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Flashlight HD LED
by smallte ch

App Category:- Tools

There are many flashlight apps, so why get this one ?

– Brightest and most POWERFUL light possible
– FREE !

– It is simple and well designed
– launch it and get light instantly by pressing one button
– uses the integrated FlashLight LED
– also uses your full screen as a color light lamp (works on all devices)
– add a widget for quick access


Flashlight HD LED

Flashlight HD LED

This app is compatible with most phones including those on which other apps do not work. This includes for example : Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge, S6, J7, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Oppo, Huawei, LG, Lenovo,Vivo, HTC, Alcatel, ZTE, Asus Zenfone, Motorola Moto G4, E2… and many more !

Download Flashlight HD LED App :-


Download Flashlight HD LED App


User Reviews :-


Mahdi Sadughi
This is just great. The app focuses on simplicity and basic needs. Vert user friendly with big buttons. You can use the powerful Flash light, and the cellphone front Lcd light. You may also change the LCD white color to any color for any purposes which is awesome! You can also turn on/off the tapping sound in the app; i myself turn it off so as to attract less attention! The things I’d like to be added is the morse light codes as well as a kind of circular orange alarm light, the button to these functions can be minimally incorporated in the app!

Jade Sheree
Best torch ap I’ve ever downloaded.. nothing annoying about it like so many of the others. Perfect as a nightlight as you can have any colour and make it really dim. Love love love this ap!

Pam ander
I’ve had this app for years, love the 2018 update. It is not invasive to your privacy like some apps. Has front and back light, strobe, and color choices for screen light. Also has auto off if you select it in settings. Great, App.

Aaron Zinkowich
I have a Samsung S7, and this flashlight is very bright. I appreciate that this app allows the user to never need to turn off the light within the app itself. Let me explain: After the initial turn on all that is needed to do to shut off the light is exit the app. Then, whenever I want to use the flashlight, all I have to do is tap the app’s icon. (Therefore this is a 1 step app instead of a 2 step.)

This app is my go to whenever its dark. I recently had some issues with this app since the upgrade. I could not turn off my phone and still be able to use the app. I was informed that in the settings I can set it to remain on when the app was turned off. Great app!!

App User
Invaluable for getting home from the shops down a dark lane in Cardiff. Probably saved me from falling over a thousand times.

Andrea Adams
Tried several of the most dnld’d & highest rated flashlights. But this one surpasses, hands down. The widget is only slightly bigger than apps on the home screen. Fits perfectly centered under my time/weather widget at top. Opens screen with 2 large buttons to select camera flash or screen light. Entire color wheel available to accommodate your preference. I have mine set at med blue which emits more like a nightlight when high intensity isn’t needed. No bells n whistles like several others. Dn’t have to wade several layers in to customize Every Time. And even better dn’t have miss that tiny ‘x’ opening those those stupid ads that are almost too stubborn to close. Bottom line: Turn On. Find what ur looking for. Turn Off. Move on with life. Great Job, y’all!!!

EastSide818Valley BTR
It’s honestly the brightest flashlight I’ve had this app since 2011 and I’ve tested it on multiple phone devices it makes every light brighter no matter what phone device

Louise Heath
Love this torch flashlight app. I’ve installed it on all my family’s phones too. It’s so quick to turn on and off unlike some other torch apps that you open, then have to push a switch to finally get it to turn on.

Ina Ruth Eavenson
I have used the flashlight when getting up in the night, on red while stargazing, and as bright a white as possible to get a roof finished after dark. Worked great every time.

Armando Aguilera
Its my go to flash light every day, it work mostly every time i need it, i rate it 4 stars because ocassionally it frezzes, but its been very handy.

valeria obando
This light helps me read a story to my 4 year old every night. Very bright and helpful when you don’t have a flashlight available.

Sandra Andrews
I love the versatility of this. You have the choice to use the phone’s screen or use it from outside. It also has different colors to use and has a brightness level. This helps a great deal.

Kevin Redline
Used it for years and haven’t thought to get anything else. Works great!

Guy Beaulieu
Very bright but also has a dimmer if needed. I wish there were more colors than white and red however.

Judy Kurrasch
I think that this app would be the best app if you could change the color of the actual flashlight that I’d on the back of your phone.

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