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by Ruddy Rooster

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The Great Flashlight Kit for your smartphone.

It’s time to change to the best Flashlight. Do you know why? Because the collecting of your personal information from the other flashlight apps is too high.

Some information to all review writers about the hardware controls and network permission:

1. Not working with some Galaxy Ace and some tablet models. If the app does not work, then please don’t write a bad review or give a bad star. Please send us an email to the email address given below. Customer feedback to improve the quality of our service.

2. Network permission is only for third party advertisements. That’s the reason, why our App is Free.





3. The Permission “Hardware controls”. We need the camera permission to open / close the LED Flash. Please, when somebody wants to write a review about that a flashlight app doesn’t needs a camera permission, then please research first. Please search for some android flashlight examples on the Internet and you will see that all the flashlight apps are using the camera permission. It’s called camera, because the LED Flash is linked with the camera. And if you still do not believe us, just ask the Android developers.

* Light sources: Screen, Morse Code, Strobe, Police, Warning light
* Battery Status
* Switch Button: Use it, if…
– LED Flash on your device does not work.
– LED Flash not supported on your device.
– you want to show Morse Code or Strobe Light on your phone’s screen.

CAUTION: A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights.


Download Flashlight App :-


Download Flashlight App


User Reviews :-


Elsa Ville
This app seems to be the best flashlight and emergency lights app – really bright, super easy to use, even includes flashing morse code. Works from back of phone with police and warning lights on screen. Great for safety!

Jeannie McCap
App works well, no issues as of yet. Would appreciate some additional colours for use in fog, mist, smoke, etc.. Other than that, not much else to write home about…

Kayla Pietkiewicz

damon finken
Good light This is a good simple tool. I am not sure how effective the yellow warning light would be in an emergency situation but the the strobe could be used in it’s place. The strobe could also have faster speeds for personal safety… And a quick widget could be added.

AnnMarie R.
Very easy to use. Comes in very handy when walking my dog or having to unlock my door at night. The l.e.d. light is stronger then my mini flashlight, I used to carry in my purse. One less thing to carry since my phone goes everwhere with me.You just tap the picture of what light you want after opening the app,its as simple as that.

Steve Oldis
Good torchlight The extra emergency features make a good addition to a go-bag. Would be even better if there were a couple of coloured filters for the flashlight – particularly blue for better vision in smoke and fog, maybe also green and red.

Asks to Rate it to many times. Even though I had rated it. Dropped from 5 stars to 4 until fixed. When pitch black in rain its the last message you need.

Kristin Kelly
Good app Lots of neat feature, police lights, morse (sos), yellow warning light, strobe, screen light. I just wish there was a brightness adjustment option for the screen light

Best flashlight I have seen Has everything you need. Standard flashlight is excellent but I use the screen light most. Love the emergency light too. Must stop the kids using the police light when we are in the car ; )

Steven Guerin
App does its job. Needs switched option to turn light on when openning app automatically

Diana Crowley
Best flashlight app! This is by far the best flashlight app and I’ve tried several. Ads are not intrusive and the extra light options come in handy.

DJ Davenport
Really nice app! I found most apps with emergency capabilities won’t work on tablets without flash. This is the only app with these extras that worked on my Dragon Touch tablet. I hope none of us ever find ourselves in a situation where we need to use any of these extras but they would come in so handy in an emergency situation. If at first they don’t work try touching the arrows < > at the top center then they should work great. Enjoy!!!

Carolyn Hudd
Crucial safety app in case of breakdown in dark. Someone can locate effectively. Hope I never need this but now I have an essential tool. Cop light could come in handy should a person have a road rager or texter to warn…kewl. 💡 Crucial safety tool 💡🔨🔧

Diann Thomas
Really Useful App I have had this app for more than a year now and I love it. I have terrible eyes, so I probably use the flashlight at least once a day. It is so easy that I can open the app and turn it on with one hand. I really do love it!

Karen Roberts
Awesome sauce Security at a 500 site campground this comes in beyond handy for flashlight AND flashing police lights while chasing down the bad guys in my golf cart. OH man all the extras….FUN STUFF

Abdul Rahman Abdullah
Flash lite yet useful Nice. Gud job guys. Update (games) encourage us (user) to spend more time play our handphone a.k.a become lazy n useless to family.

Mike Smith
Love it! Used to have Tesla for the longest time. Since it hasn’t been updated it doesn’t work for newer devices running Kitkat and later. This app is just as good if not better. Easy to use and very entertaining. Love it! Keep up the good work devs. Thanks.

Olivia Sailor
Love it! I hate the flashlights that only have the screen light but this one has all the options! Great app and a must have.

Steve Parsons
Pretty Good The only thing I would change is the Morse code program, make it so it will repeat automatically if pre-requested buy the user. Other than that, this is the best free flashlight I’ve ever used.

Jeremy Ross
One Thing Needed Perfect!! Needs a widget for home screen and lock screen and every other flashlight app would be obsolete, great job!!

jesse sheehan
Best flashlight app to date I walk a lot at night and this is bar none the best I have found .only con of mention is drains battery quickly with prolonged use

Joe Turturici
Finally a no nonsense tool . These Apps should enhance our mobile experience , our lives are meshed with our technology and simple no nonsense approaches will win every time . Here’s a winner , and its free ! I’m a plumber and actually use this minimum 3 times a day . Real Deal Folks , Thank you

Abelardo Gonzales
Mega flashlight Splendid flashlight nice and bright plus it has a couple features that you can use beside the flashlight itself i highly recommend this mega flashlight to everyone. You can use this in your garage, bedroom, and freeways etc….. Download this now and give it a try you ain’t got nothing to loose and if you don’t like it you can always uninstall it👍 I’ll give the developer of this application a 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠

Shawn Evans
Spot light You guys really should have and option on the flashlight for not just white but also red and/or green both those colors help preserve night vision in a person’s eyes

Larry Capps
Don’t understand the need for some of the light options other then fun for kids. But I like it. The flashlight works great

Helen Leong
I have downloaded and uninstalled like 5 different types of flashlights and this is a keeper. The best out there. Love the options provided with the morse code, strobe light, warning light and more. Anyone looking for a flashlight should give this a try.

Juanita Barnes
Great app. Judt it eats battery life ver quick which mean if u stuck and ur battery is already down then you …..

Brad Hawkins
Simple and good More options than is needed most of the time but I use it almost daily.

Jesse Lockhart Sr.
Great App Best flashlight app I have used. We just had a power outage and this app’s performance was outstanding.

Li Tj
Very little permissions needed I got this just for that, but also like the ability to use both led flash and screen. Led flash comes out brighter than screen

Tony C.
Everything you need in a tiny app! One stop shop for all of your lighting & emergency needs. Practically no unnecessary permissions, and a simple, straight forward UI. Great job devs.

Peter Manders
Mega flashlight Best I’ve used so far. Extra gadgets could be useful to an old codger in his eighth decade like me.

Great It is really good because you can see easily in the dark and there is different ones like police light and other but I would like their to be more colours like green and magenta and more

kimberley stevenson
Just what you need This I a great app if I need a flash light I grab my phone, its bright and most people have their phones close so always in reach

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