key then the rest of the word to get the first character capitalized.

Cylant Justice
Please address an issue concerning Twitter. For some reason my keyboard keeps dropping down when I go to use
hashtags. At times it will not even come back up I have to exit it and delete my tweet.please fix.

andy newton
My last pixel had better prediction, I’m not sure how that could be as they are identical. Maybe because I got one in Aus and the other from US. One improvement could be: Typing open and close bracket the curser goes in between them. Instead of typing open bracket, back to keyboard, back to symbol close bracket.

App User
The autocorrect and typing suggestions get worse on every update. Trying to type common words like “see” and great” with swipe gestures has become nearly impossible. With “see”, it keeps suggesting things like “some”, “still”, “since”, “she’s”, and other nonsense. With “great” it keeps trying to insert “greatly” instead despite the fact that my finger went nowhere near the “L” key! It also suggested “bear” for “near” just now while writing this very review. Whyt
the hell would I ever want to type “nowhere bear”, Google?! Still, I’m stuck with this because every other keyboard has even bigger problems. Ugh!

Adam Shaw
Keyboard takes up bottom half of the screen, which might not be so bad except that when you’re typing, if it goes below (behind) the keyboard, and you can’t see what you’re typing. No problem, you say, just scroll up so you can see it again. Only problem is, when you start typing again, the screen scrolls back down so you once again can’t see what you’re typing! Seems like such a simple thing, makes me think Google didn’t bother to QA it first! UPDATE 6/27 Issue still not fixed.

Sudip Bhattacharjya
not good for typing abc->বাংলা। Often it just does not work. transliteration is good in someother packages. For Bangla typing Ind abc-> বাংলা, there is a need to have detailed instruction for typing. Gboard lacks this. Ideally Gboard and Google Indic Keyboard should merge into one keyboard.

Breanna McMillion
I’ve had this app for 2 months now and I’ve never had more problems with my keyboard in my whole entire life. And I had a Razor flip phone at one point.. won’t be reinstalling until major updates are done. Have had a bad experience and in very disappointed with Google’s G-board

Cannot believe Google is invading the privacy of my text messages and give me no option to turn it off. No setting let’s me turn off the response suggestions, which reads my friends text messages and gives suggested responses. Disgusting breach of privacy.

This keyboard has the best swipe input I’ve ever seen. I only knocked a star off because when I try to search with the Google icon and share it, it doesn’t work and it says “unsupported media type”. I’m using a Galaxy s8. Not sure if this is a common problem

Alfa Ranken
Needs to auto-capitalize I. The thing i miss most about Swype, though, is swiping from “m” (“?”) to space bar for question mark plus space. Doesn’t seem to be learning my frequently used words or acronyms, and i can’t edit my personal dictionary? Thanks.

David Shoffitt
Red underline for spell check has been failed for months and the spellchek doesn’t work well. Makes my phone basically useless. I hate to keep buying Google products when they do not wokm. So that should say work but as mentioned no red underline…..

Fluffy Warrior Girl
In Google plus I can’t press enter and go to a new line, the enter button disappears when I open Google plus. The enter key shows up in every other app I use except Google plus. I have tried every suggestion I could find, but to no avail. Please bring back my enter key on G+.

Chris Lokotsch
What the hell happened with the last update? Accuracy of swipe based text output decreased significantly. I have to correct almost every second word now. Used to be much better. Lousy quality/release control during regression testing…

Angel Joy
So far I have not experienced any serious issues with Gboard. I like that I could customize it to show the numbers on the same screen as the letters so I don’t have to constantly switch back and forth. I don’t use the emojis much, but they are cute.

Jacob Leigh
I heard that it was a great keyboard, and I thought so for the few minutes, but then I realized it wouldn’t auto correct at all, or add words to my dictionary. It’s supposed to add a red underline to words that are spelt wrong, or a custom word you’ve added, but the red line never shows. All auto correct settings are enabled. On Galaxy S6 android 7.0.

Sukeerth Reddy
A very bad autocorrection keyboard… Some of the rules are plain wrong. 1. It autocorrects proper nouns 2. Long way to go for Grammar autocorrection 3. Simple common nouns cannot be autocorrected 4. Verbs and plurals autocorrection is bad. In short, Swype and swiftkey are miles ahead of gboard

Lynne Cherepko
This keyboard used to be better. There seems to be no way anymore to add things to the dictionary. Many words and
names that previously were listed in the suggestions are no longer an option. Words typed can be changed after the
fact and slip through as typos. Words with a different first letter no longer show up in the suggestions. Big Google fan
here, but looking for a better keyboard app.

manolis manolakis
After last update Voice typing doesn’t work in GREEK. Voice type is the major reason which I use Google keyboard Edit: Actually English working only on Google Play app. I test the app on mozzila and Facebook messenger. I have already tried to delete updates and work’s perfect

App User
I honestly only use Gboard for its translation feature. I have a lot of Spanish speaking friends that speak no English. I don’t jnj now Spanish at all so o rely heavily on this app to communicate to then. There seems to be a contact issue with it disconnecting from the Google server. And that is why I rated it 3 stars. Other then that it’s great. But I only need it for that feature and it breaks to much

App User
Bitmoji use in my S9 Message+ now requires extra steps that weren’t there before. It’s a little more cumbersome, especially in group texts. Please return to the bitmoji functionality before this update.

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