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Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner
by AVG Labs

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Clean up your phone and free up valuable storage with Gallery Doctor, the fastest growing photo cleaner that instantly  identifies the bad & similar photos in your Android gallery

What can Gallery Doctor do you for you?

Free up to 35% of your device storage by automatically identifying and cleaning the bad & similar photos clogging your photo gallery. Review and keep the photos you want, clean up and delete the ones you don’t. Gallery Doctor has helped users free up to a third of their storage, all on the first-time use! You won’t be needing another photo cleaner after you’ve tried Gallery Doctor!

Why do I need Gallery Doctor?

Users have on average 2GB worth of bad & similar photos that are taking up valuable storage on their phone and in  their Android gallery. That means you need a simple yet effective photo cleaner app to do all the hard work for you and identify immediately the photos you need to clean up. So, instead of spending hours scrolling through thousands of photos to find and clean your unwanted photos, Gallery Doctor saves you time by identifying them immediately. It’s the perfect photo cleaner for Android that allows you to easily free up storage and easily organize your photo gallery.


Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner

Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner


Not convinced? Gallery Doctor can help you clean up your gallery in 3 easy steps:

1 – Automatically identify unwanted photos
• Blurry shots
• Dark photos
• Photos with poor quality
• Similar photos
• Gallery Doctor even identifies your boring shots!

2 – Review the photos you want to keep
• You decide what to clean – Swipe left to delete or right to keep.
• Smarter over time – Gallery Doctor learns which photos you don’t like and gets smarter based on which photos you
keep or clean.

3 – Clean up your Android gallery & organize your photos
• Organize your photos – Clean out the duplicates and the bad photos so you can make room for the good stuff.
• Storage & Photo manager – make more room for favorite apps!

Your privacy is important to us! Gallery Doctor does not store nor share any of your photos.

How does Gallery Doctor work?
Gallery Doctor is the only photo cleaner using a combination of Machine Learning and Computer Vision to instantly
identify your unwanted photos. Based on which photos you decide to clean up or keep, Gallery Doctor gets smarter and learns which photos you don’t like. This allows Gallery Doctor to provide an even quicker and easier experience when it comes to organizing and managing unwanted photos on your phone – perfect for those looking to easily keep their photo gallery clean and organized. Gallery Doctor is the only photo cleaner that actually gets to know you.

Aside from being a cleaner, Gallery Doctor can be used as a speed booster as well. Users cleaning their phones with
Gallery Doctor have optimized their storage and saved an average of 2GB on their devices – all on the first-time use!
This helps to speed up your Android device, clean storage, and improve your phones overall performance. Gallery
Doctor is an all-in-one photo cleaner, storage, photo, and gallery organizer, and speed booster.

How often should I use Gallery Doctor?
Keep Gallery Doctor around to perform weekly, or even daily check-ups on on your gallery! It’s the easiest way to clean
up your photo gallery & device storage. Gallery Doctor is the only photo cleaner that will continue to notify if you’ve taken any bad photos, so you can always  keep your phone clean with just a tap. The gallery in your Android device will thank you!

Download Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner App :-


Download Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner App


User Reviews :-

Dmitriy Tartynov
The algorithms work really impressive! Nice job! But the UI has some critical mistakes. How can I decide which photo of the group is better absolutely without zoom? Also, reviewing groups of duplicates could be much faster if swipe up/down when looking on the photo could open next/prev group right here. Finally, photos on the list of duplicate groups and on a detailed look of the same group have different order, so you tap on the first photo, trying to swipe right, but ooops, it’s not first here, but last.

shorty rocket
Amazingggggg It takes time going through photos to verify since I have modeling albums that have similar photos but Def found all the duplicates and makes it easier to find the videos and different lengths… went from maxed out on 8gb device storage and maxed out 64gb memory card to 4gb avail device storage and 30gb avil on external storage. Beyond happy

Krzysztof Leśniewski
Great, but UI should be improved Does a good job in identifying photos to delete and gives information how much space it will save. Unfortunately, the UI to remove similar photos is hard to work with, which is a huge pain when you have 2500 similar photos to review. UI controls are being hid after a second and it is hard to get it back. Without it it is hard to navigate through images within a group and mark photos for deletion. All that can be nicely done in the main view, but there you can’t really see how the images differ.

Jason Flaherty
Easy While it can’t quantify the meaning, reason or memory of pictures, it does do a decent job of pulling out ones you might be ok with deleting. It doesn’t understand animated pictures on Samsung phones though where you need all pictures in a burst to run the animation. It’s trying to delete all but the best from the groups. The save or delete animation is nice. I officially deleted 20 pictures out of my 1000, so there’s that….

