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FindNow is the best location sharing and location finder application. Contact the person you want to follow by their phone number.

FindNow allows you to easily locate friends and family using your phone by searching their phone number. Just install the app and send follow request to your friends by choosing from your contact or entering their phone numbers. When they accept your follow request you can follow their location. Subscription Required.
If at any time you don’t want to be followed, you can block or delete follow request and followers.
Only users who accept the follow request can be followed.





– Follow the real-time location of people in your user list.
– Send a follow request via searching by phone number.
– Location history: Even if the person you are following is not online, learn the latest location of them.
– Keep your safety at the top: You can block your followers at any time.
– Only premium members can create user list and add unlimited friends.

FindNow uses your location by working gps in background which affects your battery life negatively.


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User Reviews :-

shuvam paul
Worst app. I don’t know what developers wanted to do?? Why is this app downloaded for free ? When the 1st thing it ask is for premium membership with 990/month. It should be kept under paid app

Jason Baker
SUCKS… You should be able to at least try it once before being automatically signed up for 15 dollars a month. We all know just how hard it can be to cancel something before we get charged. So I’m not even going to try the “free” 3 day trial period. Maybe if it actually worked I might subscribe but I’m not going to risk 15 dollars on something that might not work.

jasbath lee
It doesn’t know about… I dail my jio number and airtel number but still says Enter valid number… Usless app… Remove from store please it can’t be use…..

Stan Gill
If I could rate this a zero, I would…. I don’t rate products often, which should be WARNING TO ALL…. The first thing that pops up is adds, before I even got started… It is mearly a tool to push adds… Think I’m fooling, read the first 50 or so reviews, and if you don’t notice that almost every single one says the exact same phrase, you are not very useful… Also, check who’s rating it, that also should tell you…

Toni Stuecken
This is a joke app. I emailed them asking how to get rid of my account and the email failed to go through. Now my card is being charged $14.99. They’re going to hear about this for sure. How do I unsubscribe?

Hemant Prakash Sahu
Worst app. It’s only for ads. Play store should ban this kind of apps. They also give this #4 ranking to this app. I can’t believe it

Ashwin Prajapati
It’s worst app don’t anyone download this app. It’s chargeable app than u can use. I in my opinion don’t use this app.

Dennis Praise
This should be kept under a paid app because all functions require you to pay cash so tz just a waste of time data and memory

Shylesh smarty
It asks money for search location. They give only 3 days free trial if you rate this app…so don’t download it….it’s waste of time and also too many ads

Ronny Pichilla
Really bad. You have to be Premiun ( you have to pay $14.99 ) otherwise this app doesent work.

SuperJerry HD
This app is useless and it’s only earning money by giving u ads. It needs a 14.99 dollar subscription to find people and for sure it’s clickbait

Justin Wilson
Horrible after your charged 15 dollars a month there are far too many add also doesn’t track like it advertised

Md. Masudur Rahman
Worst app ever. Need to fine to app developer. Play store should verify this type of app does provide correct information to the end user or not. Losing my temper.

App User
Worst app ever!! What the hell think that devolopers?? Just download the app for free then you can’t even use it for once at least!! 😑😑 😡😡😡

ibrahim al esawy
They tell us this apps are free Then he ask to pay after you install Bad behavior from developers 👐

omkar minde
faltu app tym wasted app after open pay some amt and use this app then show all information proparly in pics befor ppl download this app….😡😡😡😡

Ramon Mata Rangel
To many ads and even charger money to use it. Don’t waist your time to download this app. Worst app to download

App User
Worst app…If you want to waste your time..Please go ahead😂😂😂😂…As I tried my 3-4 numbers all numbers are valid

Icche Ghuri Magazine
the worst app ever. if they want to buy this app after instalation then why its called free???? Don’t install it..

Asad Ali
No trial nothing straight away asking for 1000 bucks..even if it does what it claims that it can, I can’t give away my hard earned money for the unknown…FO..guys

waqar fareed
this app is only for ads n nothing else firstly u have to mention that after purchase premium edition we can follow our contact location

punit tiwari
It’s just a fake app not telling u location even after payment. It just tell u about the state n operator details and these information we can get from anywhere without paying even like from true caller or google

Too many adds and it won’t work or less you pay. It’s a scam!!! Big one you guys have succeeded in wasting my data

App User
Why to make app free when you cannot use it without paying 990 rs per month. Whorst experience. Would not even give 1 star. Zero star

Chu application hai without try ye direct premium membership lene ke liye direct karta hai developer ki buddhi ko shayad jang lag gai hai agar charge hi karna hai thi application free category me dali hi kyu

App User
It sucks ass cheeks never download when u buy it you have to pay 15 dollars it sucks and it a total waste of time and space on your phone i would give this a -111000

siva periyasamy
Mokka app 3days Trial free kodutha apm charge Pana ok app nalla iruku nu customer payment panuva loosu pola edutha udane kaasu kodu na Evan kodupan

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