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Firefox for Android Beta

By Mozilla


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Firefox for Android Beta


Help refine and polish the newest features almost ready for prime time. With Firefox Beta, you get to test the latest performance, customization and security enhancements before they make it to our next version.
Have an impact by helping to put the finishing touches on features and functionality.

Download Firefox for Android Beta :-

Download Firefox Beta App Apk ( 39 MB )

User Reviews

Jeremy Bassett
Great works fine Works great np so far iv had it for a cubble of weeks

App User
Love it I love the notification to switch to the new tab you opened a link in.

Vignesh Vicky
Security Secure and smooth browser

App User
NICE THEY STEPPED THERE GAME UP It works well and easy to move around in nice job…

Salman Rahman
I love mozilla Mozilla Firefox browser is awesome.

Ammar Hasan
Excellent Works well even on my ZTE Blade (San Francisco)

edwin liu
Great browser Awesome for watching movies on the web that requires flash player. I repeat Never update the browser as it will affect the browser ability to use flash.

Prince Q8
The Best My Best browers in Windows and Andriod System

Godwin Omezi
Loving it Good app and very quick in opening page without much data consumption. Try it.

Juan Carlos
Eficiente Súper eficiente el navegador lo amo

App User
great but should have full screen browsing integrated better not via a very unusable addon

App User
Firefox on Android Firefox provides more consistent access to online and streaming video than the native browser or any of the competing browser apps. It also scores higher in HTML5 compatability than any other mobile browser app.

Fernando Santillan
Best Browser by far! Fast, zipppy, quick, whatever you want to call it. By the way, some old *cough* plugins are still supported. Great! Makes my Nexus 7 worth even more!

Colin La Grange
Works like it should An app that just does the job it claims to do

App User
Continued greatness !! Just needs full screen & private viewing.. Works great.. It does everything I need.. I love the “save as pdf” feature.. the interface is smooth for me.. even flash works nicely.. I cannot think of anything else to suggest.. I can upload my schoolwork to my school server through this browser.. syncs with my Linux Firefox browser.. perfect setup for me..

Lacy Anderson Jr
Amazingly Wonderful I downloaded app after app after app and finally, I came across Firefox beta. I am now able to watch movies online with my nexus 7 and I love it. After downloading this browser I was able to download and install adobe flash player. Its a little bit of a process but its well worth it. Thank you Mozilla.

Mike Gorny
Fast and has add-on support Everything works great, reading mode is amazing for sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Only wish that native apps would open by default instead of having to hit the Android symbol. Thanks for all the great work on Firefox!

App User
Me mató Es realmente increíble. Las mejoras respecto a la versión anterior son notables. Lo he dejado como browser principal. Felicitaciones Mozilla 🙂

Douglas Yoshimura
Perfect! Nexus 7! Hands down the best browser for Nexus 7. Buttery smooth and has flash! Tested chrome, boat, dolphin. Firefox is the best.

App User
Big improvements Making great progress. Love the interface changes. Keep up the good work developers.

Michael Swartout
Good Browser The google voice search force closes when looking for a browser when firefox is on here. Otherwise it works wonderful. I will be removing however until fixed.

William Worsley
Lov’n it! So far Ff beta is more responsive than the previous version.

Mahatasin Azad
Very decent browser I actually use it more often than chrome and really like the simplicity & speed.

Roman Naumann
Awesomeness While firefox stable was too large for my smartphone, firefox beta is smaller and can better move to sdcard. Browser works great.

Dan Jukic
Smooth and fast Works like a browser should: crisp and quick, very rare crashes.

sujauddin mandal
It is the best big best software And smooth faster and faster mobile download

Andrew Brennan
Fabulous browser from Mozilla. Fast and very secure.

Diana OB
Love it Live it on the my laptop, love it on my phone

Amr Eldib
Use it with Sync capabilities Sync your Firefox on Android with tg your Firefox on desktop to get the most out it. You’ll be able to share history, open tabs on another device and send pages to another device.

App User
The best… …if you actually read articles or content on your browser. Hit the reader button and whamo, the whole page is rendered in a beautifully sized font with all the junk cleaned up. On my S3 it’s actually nicer than browsing on my MacBook Pro! Because of handheld convenience.

App User
Best browser for andorid I love this very useful browser

John Locker
FireFox Beta Awesome! Every site I bookmark on Firefox downloads super fast even when my phone internet signal is weak. Great addons . Awesome Firefox brilliant!

Confidence Thantsha
Its impressive Downloading is quick and easy. You can paste a copied web address and go at the same time. Easy to use and responds fast.

Paul Lou
Excellent Big improvements since the initial release! So far very stable and user friendly. Very happy about customizability.

Pratik Patre
Thank You Firefox team for such great browser. I have no words to describe how ‘read view’ feature is helpful to all users.

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