App User
Deleting pictures has never been so easy I also like the swipe option within the app. Generally speaking, the app gives different categories and options to delete either pics or videos and it really is suprr easy to handle. Definitely recommending this one to anyone who wants to free up space rather quickly. 🙂

Usually don’t leave reviews but this app deserves it. Does EXACTLY what it says plus more. Not one time has it skipped over or missed anything and I know that because I tested it with 50 photos and 30 videos that were similar with some of them slightly altered and the app performed at 100% Great job to the creators! Wish more apps on the Play Store were as efficient as this one.

Teresa S Allison
Useful…but I can see this being a very useful app, but not so much for large amounts of photos. I’m talking about 11,000. It did sort them into a few categories. However I still had to review them, in smaller groups of thousands. So for me it wasn’t a big time saver. Something I found very problematic is the that the images up for review don’t display the whole image, and part of what is displayed isn’t clear enough for me to decide to delete or not.

Shan E Ahmed Raza
Swipe left /right Swipe left /right to delete / keep is much better than select to delete/keep. The user should be given choice what he prefers for all the type of reviews. Select to delete is already available on other gallery applications so there will be not point installing this application. There can also be option to scan again as the the first time the user doesn’t know what to do and app thinks everything has been reviewed.

App User
I would give this 5 stars but it’s so incredibly slow. It takes a good 15-30 seconds for the batch of selected photos to delete before I’m able to move on to the next. I’m not sure if this is the best app for me, speed wise, but it’s a great app for someone without a ton of photos. Might attempt again in the future if speed / stalling issues are addressed.

Stephen Hutchins
A good starting point for freeing up space This does a decent job of picking out photos and videos for you to sort through and delete. Doesn’t always make the right recommendation, so worth filtering through its suggestions, but a very useful tool nonetheless.

Jeff Van Boxtel
Cool idea But it isn’t useful since deleting pictures only removes them from your local device. If you use Google cloud sync for your photos then this doesn’t really clean up your collection. It would be great if you had the option to remove the cloud copy or just open the files in another photo viewer so you could delete them from the Google photos app
that takes care of this.

Laurie Strenkert
Free up space quick and easy. You have final say on whats deleted. Saves time by sorting all photos for you. So far I love it and easy to use. Thank you for this app, my phone was lagging and I constantly cleaned it but I never had the time to sit down and sort all my photos.

John Lowe
Really nice photo gallery cleaner It’s very good. Highlights crap photos and potential duplicates and then presents them to you to chose whether to keep or delete them. You can even compare detail so that you can select crisp photos over fuzzy ones. Nice…

Hector Lomelin
Pretty good I didn’t expect a whole lot from an app like this and must say I’m pleasantly surprised. It took a little while to sort but I had tons of photos. I’d like to see an option to ignore multiple groups in one go. For example, I know a bunchof photos need to be cleared from a trip, but I want to really take time and review them. So instead of hitting three dot and ignore for 20 different groups I should be able to long press and select the groups and ignore them in one go.

Adel Salameh
Good one It’s a good app but it shows duplicate file but I’m fact they are not, if I didn’t know exactly what I have in my phone I could have deleted many things that I really need. Make sure you preview things before deleting them based on its suggestions. Its really risky

Ana Guerra
Does not really find similar pics I installed this because I have a batch of identical wallpapers with different names and I wanted to get rid of the duplicates. They are in the same folder but this app did not detect even one of them as similar. I am talking about 15 pairs of identical images.

Chirag D H
Waste app UI and functions are good but not performing it’s tasks. The photos I choose to delete are removed from records of gallery doctor but they are still present in my phone. Its not deleted from the phone. So task remains undone. Useless app. Total timewaste.

Chris Kelley
Pretty good. I like the app. But I’m disappointed that it didn’t search my external SD card which has about 70% of my pictures in it. It did a great job with the internal memory photos but the reason why I downloaded this app is because I have multiple duplicates in my SD card. I used it, and I liked it but I am uninstalling because of this issue

De’Mon Moon
Downloaded this to remove a TON of duplicate that i ended up with SOMEHOW. This app did no good whatsoever. Had pics that were NOTHING alike grouped as similar and while it got rid of SOME duplicates I’m having to try another app and hope it does the job right this time

Jeff Fuller
Works great The app finds all duplicate photos, blurry or “bad” exposure photos, and photos requiring lots of data space for your review. Then, you decide whether or not to delete or keep. Additionally, the app chooses and recommends the best quality photo to keep. I recommend this app if you, like myself, have thousands of photos and somehow have hundreds of duplicates.

