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Microsoft Launcher
by Microsoft Corporation

With Microsoft Launcher*** (formerly known as Arrow Launcher), you can personalize your Android device to match your style with wallpapers, theme colors, icon packs and more. With a Microsoft account or work/school account, you can access your calendar, documents, and recent activities in your personalized feed. You can even open photos, docs and webpages on your Windows PC* to be productive across all your devices.


Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

· People at your fingertips. Have your most important people at your fingertips. Pin contacts to your Home screen and place them anywhere on the Home screen, dock or in folders.

· Choose your look. Personalize the look and feel of your device by customizing your wallpaper, theme and accent colors, icon packs, gestures and more.

· Personalized feed. See your most important information at a glance like news, calendar events, docs, contacts and more in your personalized feed. You can even set your feed as your default Home.

· Continue on PC. Snap a pic on your phone and see it instantly on your Windows PC* or continue editing an Office 365 document on your PC by linking your phone with your Windows PC.

· Search the web and your phone in one place. Search the web or your files, apps, docs, messages and web results using Microsoft Launcher’s universal search bar.

· Gesture customization. With deep customization for gestures, you can double tap to lock your phone, swipe up for app drawer and more.

Download Microsoft Launcher App:- 

Download Microsoft Launcher App



User Reviews :-

I now have two phones. One for personal use and one for work. I use the Microsoft one during the day since all my work apps are Microsoft. At home I prefer the standard Note 8.

Birgir Karl Óskarsson
Great… but occasionally it causes halts & automatic restarts – just Out of the Blue. Very annoying when I am writing unsaved text. Greatest still of all the other launcher I have tried & tested through the years.

J Fall
Pretty useful home screen and app launcher. They need to improve handling larger fonts though. If the system font is set to say medium, the letters get chopped off on the bottom.

Kevin McAlpin
Literally just wanted to sign in to new setup. Thanks for upsetting my custom settings, tho. Back to Nova, thank God.

App User
Best on out all infinite out of 10. Others are just garbage. But this one…Is so unique in a good way. Like you get that good old samsung vibe but in amores modern way. Best app created

Matthew Bigelow
Not a bad app, very similar to the Moto launcher on my Moto X Force 2. One big problem though – I had to download Cortana separately in order to get the voice recognition. At a basic, full versions of Edge and Cortana should be included in the launcher.

James Europa
Just installed. Always has the most functionality of all the Launchers available! By far my favorite! Try it if you haven’t used before… You’ll fall in love also!!

Joy Hines
This literally took over my phone, took my widgets off my home screen, rearranged my apps, put 3 different cortana search bars on my home screen… Uninstalled very quickly. My computer said to install it so I can share files, but this is much more than that. And something I definitely didnt ask for.

App User
Amazing beyond my expectations .personally I loved it so much that I deleted all paid launchers I purchased after reading many reviews.. But this app is what I wanted made….. It works great I m using it on one plus 6 .. .anyhow it is free and no ads r there… one should atleast give a try …enough to fall in love with its ability to organise and access ur other apps… personalisation feature simplify things with ease…. A great job done by Microsoft recently in almost all apps WITH DRASTIC CHANGES YHEY HAVE DONE

Vivek Rathaur
I love this Launcher app. And used as default launcher from the time I installed it. But today it is behaving strangely. On the home screen. Widgets are not properly working. I need to “Clear Data” and start Afresh.

Antajul Islam
It has user friendly interface but there is still need of some improvements. Launcher is affecting light sensor which affects auto brightness control. Double tap lock is going administrative lock, which is denying finger print or face unlock. On this lock only pin entry is allowed to unlock my mobile. Kindly do the necessary to fix it. I recommend Scrolling Dock instead of fixed one..

Vivek Pamnani
Great app! Just one problem: Sometimes the entities on the home screen vanish, although still functional. Like they’re there, but invisible.

Jeremy Moore
Better than I expected from Microsoft. Calendar widget doesn’t seem to integrate w Google calendar. Only has one screen for apps from what I can tell

Eady Elias
I love this Microsoft Launcher, but it drain my phone’s battery fast.😌 Maybe I need to get a new one. My phone is so old, Zenfone 5.

Chris Hairr
It’s more functional than the Moto launcher that came with the phone, looks really good, and performs really well. Microsoft has won the launcher fight, especially by sticking to the clean, general Google look and feel and not trying to make the launcher look like Windows Metro nonsense.

Ap Show
Probably the best launcher I have ever used It is productive as well as time saving Just cortana should be improved a little bit but overall truely satisfied with the software experience it provides

Naeem Khan
I came to know about this app from my colleague and I am really enjoying it since I download it. It is fantastic app like you can hide the app you want and the best part of this app is gesture so you can set apps in gesture and the apps will work on your fingers. Drag your finer to the right, left , up and down and the app will be before you.

