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Flashlight LED Genius
by ID Mobile SA

App Category:- Tools

UNIQUE! No need to unlock the screen to get your Torch App, Just shake your phone from the unlock screen to activate the LED flash light. This Torch App is incredibly simple, useful and practical.

Android Wear app is available !
– A bright compass is available on your watch to guide you !
– Settings: a check will be done periodically to see if the background service responsible for shake detection was destroyed by the system, in which case it will be restarted.

The feature “shake to light”:
– This mode is active only when the unlock screen is visible, does not consume the battery.
– Works only with LED torch mode and not with display lighting mode
– Works with the original unlock screen of your phone, may not be compatible with alternative “home” screens


Flashlight LEaD Genius

Flashlight LEaD Genius


– Lighting via LED flash
– Lighting with the screen as lighting source (compatible with all phones without LED)
– Ability to configure the color of display lighting
– Widget to automatically activate the torch (LED flash or screen)
– Ability to turn on the LED light flash from the unlock screen by shaking the phone
– We developed a repair system to make the flashlight work on different phones !
Android shows you when the shake detection is active.


Download Flashlight LED Genius App :-


Download Flashlight LED Genius App


User Reviews :-

Matthew Riley
Previous version worked & had NO ads. Current version, with ads, works BRIEFLY, then shuts off seconds later. After trying multiple adjustments to settings, no success. -UPDATE- Current version NOW works correctly, after changing settings by adjusting the sensitivity, it seems to be OK most of the time

Dave Smith
Used to work great. Now the lock screen shuts down after a few seconds and the light shuts off. Edit; They fixed it and responded. Now it works like it’s supposed to. I would like to tell the developer thanks.

Ben Hughes
I have had this app for a very long time and I am very proud if it because of how often I actually find myself using it. However in a recent update the app no longer persists when the lock screen turns off and it shuts off the light. When I changed the automatic turnoff to ten minutes nothing changed rendering this app only annoying now. I really appreciate the simplistic design of the app and it is way more responsive than any other shake light but this one issue really makes me want to not use this. I only get like 10 seconds of light at a time now. If I could either find a way to make my lock screen stay open longer or make the app light persist after the screen turns off then I would have no issue anymore. Update: the issue I had is now fixed and the light stays on for however long I want it to. 5 stars from me

App User
I needed an app that replicated Motos actions when changing phone brand and this does exactly what I need it to. Not much more to be said, not the prettiest app but you shouldn’t have to go in it really!

Colton Rice
Doesn’t work on s9+ plays the sound like it’s turned on but no light I even had it switched to the right position so it wasn’t trying to make my screen white too.

L Williams
Pros: Easiest flashlight to turn on, most of the time my phone goes from pocket to hand and with a flick of the wrist I have a tiny phone sized but bright light, anywhere needed. Cons: Occasionally app needs to be switched back on because it will not work with a shake…. Still very easy app to use been using it for years, most used app on my phone. Thanks

Jacob Baird
If you’ve ever owned a Motorola device this application is an absolute necessity. This is the best application I’ve found that replicates the chop twice for flash light feature that Moto phones have. It takes a second longer, but it works flawlessly.

Peter Krisko
Why can’t this just be a single button? You have 3 different buttons on the app you can configure with no explanation for any of them and when I turn it on and unlock my phone it keeps turning off. You complicated what should’ve been the simplest possible app you could download.

Cupid Stunt
Retarded. You have to have the app open for it to work. Don’t waste your time.

App User
I give it 2 stars cause when it works it does so very well. However, despite an option in the app’s settings to check for a running background service the app gets killed by Android system after a while. Whenever I needed it it wasn’t working. I excluded it from battery saver and used the shortest check interval – all to no avail. I might as well unlock the phone and use the native flashlight. Deleted.

Kathy Beko
Oh my love this flashlight, best thing is it does what it says. Works great on lock screen. No more worries about finding a light! Thank you bunches.

App User
Has a shake option. the app is a little shaky. Older models were better so the app made options.

