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Friends Talk – Chat,Meet New People
by SnTown

App Category:- Social

Now, please try to make friends by using mobile messenger, social network!
You can make friends after logging in by your SNS ID.
Set your gender, age, region and start to search.
Browse friends and new people.
Chat with people nearby or around the world.
Download now if you would like to make a lot of SNS friends.


Friends Talk - Chat,Meet New People

Friends Talk – Chat,Meet New People

Friends Talk Using Tip
* Input gender, age, region, and you can meet more friends.
* Upload your photos now.
* Add him or her as a friend if you would like to know more about him or her.
* If you are friends, you will be able to use 1 on 1 chatting.
* Try chatting with your friends now~
* There are many people who come from Korea, Japan, etc. you can make foreigner friends easily.

Download Friends Talk – Chat,Meet New People App 3.9M :-


Download Friends Talk – Chat,Meet New People App 3.9M

User Reviews :-

App User
this app is far better. it makes my phone vibrate and dont know how to turn the vibration off. contains ads. but still swift enough. no system of photos or files transfer. still i wanna say it is a good chat app.

lps lunawolf
My sister tried making the account and since she didn’t know the year I was born she put hers in and she’s under the age it won’t let me in it because I can’t change the age

lucky sk
Mast aap hai par rpl koi nhi karta yaha aap try karo ho sakta hai aap ko rpl mil jaye mujhe to waise bhi ladkiya rpl nhi karti

App User
This app…has scared me for LIFE. Not hate on the app. It’s pretty good. But the people on it? Nah. I’m so creeped out. It was BAD. please have a way that you can see people’s chats so that YOU can block them? Thx.

Rina H
Awesome app! There are as many perverts as everywhere. I got few offers from cyber pimps. Seriously? No moderation? Someone used photos of a famous insta blogger…I reported it but nothing happened.

Kiana Williamson
It could be much better. Have more access allowing more characters for messaging. A chat bubble letting you know the other person is typing. Online or offline option. The extra information box is too short for characters also.

Ganiyat Adeleke
Since I opened this app, I was unable to see my profile or chat, I send friends request, no reply, pls help

App User
i like this app bcz i like make new friends 😊😊😊😊😊😊 but ek baat samajh nhi aarahi ke agar kisi ko block kiya to vo unblock kaise hoga ..??? plzz answer

Sarvesh Gharat
Installed this app before some hrs, bt found some of the gd frnds here. Let’s accept that I will get more gd frnds on this app Tysm sntown 😊

binar hulu
I try to dwnld this app n I think we can just talk to random people instead this app is like wechat and any other app..well, I got only 1 friend from india and thats a little good small talk with her but no, I’m leavin this app. Its just borin af

kizzplayz34 subscribe plz!!
OK. So I put in all the correct details for the info section. And it keeps saying this service is not available for people under the age of 14. Now I put in my birth date (2001) and it says the same message over and over again. So experimented and put in the lowest birthday and it keeps on saying it. Im uninstalling this app. Its BS

skg skg
It is really a great app to meet new pples n make frnds And most important thing is tht it is very safe for women..n no need to login ..😙✌✌and 1 more thing u should provide emoji system also

App User
I like this app when I’m boring I use out for talking with stranger .I think this app so safety for women cuz can’t sent pic,voice msg, we can talk it’s ok…:)) Before i use other app can sent pic. The user from other app they like to sent the pervert pics , nude pics. I have that. I like this app so much :)) Please improve this app to faster than before … Thanks

Maria Bederak
Have to say it looks interesting although just something that really bothers me that your logo is so creepy the faces are so unecessary they look evil JS…

Miriam Martin
I like this app because you can make easy friends and start chatting with people around the world. How you log out and in again can some one tell me?

Amal Ali
It’s not working currently on my phone whether I was using smoothly it’s hanged fully??suggest me any good way please…to recontinue using it,thanks.

Mina Xy
This app is really nice and I love the concept behind it Briliant! But… -you can’t choose you nationaliti if you are from for exampe poland etc. – its compare to other messenger apps really slow – and since today the app isn’t working anymore on my phone. It shows only the loading ring and thats it :/ Please fix that! An Idea for the app: You can put an function in this app when both chat partners are ok with it that they can send pics etc. To each other but only when both agree otherwhise this wouldn’t be possible I hope you fix the main problems and can be functional again If the app its working its really nice to use 🙂

Eva Pisani
I have been using this app for a couple of days and from yesterday it says “Servers is temporarily unavailable for maintenance”. How long do I have to wait for the app to work again? 🙁

mohammed ali
Its a very nice app I loved it, because we can chat people by knowing them. This app offers you so many people from all around the world. But we cant send any photo, video, nothing. But its good I liked it.

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