New Android App “Fowl Language Comics” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by Vishnu Mohandas

Fowl Language Comics
by Vishnu Mohandas

Get the official Fowl Language Comics app on your Android device!

* Navigate through all comics and bonus panels
* Share them with your friends
* Search for titles and keywords
* Mark your favorite comics for easy access
* Get notified as and when a comic is published
* And if your feeling lucky, view a random comic


Fowl Language Comics android app

Fowl Language Comics android app


Download Fowl Language Comics App :- 

Download Fowl Language Comics App ( 2.7 MB )


User Reviews :-


Very smooth I love FLC and have followed on Facebook for some time. This is a very smooth app, I love the ease of transition between comics and bonus panels! No loading times! I would give this 5 stars but for two minor complaints: tapping on the comic to access sharing and bonus panels isn’t as intuitive as it could be. Adding a menu option to access this would be helpful for those who are less tech exploratory. I’m also not seeing an option to turn off notifications within the app, which would be very nice to have.

-Ah the ease! Fabulous, so pleased to have your comics right on my desktop. Unfortunately after scrolling through a few comics they’ll stop loading. If I close the app and then reenter it’s ok again for a bit longer, but then I run into the same problem. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning 😀 Keep up the brilliant work, as the mum of a 1yo I really appreciate the humour

-Great app for my favourite cartoon My absolute favourite bit is the notification on my phone. I love seeing the little duck head icon come up in my notification field at top of my phone. Easy access to the new and old cartoons plus all the bonus panels. Only thing I did find that the app shut itself down after viewing multiple cartoons in a row , say 6 or 7, saying “unfortunately Fowl Language has had to close down”. If that’s fixed I’d give it a 5 without

-I love the comics of Brian Gordon, so I was pretty happy to find this app. I’m always up to date now. Unfortunately the pictures are not saved on the phone, and you have no possibility to, not even after putting them to favourites, so they must be loaded again every time before watching. That’s a pity.

-Awesome! I Love your work and adore this app! I just shared one if your comics on Facebook and it uploaded it as a picture to my wall. I think it’d be better to just copy a link to said comic into the Facebook field. A link to your page where the comic is. Otherwise you’d lose revenue and my wall would be cluttered 😛

-Great comics but they won’t load I love your comics, they are truly hilarious. But I have been contiueslly having a problem where the comics won’t load in the app. It would be great if you could fix the issue in the next update and by the way I have an S5

-The content is, of course, brilliant. Fowl Language is the first regularly published comic I’ve followed since Calvin, Hobbes and Opus, et. al retired. As for the app, what a refreshingly clean, fast interface. Great color scheme and essential functionality, without all the usual performance- and battery-draining tom-quackery you find in most other apps. And did I mention that the content is brilliant?

-Best. Webcomic. Ever. So glad there’s an app now, I don’t have to worry about new ones getting buried in my Facebook feed. Love that it quacks, haha!

-You will LOVE it if you have kids THE comic. Look no further, you don’t have time for that. Won’t save my faves but…. scratch that, I like them all 🙂 UPDATE – all of the sudden app stopped showing recent works at all but still shows notifications. Some change to API, perhaps?

-The comics are somewhat funny. Too often the comics won’t load, and app crashes too often too. Not very convenient when you try to read all the comics. Uninstalled…

-Simple, easy to use app for my favourite comic. It loads quickly and doesn’t use much data, and makes sharing the comic across social media easy. Plus, it’s free!

-Good stuff! I love that whenever a new comic is ready, I get a notification. Thanks Foul Language Comics!

-Love it Love the app, but it’s being listed as malware by my antivirus. Please see what can be done to fix that. Edited to add: I’m using AVG Antivirus for Android.

-Love the comic Love the app. I love the ease of access to the infamously notorious “bonus panel”. Not to much fluff, gets me straight to the comic.

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