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Find My Device
by Google LLC

App Category:- Tools

Introducing Find My Device – the new and improved Android Device Manager. Find My Device helps you easily locate a lost Android device, and keeps your information safe and sound while you look.

Locate your phone, tablet or watch. Misplaced your Android Wear device? No problem.

Play a sound. Find My Device helps you track down your device when it’s close by.


Find My Device

Find My Device


Lock, erase or show a message. With Find My Device you can secure your device remotely and help someone get in touch.

Permissions Notice
• Location: Needed to show your device’s current location on the map.
• Contacts: Needed to access the email address associated with your Google account.


Download Find My Device App :-


Download Find My Device App


User Reviews :-

It’s good app shows right location. But not shown when data off or switch of the device, so if improve and show location when dada is off then it will be better.

Terren Opah
I recently had my phone stolen but it was returned. I had went thur this app to set a password to lock my phone so it wouldnt be used. I forgotten my password to and still am locked out my phone. There is no area on the app where I can reset my password so I can fully operate my phone again. Please help

Jackie Z
Really like it but it shows devices I no longer own. can’t remove them. My google account does not show them inorder to remove. It is distracting seeing devices not active and no way to remove.

Ken Moordigian
I walked and watched and checked my bearings… 45 minutes to find my lost phone because in a poor reception area mapping is minimal and there’s no terrain or satellite imaging to help. All I had was a road 1/4 mile east of the phone. But by walking slow and watching carefully I got within 50′ and found my dropped phone. The app works but needs better mapping. It would be great to be able to overlay on Google earth but noooo…. they can’t do that!

This app is very useful, but if I lose my phone and forgett to activate the GPS so my phone can lose. I suggest that if we lose our phone and forget to activate GPS then you need to add a new option to activate GPS from our computer by our command. P.S: Please do not forget to add the ” view satelit”

Steve Keate
Garbage. This program needs to be able to remotely turn on WiFi and data and power and needs to be able to electrocute the person holding the phone to death and then transform the phone into a magical Pegasus that will fly home to my pocket. Why won’t you add these features???? without them this app is worse than useless!!!! Google suxxes.

Pr0 Pp
I tried to find my phone but it did not work it could not connect to my phone please help me whoever took it probably GPS on py phone,or turned it all off. Please reply

Frank Lau
On my asus ZenFone 2 ASUS_Z00TD, I have re-installed numerous times. Still can’t find device. Lollipop 5.0.2. Please advise. Thank you.

App User
I used to love this App! Now this app has not worked properly with owner who has multiple device’s. For the last 6 weeks I had to even number the order in which they should go in according to my private Google Account. They scramble the device’s order every week leaving my device’s mixed up. Not working properly not finding correct location with a secure symbol to each one. Ringing the wrong phone and giving the wrong location. How hard is it to follow the correct numbers in order. I couldn’t make it any easier labeling with the correct order #s and names with phone # so their easily available at all times. My maps does better job locating. I’ve complained dozen times this is my last. Get it right , Or I’m deleting this app for good!

Zac S
What’s the point of this if the only way to secure and put a password on the lock screen is if you don’t have a lock screen password already. If my phone didn’t have a lock screen and someone steals it they can just put their own password on it and lock me out of my own phone or the ability to lock them out.

App User
I lost my last phone(stolen). Tried to do this and the phone was tirned off. The thief was smart. Hope it never happens again. Costly and lost info. Hurts…

App User
The bloody app helps me track and lock other mobiles that I logged in with my Google account but not my own mobile. Checked it at home.

App User
Very satisfied for this app & it’s really accurate! 👍 the only thing I did not try is to put my password just in case my device was locked up. I highly recommend this app good job! 😉

Ian McIntyre
Really great app. Found lost phone in rhe boot of my car. Note your MAC address so you can see your device on your router if you cant hear it ring

Anup Khandelwal
Its a nice aap. But.. if my phone have set swipe as screen lock. It will be unlocked even if i lock it from this app with password. Should improve it to cater to this scenario, so that if phone is not secured with proper password, you should use password set while locking/securing the device using this app. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Abhishek Srivastav
Thanku so much google…. u saved my 15k today.. my sister forgot her phone in a movie theatre…. i used this app to track it and got the phone successfully… thanku so muchhhhhh

Shounak Katyayan
Is there a way to capture a photo of whatever/whoever is in front of the phone? If not, that would be great addition.