Jess Dale Costa
One of my favorite launchers. I use it on my tablets, although I still love my Blackberry launcher on my Blackberry phone. Like my beloved old Windows 10 phone, nothing truly emulates the full integration of launcher, apps and device. This is a highly configurable alternative to the (either) generic or oddly eccentric experience of so many other launchers. Clean, straightforward and efficient. Thanks.

Been trying dozens and dozens of launchers since 3rd party launchers became a thing. On budget phones, and on flagships. After MS kinda “scr*wed” us old-time Lumia fans, I cannot help it: this is the best launcher on the Play Store. No overwhelming options and add-ons. And yet, you can make it your own. And for other Huawei/EMUI8(+): stop trying other 3rd party launchers. This is the only one that doesn’t get into conflict with Huawei’s tweaks to Android 8! And it has zero negative impact on battery life and RAM etc… 6 stars!

Hữu Tài Nguyễn
Contain minor bug, in case of do below steps: – open app drawer by swipe up – open any app in app drawer – press home button to go home screen – actual: launcher is freeze – expected: launcher work normally

Mahmood Esmaeili
After having so many launchers tested and default launcher on various brands, This is the launcher that finally covered most aspects of my needs, and I use it on any phone that i use, and it has a great backup and restore. And it doesn’t get old because it is highly customizable

April Cruz
Not sure if I like it yet or not, just launched it and different yes but still on the fence if I’ll keep it or go back

Armand Roberts
It was nice, but my screensaver/wallpaper keeps getting out of alignment. If yoy can fix this I’d give 5 stars.

Zie Nizam
Seriously… Admin.. Your make me excited to use this launcher on my huawei nova 2i..its really helpfully.. I really enjoy this apps, this is no 1 launcher in my chart..just one i think this apps can be perfect launcher.. Is the rounder corner apss..try to make have on this launcher.. It will be perfect think.. Thank you so much microsoft..

App User
Great App That Doesn’t Make Things Hard In All The Wrong Places! When It Cums To Apps, This Doesn’t Make It HARD For Me! Thanks For The A-1 Satisfaction Microsoft

Subha Pratik Satapathy
A night light functionality can be a great relax. Further, integrating the to do and notes widget with Microsoft To-do and one note, will make life lot easier because of universal sync. Please add these.

Shubham Sharma
Makes the phone more attractive..! But please make the selecting multiple photo at once to set in daily background wallpaper easy because i have to select photo one by one which makes it annoying.

Daniel Gauthier
Would give 5 stars if background images could fit portrait view as well as they do landscape. Had to remove previous version to install latest 4.10.1

Fazal Mengal
I just gotta say AWESOME Launcher. The reason that i gave it 4 stars is that the WEATHER WIDGET is not working. Please fix this problem.

App User
There is a problem with notification badge, it is asking me for permission when I already gave it permission to notifications, Please fix this. Its the best launcher…

Gav G
CONSTANTLY SPAMS multiple times a minute; “Set Microsoft Launcher as your default launcher”. Every single dang time you hit the home screen the Microsoft Launcher spams you another time. Like caring for my Dad again thru severe dementia. He had no clue what I said a few seconds ago, multiplied by 100 million! HOW HARD WOULD IT BE TO FIX THIS!!!!! NO NO NO! I want to trial and see if you are worthy. I CANNOT TRIAL if you are a DEMENTED SPAM BOT. I cannot find a setting to tell the Microsoft Launcher to SHUT UP! NOT an enjoyable experience even though the launcher looks promising. NEVER BARGAIN with TERRORISTS.

Kevin Rodriguez
Since I upgraded my phone and link my phone with my computer everything is fine except for trying to figure out how to keep Microsoft launcher from interfering with Google services. Cortana does not always respond to my voice. Google pixel Generation 1 and HP laptop Windows 10

Jon Hancock
Lots to like here – it’s an attractive launcher with decent features – but the lack of landscape mode finally grew annoying enough that I went back to Nova. Microsoft Launcher could also do with an option to put a solid bar at the top of the screen, so that you can see the notification icons against busy wallpapers; again, Nova wins here. Still needs work.

Darr Darr
Completely replaced my carefully curated 2-page Home screens. All I was told in advance was it would link my Galaxy to my Windows 10 computer. Uninstalling now.

James Lambert
Microsoft launcher is amazing, keep up the good work. I’m not exactly sure why, but it will not update, maybe I have to update it before I run it. If someone could help me with that.

