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Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
by Mozilla

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Browse like no one’s watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. Easily erase your history, passwords and cookies, so you won’t get followed by things like unwanted ads. “Private browsing” on most browsers isn’t comprehensive or easy to use. Focus is next-level privacy that’s free, always on and always on your side — because it’s backed by Mozilla, the non-profit that fights for your rights on the Web.


Firefox Focus The privacy browser

Firefox Focus The privacy browser


• Blocks a wide range of common Web trackers without any settings to set
• Easily erases your history — no passwords, no cookies, no trackers

• By removing trackers and ads, Web pages may require less data and load faster

• We believe everyone should have control over their lives online. That’s what we’ve been fighting for since 1998.


Download Firefox Focus: The privacy browser App :-


Download Firefox Focus: The privacy browser App


User Reviews :-

It was good but.. now my searches don’t even load in the new update! please fix! What people say about multiple tabs… You just have to keep hold of the link then select open in new tab. The tabs manager is on the bottom right. I do request customized home screen and ‘close tabs’ option though but the rest is very good!

Vishnu M
Nice app,but can you make the feature of having multiple tabs,it would be quite helpful

Maxi M E
Why is it lacking the option to open a new tab? Seems like a REALLY basic thing a browser should have. I know you can open links in a new one, not what I mean(also it jumps to that tab automatically, that’s annoying, that can be personal preference though). Would definitely be a 5 star for me if not for that, seems like a really silly thing to be left out of this version

App User
i like it. cant close a single tab yet, i miss bookmarks and open new tab . its fast thats for sure. weird and worried that I cannot delete amazon from the search engines. hope its a mistake and y’all fix this with the next release.

App User
Literally the only thing the app needs is a new tab option. Come on guys, it’s 2018 and you don’t have an option to make a new tab? The only way to do it is long press on a link even though most of the time I want to do something different.

App User
So there is a huge movie streaming site that’s full of great great stuff, but it’s free, so of course it’s stacked with ads and trackers etc.. Usually when you play your movie,an add pops up in a new tab. But because they’re being blocked, It opens in the current tab Meaning you can not watch Unless you turn off trackers, And willingly click it It would be awesome if you guys had a solution for me..

Naveen Saini
Best browser ever to privacy conscious peoples.Super light and fast due to fact that it blocks unwanted trackers and ads. Also the best concept I like is only one active tab concept.Absolutely love that feature along with one click erase which clears session like a breeze.

Patrick Kilgore
My daily driver. Combine with LastPass or another password manager for an easy experience given cookies clear after each session. I forgot what ads look like on mobile. Chrome is unusable now.

App User
Incredible speed and intentions but I feel that the one tab limitation and the lack of a dark theme (or at least one that doesn’t look like a fresh Ubuntu installation) are vital in creating a modern and great web browser.

App User
Just set Firefox Focus as your default browser. Use Chrome for all those sites that need to know you. But let Focus serve all those random social media links. And for sites you need but don’t trust (hello Zuck), Firefox Focus integrates with password managers to log in. Easy peasy.

App User
I’m revisiting it. Some major failings. #1 Amazon. This is a ‘privacy’ browser and you cannot disable that?? #2 When you open a link in a new tab the browser switches immediately. This is ANNOYING! At least make that optional. #3 Where’s the tab bar? Took a while for that blue circle to appear, and said circle covers content. #4 When it switches from the tab you’re on and you finally discover how to switch back, it has to reload the first tab. This wastes my precious, expensive data. Cache the page or better keep it in ram! This is very annoying! #5 No obvious way to close tabs. How do you close a tab you’ve finished with? Grade F. More effort needed. my earlier review: claims to let you choose search but can’t renove amazon search? no thanks.

There needs to be an option to disable or add a confirmation to the delete cookies and close button. I have pressed it by accident too many times and I am getting angry with it.

Chloroform Cowboy
The thing I notice most about this is how blazing fast it is! In making such a comparison, my usual browser, Chrome, is maybe partially handicapped by the fact that it additionally has hundreds of leftover unclosed tabs that it has to consider (a problem that Firefox Focus doesn’t have to deal with), but I think the speed that Firefox Focus achieves is less related to that and more so related to its architecture (which likely borrows much from Mozilla’s highly performance-concentrated Servo project); and likely also, to lesser degree, the speed is benefited by Firefox Focus’s focused, minimal feature set (less memory & CPU cache used).

App User
Stunning UI. The only thing that completely ruins this browser is there aren’t any bookmarks. Really?! Come on, needs bookmarks. Better to have the option and not use it than to not have it and need it..

On the whole a great browser. Some comparability issues with PayPal and online shopping but that’s mostly down to default browser settings

Hanif Ali Baloch
I was looking for something like that, and when it came from mozila I couldn’t resist it being the top private browser ever. Indeed I have always been using Firefox as my main browser for years on my desktop as well as my other devices too. And I’ve always suggested my colleagues to use Firefox.

App User
Crashes all the time (or just resets) and of course does NOT resume sessions even though I’ve not pressed the trash/exit button. So tired of Mozilla deciding my browsing session should be over when I’m in the middle of reading something.

Mark Rider
For a browser to NOT have an option for full “desktop” view is ridiculous. My tablet does not need to see the mobile view so many poorly designed sites offer, or force you to use if you are not on a desktop.

