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by Ryckmorth

Really fast and Good for usage!


Fazon+ android app

Fazon+ android app



Download Fazon+ App :- 

Download Fazon+ App ( 9.2 MB)


User Reviews :-


Its an amzing new app i myself use neutrino+ but its far long better than tat to gain followers Its an amazing app thanks  to all the team members for devoloping such a true app nothing fake unlimited followers No need to wait Very easy to use and simple Guys lookin for more followers have clicked on the right place Im normal person From india Im not encouraging any app for promotion its my own experiance towards this app Loved it and ready to give more 20 stars


-I’m sorry to say this but Neutrino+ was much better than this … You can’t even subscribe to people in this app and earn diomonds and it’s seriously very very complicated to understand … I’m sorry I have to rate this as 3 stars but you guys did a really good job in neutrino+ which I will keep using …


-Fr57713 is my referral id use it you will get 250 crestals. Plzz use it you will get advantage. It can be a lucky id for  you.☺☺


-Its ok but you cant gain crystal by subscribing …i still think nuetrino is waaaayyy better than this since u can gain by subscribing on neutrino It only offers the other slower way of gaining


-This application is one of a Kind. I’m a regular user of Neutrino+ and after this upgrade it’s sure many new features are going to be upcoming soon. I personally advice all users to use this application and make it a grand success. Share it
and promote it.


-This is a worthwhile improvement over the previous app. Very well organized. Would love to use to more to support the developer.


-Can you please add a piece where we can get more views it gets you the followers and likes but the views stay low


-This is the app we all are waiting for, It has additional benefits, really liked this app! You can gain Likes & Followers! Even support other people by sending them followers & likes..😍😍


-It’s really slow in gaining crystals. Plus transfers says user not found!! Uninstalling


-Hello if we buy slots, for example 5 slots for 5 accounts, does it mean they are also gaining crystal or just one?


Thank you


-What??? Where is my old crystal in neutrino+ ??? It is blow out all of them, it’s about 10000 crytals there. You guy should explain this for me as soon as possible. Then I’ll rate again if you guy have a good reasons for this.Thanks !


-The app is good. But it really makes me annoying about the Karma system. I have no Idea what is all about. It keeps showing my Karma going minus many times and I have to pay to restore. I paid over 2000+ diamonds and now it shows my karma goes down again. I have less chance to use my diamonds for adding likes on my pics because of karma, not worth it.


-This app is good, but I can’t even earn crystals . When I was on Neutrino, I was able to subscribe and get 10 crystals…. This app kinda downgraded instead of upgrading


-Not gaining much FOLLOWERS like previous app. That app provides many Followers like 100+ just by 359 diamond but this only 35


-Not as good as Neutrino. The automatic gems thing crashes after some time, and there is no manual way to subscribe and get gems, and the automatic way is slowRyckmorth


-I think it’s awesome. Use my referal FR57481 Get 500 karma and 250 crystals




-I think it’s awesome. Use my referal FR51514 Get 500 karma and 250 crystals


-Can you please add views button… I can increase likes and followers from nuetrino too… I want to increase views


-Plz use my code — FR33141 and u win 1000 crystal.


-Whats the difference between Neutrino+ and this app???


-I can’t add background mining for gem and karma anymore..

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