Mohammad Ahmos
Easy to use , very high and accurate sensitivity … But needs to add an option to start flash by shaking without need to open on the screen

Ben Chan
Ads are full screen videos (15 seconds or more) with audio and display upon gesture before the flash light turns on. App is useless when you need to turn on flashlight.

Keith Carson
Didn’t work on the lock screen on my HTC One M8. Actually couldn’t get it to work anywhere except for the shake sensitivity setting screen. The last straw was an automatic video ad that played when I opened the settings.

Joseph Dawson
For Nexus 6P users with 7.0 and higher, there is an extra setting IN the settings to fix the “not working with Nougat” issue. The app works great. Thanks developer!!

App User
I’ve been using this app for about 2 years and have not had any issues with it. It works as advertised. Brightest flashlight that I’ve found. Use it almost everyday and absolutely love it.

El Classico
DON’T USE THIS APP AT ALL because this says that it opens only in lock screen but when i tried noting happened this is all bullshit.

Jennifer Cunningham
Liked the app easy and very responsive, just not quite there yet due to phone having to be awake. Liked that it vibrated when light came on was a nice touch. Sadly the app is turning on in my purse and draning battery even with sensitivity all they was down.

Theo Kadira
Most handy and practical app. Will always have this on all my phones 1. In app repair system worked for Xperia Z5!😀 Nice one guys! 2. Please add the option to turn off the screen while the LED light is on, there’s no point in having the screen on while you’re using the LED light. 3. Please allow shake to turn on with third party lock screens

Wolf Bury
Works At first it didn’t work but there little fix it tool worked. Its a app that i use every night now for work. (nightshift construction)

Kevin Waugh
Shake doesn’t work on gs7 Was able to configure the app to turn the flashlight on and off but the shake feature never worked after turning it on. Phone used is a galaxy s7.

Tim Graffam
Shake doesn’t seem to work on Galaxy S7 Edge Shaking to turn on only works inside the app. It doesnt work when the app isn’t opened or when it’s shut off, pretty much defeating the purpose of the app.

Whitney Watters
I have used this app for years, and recently have had an excess of malware. My anti-virus protection tells me this is the main culprit.

Kelly Spongberg
Does not work on Android 7.0/Nexus 6p. The shake never activates, and setting for sensitivity is unresponsive. The ads are aggressive and take over your screen.

Adrian Norman
Very useful Since I found this app I have told many others about it. Being able to activate the torch by shaking the phone is great, however sometimes the app stops working but the inbuilt troubleshooter always fixes.

chris gagnon
Works when it wants to. Sometimes it is too sensitive, other times you really need to shake the phone. Have to have the app open for it to work which is a bit of an inconvenience

Anthony Missa
Only issue with this, sometimes shake feature does not work. Have to open app, turn torch on, close app, and then it will work. Constantly doing this. I have a galaxy s5. Please fix this

Mike Merkley
Please fix When the flash light works its great, it’s super bright. But on my new LG G4 it has been moody. The light only works some of the time but yet it still clicks for on and off but again no light. I have gone into the settings and restarted and tested several times. Only works when you use it manually.

Ron Lai
Shake does not work on my phone Alright so the app works for the most part but the shake feature does not outside of the app as promised on my moto x. Not sure which device it was tested on but it does not work for me. Other than that, still a solid led and screen light app

Zankit Veeyez
4 Stars for functionality. This is the best functioning lock screen LED app I have seen so far. But I recently found out a serious issue with this app. My device stops charging if it is shaken to turn on the light and resumes charging when it is shaken again to turn off light. The charging LED turns off and charging indicator disappears on status bar during this event. Does this app mess up with my phone’s charging circuit?.

Luke Hutchison
Shake feature not working, bug? Flashlight is configured but only displays notification on lock screen when shaken, no light. Samsung Galaxy S5

App User
Use flashlight from lock screen The ability to turn on the light by shaking instead of unlocking the device and locating the app is a huge time saver. This shouldn’t be complicated and this app delivers

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