Gaeleath Silverspear
Annoying. Now trying to figure out how to get rid of it again.

Sam Geeki
Simple and solid. Does its job with almost zero disappointment.

Cory RS
This launcher will get a 5-star review from me if the app drawer gets Windows phone style alphabet jump lists. In fact, I won’t even switch to this launcher until this feature has been added. Please please please?

Terry Peck
Absolutely, hands down, the BEST thing you can do for your phone. I only wish Microsoft would make their own phones again.

Sharienne W.
Definitely simple but I am not yet sure if it is the good kind of simple or the kind that just covers up the mess underneath with broad categories. I hope to have a better idea after a week or two but I am just not up to fighting Microsoft over a review while I work. Remember Clippy, the hyperactive help troll? That’s the bad kind of simple. Offering help whenever the user moves the mouse is neither simple nor easy. It is complicated (How do I turn this #%%$#% helper off?) or it is demanding (Hitting my drive every time I click makes the computer crash. “Now, I need help but I cant use the computer that the ever-looming Clippy has bricked!”)

Midhun T Chunakara
Was doing good. But then it started to be non responsive after a update

Kenan Tahir
It’s a good launcher … there can be some improvements with the default settings that can be made similar to the Samsung experience. There should be a direct wifi connection between the windows and the phone. Microsoft should create a system that contains downloadable content of not just text but also images and media files on codes like QR which can be decrypted everytime the optical reader is brought in front of any screen anywhere. Such a system would render other modes of files transfer I.e. USB and data cables useless because this kind of file transfer would be more easy and would be a paradigm shift in it’s own rite

G Blackman
Since htc decided not to update the bolts OS like right after they sold it I been stuck. Found this launcher and now my phone is like a brand new one. Very smooth, lots of customisation,just need a Microsoft camera app and a end to end sms program to send hq videos and pics by text like iPhone does since Google will never do it….

Nadeem Ashraf
I think MS as messed up with the way Wallpapers are handled… Sad they are going from good to bad to worst in handling them….

Siddharth Kashyap
Made my phone slow… Also when i set a wallpaper it is half black at lock screen. If i cud attach a screenshot here

Daryl Farmer
Pretty sweet launcher.. Didn’t expect it to be good but wow has features others charge for.

gurdit shergill
Supeerbbbb launcher microsoft did it its an all rounder launcher Gestures,News feeds, Cortana and all are truely amazin loved it. I’d suggest microsft to make a os like that.Microsoft had nailed it

Richand Darksbane
This is good, though it would be nice to change the contrast. But I must say I wasn’t expecting so much customizability and this is very nice!

David Sechrest
Perfect app for keeping track of important things provided one has a Microsoft account. I’m using this for personal and work accounts.

App User
Don’t like all the widgets. Would rather have my own. Don’t like the search bar, and it’s unmoveable. Would like to see lefthanded apps. Or ones that can be set up better for Lefthanded people!

radar kay
It’s different than any launcher I’ve used. Cleaner. There’s going to be a slight learning curve but I’ll gladly adjust. This launcher is fantastic!

christopher pereira
It’s excellent, beautiful, lightweight, but please add gestures(3 finger pull down for screenshot etc) as an additional download pack, also needs inbuilt fingerprint lock for apps (currently using third party app – AppLock), we live in digital age and security is key!

Carl Erics
Tried it again. Still no notification badges working. Jeez Microsoft. Going back to Nova Oh, what’s the point of giving feedback. None cares anyway

Miro Tomaska
Make Cortana to ‘always’ listen as Google and the whole thing will be great. PS: Long time windows phone user

emmanuel flores
Yes I can now use Cortana in the search bar, I am using this in a Samsung tab 4, it brought life to my old tablet, Cortana is very quick to respond , I have to choose between Cortana or Google assistant…in the end of this summer I will make my decision before going back to school.

Amber Wol
keeps popping up prompting me to update even though it’s updated lol ☹️

Giovani Manenti Soares
Excelente launcher para o Android. Muito leve, bonita, com recursos interessantes de customização de ícones e interface. Trás, além da interface bonita, muita praticidade com o recurso de integração com o Windows que permite documentos do celular serem abertos no computador.

Anselmo Pemberton
The app organizes your apps and it makes it easier to locate your app when you need to find it. I absolutely love this app.

Kieran Coker
This is a surprisingly good launcher and has made my work phone may more productive to use as my company uses the full 365. It’s got a lot of personalisation too and the daily bing wallpapers are quite beautiful. Well done Microsoft!

Tam L.
Forced Sign in issue has been fixed😃 But, was Daily Bing Wallpaper remove in this update? I can download it but I can’t set it to change automatically every day

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