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Foursquare Swarm: Check In
by Foursquare

App Category:- Travel & Local

Swarm is the best way to keep track of the places you go. From the new café downtown to that killer ramen spot in Tokyo, you’ll never ask “what was the name of that place?” again. Whether you love to be a local, or are trying to travel the globe, check-in so you can remember everywhere with Swarm.

• This is lifelogging made easy. Each time you check-in we’ll add a pin your personal map so you can look back on the places you visit. Help out your future self by adding a photo or a note to your check-ins to make the memories all the better.

• Indian Restaurant? Check. Karaoke bar? Check. Haven’t been to an Art Museum yet? Now’s your chance to go somewhere new! Explore more and collect different types of places so you can keep track and remember your history. You’ll earn fun Stickers along the way.

• Whether it’s your 10th week in a row at the gym, first time to Canada, or the 25th time you’ve gotten ice cream with your BFF, the more you check-in, the more helpful insights you’ll get as you track your habits and explorations.


Foursquare Swarm Checak In

Foursquare Swarm Checak In


•Keep up and meet up with friends. Share your location with a checkin and see friends nearby. A serendipitous checkin can help you find friends when you’re out and about and see who’s here.

•Don’t have any friends nearby? Not a problem! Not only is this app a great way to lifelog and remember for yourself, but to keep track of your friends’ adventures as well, no matter how far far away they are.

•Lifelog your adventures so your history is less questions, more remembering the good times.

*A note on battery. We’ve spent *years* developing the location technology that powers Foursquare Swarm, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Download Foursquare Swarm: Check In App :-


Download Foursquare Swarm: Check In App


User Reviews :-

Antony Freelove
This app has moved into complete parody. I wasn’t so against them splitting FourSquare, I could live with that. What I couldn’t live with this they broke so much – and stuff is STILL broken years later. But what I find really bizarre is that FourSquare now wants your location so it can track where you’ve been. Well remember when I could tell you, by checking in, on FourSquare? And now the opposite… they put without any sense of irony in the latest update: “Ever wish you could leave a helpful bit of advice for others that visit the places you check in to?” Yes – it was called FOURSQUARE. They’re now creating a parallel FourSquare. It’s quite mad.

Xichee M
Haven’t been able to check in for weeks now and have only been able to check in only if I open the app up later and it suggests locations I *might* have been. I reached out to their support email but got no response. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted with no success.

Patrick Auld
This app used to be great but is now unusable. I used to check in multiple times a day and now can barely get it to work once a week. Please fix

Farah Abdullah
Its good but this lately I cannot check in into any places according to where I go. When I open and search the place then it will automatically stuck & disappeared. HELP ME!!!!!

Daniel Hoffman
Didn’t work at all until I turned location on. Choice is 27/7 location services, stalking me and draining my battery, or nothing. Uninstalled.

Kimberlyn Dawkins
This app is good but needs improvement for example I turn off notifications in settings but whenever I go to check in I’m still receiving notifications in my inbox really frustrating please look into this issue..

Areff Mohammed Ali
I use this app religiously to track where I’ve been and add notes to them. But lately it has not been auto tracking my location. If I forget than its lost. It use to give me reminders, I have the setting all set up correctly I believe.

App User
The app still keeps shutting down every time I try to check in to a place. Used to enjoy using this app, but now it’s just wasting memory on my phone. Fix this ASAP!!!

App User
Newest update is a bit of a mess. If I have to search for a nearby place, it’ll make the app go berserk, and then it crashes. Please update!

Mark Playford
Good App, lost stars as the watch app is almost useless. Doesn’t list locations properly and crashes on adding stickers

James D.
I used to use Foursquare back in the day before the Swarm app. I stopped using it when they changed, but now –years later– a friend told me I should try it out again. I love it! I can share to my app friends, broadcast to Facebook or Twitter, or do an off-the-grid check-in just for me! That’s exactly the control I want.

Navneeta Pathak
The latest update has caused the app to not open up at all. Every time it asks to accept the new privacy policies, but doesn’t do anything else.

harmeet singh
I am using this app to store my check-ins which works well. I guess since there aren’t a lot of users using this app that’s why information is stale. FOR DEVELOPERS. Edit is still not working. I tried editing date on my check in it is still not working.

Daniel Tyler
‘Untag a friend who’s not actually with you’.. that’s what almost everyone does! It’s got nowt to do with their location, at all. What are we supposed to spend the coins on? I have 124k.

Ilia Baum
I used to love this app and had previously given it 5 stars. Unfortunately, it hasn’t changed in any meaningful way in years and few friends use it. I’m sadly going to uninstall after almost 10 years of use (back when check in was part of Foursquare). If local deals and events come back, I may consider using this again. RIP! Thanks for all the good years.

Laura Clemens
If you want tech support that blames you for EVERY glitch this is the app for you. No matter the issue you get zero actual help. When it works it’s really fun though so that’s the only reason I’m not rating it a 1.

Pascal Hartig
Focus on the core. I’m so disappointed by the state of the Android app. I’m perfectly fine giving you my data which you literally sell to others. I benefit from it in many ways. But at some point the broken windows in this app become too much to ignore. Constant double check-ins. For some reason, the check-in activity always launches twice, leading to tons of accidental check-ins you don’t realize until they’re in your stream, annoying your friends Even in perfect network conditions the first glimpse at the check-in screen is always an error dialog. It’s a small thing but shows how off your priorities are. Missed check-ins don’t contribute to your streaks. This is what keeps people using your app! Look at your metrics and correlate your churn rate with accidentally broken streaks. I’m sure you’ll learn something. Still no offline check-ins. Com’on, they’ve been on iOS for ages. Please, stop the new features and give your Android developers a chance to catch up.

Hữu Đức Nguyễn
I use this app to record my check-in history and to earn coins, but now what can the coins do in Swarm? So I just use it as a diary. Still good, but not good like old times.

App User
I can’t check in for so many months, I keep getting the message that it can’t find my location. Was hoping that it would get fixed since many people encountered this problem but it seems it won’t. Please fix this as soon as possible, otherwise this app has no use.

Yuanxuan Zhu
Can’t work on my Redmi note 3(Android Oreo 8.1.0) when I turn on location but can’t get locations to check in.

App User
have not used this app for a spell but now that i am it seems to keep freezing stiff 👎👎👎 i take it that things are in bad shape?

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