Cara Burns
I really like Firefox Focus..however there NEEDS to be an option to open a new tab, as there is in virtually every other browser.

App User
So far so good, Mozilla Foxfire has been reigned in by Google and is no longer secure because Google has become so corrupt that it will not fixed a security issue that they use to collect users data.This security gap is exploited by Hackers and Google’s Clam to be secure are a farce. Resently I have over heard and talked to talk to people whose PayPal, bank accounts and Debit Cards linked to the back accounts are being charge and drained. For over a month my Google accountof mail account was breached and made public, up until the past week or so I was thought to be crazy when warning ever one about Phishing emails, Cell calls and even fraudulent Google Apps that mimic real App to trick cellphone users into giving out information that the real Apps would never ask for. As far as I can tell this App is secure as far as not preventing false search results to scame sites to appear and is keeping The Google Monster at bay.

Yash Shah
This is the best browser I have and I’m still wondering why do they not have this browser for desktop.

Nikolay Sisoev
This is one of a kind beautiful and powerful browser for default use; a browser with ad blocker, one only tab to open the links for my app’s and when I hit the back button it closes and deletes the history. If I need to have more tabs and ad blocker with them, then I can use the regular Firefox. So, those who are not happy with the Focus, don’t really know its purpose and and don’t really need it.

Ed Brown
For all this talk of privacy, I found this app had turned itself on the next day before i used it. I closed and deleted whatever it was doing. Later I open it when “I” wish to surf. I went to two familiar sites and this thing set my firewall off. I’d rather just pay or have an ad. At least ads are honest. I just got the browser. How much “analytics” could you be doing… since I toggled it? There are some things we simply shouldn’t have to research. There are some features that are just a part of modern browsers. …No bookmarks. No tabs. Only option is to put on home screen. Amaze & Via are better. Small footprint and intuitivs

Julio Palacio Coni
So many essential things missing: no bookmarks, no add-ons (do you want us to use this browser without an adblocker, really? ), no possibility to choose between different search providers when searching, no possibility to change text size, not even “find in page” available. Come on, fix it, you surely can make it better.

App User
Great app. So Simple, and that is the way it should stay. For people who complain about the tabs get Firefox FULL, why are you using this app? Its whole intent is not to remember anything. This is the purpose. The more complex the less privacy. So simple. Dont use this app if you require bells and whisles, its NOT is purpose, simple, dah!

App User
This is a beautiful browser that I hope to see Firefox borrow heavily from. As good as Chrome is, the constant suggestions and callbacks to previous searches can get annoying when you’re just trying to quickly read something. And as small of a detail as this is, I really like the “nuke” button right at the bottom of the screen. The iOS version is nearly identical, save for that feature, and would really benefit from that placement.

Zachary Murray
It does what it says it does – useful for staying under the radar. Combine with a VPN for maximum effect. I do however find the floating trash can icon annoying – it is WAY too easy to accidentally press it and destroy my entire session. There should be a way to turn it off and only erase history from the menu, but there isn’t. Can’t give 5 stars until the floating trash can can be disabled.

Robert Atkinson
Love the privacy, ad and tracking blockers, but I’d kill for an option to open new tabs in the background. Its also a weird that the trashcan turns into your tab manager. Sometimes I use this button to erase everything, other times I use it to switch tabs

Soham Maji
It’s almost perfect. ❤ Only Complaint, Please make the tabs stay in memory. Currently it reloads entire pages when switching tabs. 🙂 – Thanks to mozilla for their relentless efforts in keeping the internet safe and open.

Anthony Mafnas
This is the browser we’ve all been waiting for. We have enough apps out there that pimp is out like Facebook and google. I had to ditch chrome on my phone; it continuously pushed news I didn’t care to see with no option to stop it. Firefox Focus is a godsend.

gee gglplay
No accessibility options whatsoever. Can you please add either the option to use system fonts or to adjust the font, as now i cant use the app as i cant see it.

App User
2 issues: 1) when “open in new tab” , should NOT switch to the new tab, should remain in existing tab. 2) when coming back to an existing tab, cursor should remain in the same location of the webpage. That’s all. Otherwise all are super duper great, don’t touch them. 🙂

Budislav Stepanov
This is the fastest web browser for android for sure! Tested! The rendering is so smooth in compare to other browsers.. Dark side is there are no tabs, bookmarks and other essential things, so almost perfect.

Andrew Rightenburg
Great app, incredibly lightweight. I live in China, so I’m constantly looking for new ways to circumvent both the great firewall and their incessant spying on (particularly foreigners’) internet activity. This app is no substitute for a vpn, but it’s a free, lightweight and quite useful tool to add to your disposal.

Sandipan Purkait
Best, fast & tiny size. Great experience with “Firefox Focus” over 1 year. But when using any virtual private network, they show “Focus” leaks WebRTC request, how to prevent that ? Because “about:config” command is not working in Focus.

Seba -Willy Tanner-
I came to use this “privacy oriented” browser looking for the ability to choose which sites may or may not download cookies on my phone, kinda whitelist/blacklist feature, like any other desktop browser. Sadly this feature is not supported and instead it gives you an all-in or all-out option like any other mobile browser. It’s disappointing since this is supposed to be “privacy aware” but you cannot choose who you let in your house and who remains outside.

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