Jason M.P.
I just started using this application. Seems straight forward and user friendly, so far. It allows you 2 make the decisions, after providing the options. That’s important too me. Some apps just go crazy, like malware. This seems much more ,☯

Andrew Banagan
This app seriously does everything that it’s expected to accomplish, AND SOME!!! Now if only I can let this app run wild through some of my drives that have accumulated so much extra junk from automatic syncing and backing up!!!

Vikas Sharma
Intuitive One of the most innovative apps out there. Helps you clean up your phone. Algorithm is is a but cryptic, doesn’t describe how it decides if a picture is bad. However does a decent job. Duplicate image finder works like a charm.

Arleen Smith
GI really thought that this was what I had been looking for. It ran the scan and found no duplicates which there are many. Some of their selections of similar photo’s that they chose the best of were not even close to be the same. I thought that I must be doing some wrong so I attempted to do another and it wouldn’t. I was given the option to choose files that I wanted scanned but it just didn’t scan them

Jennifer Childs
Awesome Sauce I take so many pictures and eventually my phone slows way down. This app is exactly what I needed to clean up all my photos. It did rate some of my favorite pics as Bad Photos to be cleaned because they were dramatic and darker.

Tara R. McKay
So far so good, and long over due in my group of apps!!! Super helpful for my obsession with photos and editing, which leaves me stuck with a large number of duplicate photos in several editing and gallery folders. I will rate it 5 up from 4, as I continue to use and find it consistent and reliable. As I initially stated above upon installing this app, that I
would give the app 5 stars if I found it to be reliable and consistent after continued use, as of today, I gladly give it 5 stars. Great App and I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner!!!

Kelly Abraham
Doesn’t find duplicates correctly Groups multiple pictures with different poses together in multiple groups, with a particular pose being included in 2 or more groups, along with other poses’ duplicates. If you take the advice of the algorithm, you end up deleting all of one or more poses, and you are still left with one pose having multiple copies. Does exactly what I *don’t* want to do when deleting copies.

Denise Valderaz

Elizabeth Kenny
Perfect I have needed This App forever! I take so many pictures all day everyday and never have had the time to review and delete unwanted,copies or just plain bad photos

Jeromy Stone
It’s actually a pretty decent app. I like the fact that it goes through my thousands​ of pics and finds the doubles and triples of each. I hate having more than one of any pic due to my OCD. This app takes care of a lot of time consuming tediousness.

Charles Christman
This app is amazing It isn’t overly sensitive…it gives you friendly reminders toward the weekend (not during the week when you are too busy!) to clean up bad photos and make room on sd card. I just love this app!

Champi Duncan
Really useful app So far it’s been a huge help, it’s a good looking and effective app. My only complaint would be that I can’t seem to zoom in on pictures for review and the automated ‘best picture’ selection seems to be wrong about 70% of the time for me, so I have to be sure to review all photos. But this is, of course, human preference, so it’s hard to blame it for that.

Robert Parkhurst
Great app! Copied pics and vids from smartphone to tablet, ended up with lots of duplicate data. Gallery Doctor identified and enabled me to clean up the duplicates, thus saving memory. It was easy to use even for this old man. Definitely an app to keep!

Harry Liebman
Badly needed, well executed Very useful app to efficiently delete bad and duplicate photos. Only took a minute or two to go through tons of photos (a few hundred). Recovered a significant amount of much-needed space.

Iris Fotheringham
Loving it so far It doesn’t take long at all for the app to do it’s magic. I am having a small issue when performing the swipe left or right to keep or discard in the aspect that it doesn’t always generate the preview, but I just save the ones I can’t preview.

App User
Who designed that crazy preview mode? Automatically hiding the function bar in the preview mode is so annoying that I have to swipe down from the edge of screen everytime to unhide the bar and toggle the delete mark. And that mark button in the preview mode is also extremely difficult to be selected due to its small size and proximity to the nearby buttons.

Tyrone Slothrop
Works great I haven’t yet had any reason to regret installing and using it. I’ll change my mind if it deletes something I later decide I wish I’d kept. Which isn’t fair, I know, but I’m a nutcase.

Jennifer Vanderburgh
Makes clearing phone easier Though sometimes mis-identification of bad pictures or similar ones can get annoying, it does provide a reminder and a good method of clearing the least-needed pictures from my phone.

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