Shivnandi Dhawan
Sir, please add another feature of locarion on off. Sometimes location of device is off and is unable to track device. Please add this feature too. Thanking you

Please improve this app in such a way a user can follow the lost device current location even when the device is off but not yet erased. Or adding an additional feature to locate device using IMEI Number if its possible through this application. Thank You Google.

Google thank you so much I’m able to TRACK my device easily it’s a humble request from me to improve the application by giving a option to track the phone using IMEI NUMBER

Juleat Kottoor
Should not display a notification in phone while locating the phone from a remote location. If phone is with somebody who is not willing to return it back can easily switch it off after seeing the notification.

Natasha McLaurin
Helped me track down the people who stole my phone from a Theme Park. I was able to track it an hour and 45 mins from my home to their door step. Was able to get my phone back.😁 Please download this app!!!

Sam Creek
This app is a life saver! It even “calls” the lost device so you can hear where it is. I highly suggest this app.

tech fan
I want to searching my lost phone but app wanted verify code of gmail id but my numbers in lost phone so how I get verifying code so please stop ask verify code

Steve H2488
Some people are stupid. I am trying to find a phone and I have got to verify the accounts. How the f£&@ am I going to do that when I can find the f££@ing phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aru hadyantiko
It’s getting worse with the new update.. When trying to enter password, it start to lagging, and my typing won’t appear

Lizbeth Merino
I was looking for my sisters phone for 1 day and was not able to find it. With this app I was able to find in less that 5 minutes. I recommend getting this app.

Ricky Brown
I was freaking out over losing my phone. Within minutes this app gave me peace of mind and the ability to find my phone. Great app

Seema Sharma
I just lost my brother mobile …but this app made it possible to find the phone . This is a great app . So accurate that the police man was surprised.

Neemful Haoa
the app has very good gps accuracy.but if you guys can another feature it will be great.the feature is”there is must be a option of setup a recovery phone number to the phone,when my phone has been stolen and can’t reach to the phone,then if the thief use a sim card and I will get the number of thief using in my mobile”

Dora Burneisen
I have never rated and reviewed an app before. But it really works my son lost his phone and i found it by tracking it 6 miles up the road! Amazing must have! Love it!

Asen Konchev
This app is not 100% accurately located – i am not in the next to us building. GPS WI FI are in turn on…

Raeleen Keffer-Scharpf
This app is great, I lost my new phone and found it within 7 minutes. I love the function to play a sound even if your ringtone is off because I always have to turn my ringtone off for school. I just wish that you could see what room and floor it was on, but mostly I LOVE IT!!!

Anshu bhardwaj
worst app ever seen…. it shows last seen of the device….though when the device is net connected….and works to slow…..istalling this app and using is just waste of time cuz it works to slow and dosent shows the proper location and last seen…..

Frederick Molden
The ping is inaccurate. I installed it and was at home, at Lora Avenue and it pinged my phone on the next street over. This is critical when looking for my phone, because if it is lost or stolen I could end up confronting the wrong person or sending the police on a wild goose chase. Please fix this. It would be different if I was on that street, but I have been at home with a hip replacement surgery for 4 weeks, and what is worse, heroin addicts live in the house it was pinged at.

Thameem Ashik
Better app. Easy to use but the only problem is Play Sound option is not working on my Note 8. Every time showing ‘Couldn’t play sound’. Solving this issue will make the app best…

App User
Great I’ve used it twice since my puppy likes to steal my things. I used this to find my 2nd phone. Great app. Will probably have to use again…crazy dog

Udaiwanti Bansiwal
Yaaar its awesome because made by google. GOOGLE BIG FAN Its helpful app Not this your all apps are very helpful😃😄😉😊

App User
Maine an ye app download kiya to isne mere phone ko password Dal diya Jo mujhe pata hi nahi mujhe phone unlock karne ke liye wipe data karna pada bad app I hate this

Bukhosie Makawa
This app cannot even locate a devise that has been stolen and even if the device has once logged on to Google account it won’t be able to give you the where abouts of the device, last seen .

Abhi Yadav
This app has bad concern about that there is a very big issue about this app so could u plzzz contact me and I prefer to talk in Hindi very big issue for misuse of this app and it’s gleech in your security it’s a loophole in your app.

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