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File Manager by Xiaomi: release file storage space
by Xiaomi Inc.

Mi File Manager is a free, secure tool that helps you find file faster, manage files easily, and share them offline with others. It supports tons of cool features: quick search, moving, deleting, opening, and sharing files, as well as renaming, unzipping, and copy-paste. Mi File Manager also recognizes multiple file formats, including music, videos, images, documents, APKs, and zip-files. We update our app regularly to bring you the best experience. With Mi File Manager’s crisp and clear UI, file management becomes easier than ever before!

File Manager by Xiaomi release file storage space

File Manager by Xiaomi release file storage space

Key features
Recent: View the files you worked with recently without looking for them.
Categories: Files are organized into categories by their formats. From there, you can access to frequently used apps quickly.
Storage: View your storage stats and manage all folders on your device.
Cleaner: Free up storage space on your device by deleting cache and junk files.
Mi Drop: Share files with friends who are nearby without connecting to the Internet.

Download File Manager by Xiaomi app : 

Download File Manager by Xiaomi App ( 16.4 MB)


User Reviews :

-Simple yet smart. My old review, yes it used to be. For new update? Duh, can’t even move any file from internal storage to SD card. I keep on granting request but it never do something. I never faced this issue before, I don’t know if it’s the app or the system issue (bug). Please be advised and pay attention to it. I will give you back the 5 star rating. 👎👎👎

-REMOVE THE ADS PLEASE. Why put ads to this app? Really weird. Its a native app, why you dont just put ads on all of yours native apps then? Mi browser, calculator, even on the phone itself. Put ads on everything, trying to make more money? Ask your CEO to step down. Problem solved.

-It’s useful for my Xiaomi Mi however it’s because the default file manager is really bad. This works fine for the most part, but loading the app into my recents automatically, without the option to change the settings, is EXTREMELY annoying. Also, the e-mail in the feedback option does not accept new mail outside your saved contacts.

-Its a pretty useful Xiaomi file manager. Only problem, THE ADS!!! And guys, please don’t rate this app 5 stars and then complain about the ads you are not getting the message across. You have nothing to lose but gain if they take notice. 😱😱😱

-Since Mi changed the “Explorer” into “Mi File Manager” I can’t move any file from my device to my SDcard. It keep asking me to give permissions-with all the direction- but still nothing happen. I can’t even delete any file on my SDcard from the apps too! I have to remove it from the device, plug it to card reader and browse it from Computer, hell that’s not what i think of the ‘file manager’ is for!!

-Dear xiaomi.. Its a super wonderful app especially Ftp its amazing now we don’t need to find usb cable ti connect to PC .. its superb….. simply awesome… but pls help in following issue.. If i connect OTG i can’t transfer files from internal storage to otg.. KINDLY HELP

-SUGGESTION: Please provide a black theme with black background and white text for the file manager. BUG: After the OTG update, It still copies incomplete files from file manager to OTG Storage. Like for example: If you copy or cut a video from file manager to USB OTG Storage, the video is copied incompletely, esp the last few minutes.(I tried the same with a Lenovo phone, but it did not face such problem, though it took a lot of time) 2. After the MIUI 9.2 stable update, the Black coloured Themes are not working properly with MI file manager. In 9.1 stable, those Black themes would give a Black coloured

-I am unable to cut/copy/paste/delete anything in my sd card. Earlier everything was fine but now it just shows to give permissions and doesn’t work even after I did all the steps it shows. Please fix it or tell me where can i find some solution

-Good file manager, liked features, only thing I didn’t like, that you needed to have extra router for sharing files via FTP, but we can do it by sharing internet via hotspot. Starting FTP didn’t enabled on active hotspot. Rest is satisfactory.

-Please remove the ads from this app. Atleast for Mi users. This is a genuine need we are paying for the phone and then why are you showing ads on our phones. That too on the file manager. Hahhhh its really bad i may quit xiaomi for this reason. I really likes the mi phones as they are best for the money. But now you developer are making us quit xiaomi. Remove the Ads…. Guys like this review and let the developers know our needs. Let them read this.

-Ads ads ads, and they drain the battery. Xiaomi made a big mistake. Edit: I didn’t know I could do it. Back to 5 stars!

-I was a happy miui user untill the last miui 9 update. Now there’s ads everywhere. Ads on the applock screen where I input the pattern. Every 6 hours there’s notification ad from a system app which I cannot disable/hide notification. Miui is the worst os I have ever used.

-Please add Recycle Bin or Trash to restore the items deleted by mistake. Make the hide option more simple. When the file to be hidden is long pressed it should show hide option. A separate Tab with password to see hidden files will be great.

-A lot of improvements are needed. Creating new file isn’t allowed. Archive handling is limited. Floating butting should have multiple useful options, not the cleaner button only. Recent file excluding folders needed. A lot more things are missing.

-Since the Explorer changed to File manager, i am unable to move file or delete from sd card through otg it keep asking for permissions, ihave done all the efforts but nothing happened, i have write on mi feedback page also, plz fix this issue first and then ask for feedback

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