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Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan

By Cool Mobile Solution

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Fast Scanner - Free PDF Scan

Fast Scanner – Free PDF Scan

Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan


Fast Scanner turns your Android devices into a multiple pages scanner for documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, whiteboards and other paper text. With Fast Scanner, you can quickly scan your document, then print or email them as multiple pages PDF or JPEG files. Moreover you can save the PDF files in your device or open them in other apps.


+ Scan documents
Fast Scanner scans any type of documents, ranging from a receipt to multiple pages book.

+ Export to PDF file
All scanned documents are exported as industry-standard PDF file. You can add new pages or delete existed pages within the PDF file.

+ Email scanned documents
Just scan any documents and tap “Send” button.

+ Extremely Fast
Fast Scanner is optimized to run very fast.

+ Multiple editing support scanned document
Fast Scanner support a lot of image editing options so you can make the scanned images as easy to read as possible.

+ Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs.

+ Open PDFs or JPEGs in other apps like the free Dropbox app (or Evernote, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive app, etc) to send to clouds or fax apps.

+ Printing via Cloud Print or other print apps.

+ Universal – a single app that works on phone and tablet too.

This is Fast Scanner Free app but you have:

Download Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan App:-

Download Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan App ( 14 MB )

User Reviews:-

wael saleh

Number One The pest application I had ever seen. Very useful and practical application..than you very much for this amazing application

uche ubakanma

Discard the big office scanner and use this.

Kimsrieng Seng

Good app Great app and every useful, i like it too.

Chee Peng Lim

Quick and easy.

Hope Pope

Very helpful Needed to scan some important documents for school. No need to run to fed ex for a scan when you have this handy app. Time saver! Best of all a money saver!

Pyarilal CV

Mr.Pyarilal Fine useful app, Precise and clear Scanning,after capturing allows to email and share with other apps, reduces considerable Time . Hats’ Off.

Emma Danks-Lambert

Very easy Great app to have

Urchitect Workshop

This app is great

viridiana camacho

Amazing app, very helpful!

Tenika Perryman

Great app Great app simple to use gets the job done quick and easy so far I haven’t experienced any problems I am very pleased

Eli Weiner

Cannot fault Does the job well

Shehab Sannan

Perfect app No to Scaner after that

Shi Roochita

Great Scanning on the way, very efficient. Very much like it.

Riyadh Teuku

Cool appl Best and cool, working good on my android

funny vines

Owesome app….. Supper, Fantastic, Fabulas, Amazing, Great app. Appreciated 😊😊😊 Every one must try this app… Too Good

Tshepiso Mathaba-Duru

It’s so Convenient to scan any article/articles then connect directly to printer, Awesome

lord arthur Dondoy

Fast scanner Very useful

Lim Tang Peik

Scanned copy very clear.Good apps

Venu D


Farooq Ahamad Mir

Fast scaner Best application for scanner

Sudip Basu

Superb. Please add green colour option in signature panel

jasmine causey

Amazing Easy to use and easy to share documents.

Shreyas Dhore

Excellent scanner

Beryl Winston

Very useful Awesome app…just right for the work I do.

Renee Branch

AWESOME! Scanner at home broke! My hubby put this app on my phone and it’s so easy. Saved my butt!!

David Dubb

Great app. Saves time and headaches.

tiffany villegas

Quick and easy! Was able to take pictures of multiple pages and email them faster than I would if I had to deal with my scanner. Life saver!

App User

A wonderful app. Download it pls

Timothy Kirwan

Best app on the run

Mohamed Amber

Excellent app Very usefull

Inland Empire X Foundation BJ Gunner

Great Great and I use it a lot!!!


I able to take noise less and clear document 📄 images very useful to me I recommend to all.


I able to take noise less and clear document 📄 images very useful to me I recommend to all.

Darren Potter

Great app works well and saves me time

Kayode Afeez Tunde

It’s an amazing app for scanning any kind of documents

Judie Jenkins

Trucker Judie & Lawrence Jenkins. Very useful

Brianna McCants

Great for work documents! I use this for documents that I use for work .Great quality & saves me time just take a Picture & send, looks like you faxed it

Jesus Vasquez

Excellent app The Best for cresting fast pdf documents..

Azam Jahmal

Excellent Superb

Denise Randolph

Love it Awesome app!! Excellent quality, I scanned documents and you can even see the smallest detail

Jim O’Conner

This is a wonderfully functional app. I use it daily for saving essentially ever important receipt & document. I happily paid for the ad-free version :-}

Mohamed Sharkawy

Wonderful It is amazing

Michael Curcio

Great job works great It’s works when you need to scan and send rightaway.

Menno Hershberger

Very handy App!! Great way to keep a record of anything important. Can organize into different folders, and can send to others wirth ease. .

Touraj Hamzehpour

Great, user friendly app for your document work.

Allen I’Anson

Does exactly what I want Brilliant

Shubham pinku chaubey

Shubham I think this is a very high standard of accommodation in the Sunday

Myrna Casado

Best scanner I’ve been using this scanner for a long time with great results. Very happy.

Tarun Sharma

Tarun Sharma Now super scanner is in ur hands…… Simply Awesome ……keep it up guys ….who made it.

Brian Stisser

Good interface and quality scans I love this app. The interface is straight forward, the edge detection is good, there is an option to manually adjust the edges for the cases when it misses, you can export files as JPEG or PDF, and you can choose color or black and white for clarity after you scan. I regularly use this to scan multiple page documents with small font, and they come out as clear as if I were using a desktop scanner.

Eric Castillo

Great App Use it all the time for work and everything else. It would be great if you could send faxes as well. Thumbs up!

App User

this app is awesome and really useful thank you!

Humberto Montoya

Very easy to Use. I love it. You can send any papers to anyone when you need it.

Barclay Roenne

Couldn’t survive without it I use several times a day to take care of paperwork on the road for my Trucking company it is by far the easiest and well made that I’ve ever used

Matthew Muwanguzi

Loved it It’s easy to use, Crystal clear Images & Documents. Thank you so much !

Harmanjit Singh

Superb quality I use this app first gives superb quality of scanning image. I recommend this app. Must use

Harmanjit Singh

Superb quality I use this app first gives superb quality of scanning image. I recommend this app. Must use

James Nyolobi

It is a very good and effective app of my wish Absolutely Appreciated

Vna Angie Jauwhari

Simple use It makes my life easier to scan documents without a scanner. Sending with pdf or jpg format

Pravin Sharma

Fast Scanner Very effective & flexible app.

ak k 21

A must have app! पूरा स्कैनर का काम करता है, पीडीएफ भी बनाता है।

Tuniki Balaraju

Nice catching docs , I impressed thanks to fast scanner

Chicora Chandler

So easy to use and very very helpful. Produces PDFs just like a actual printer scanner!

anoni google

Perfeito! Pra quem busca organização ele é o melhor. Além de escanear, pode-se criar pastas, nomear, organizar por data… Muito bom pra um free APP.

khader abdul

This is one of the best mobile scanning app on play store and very easy to use. Also has so many hidden features which i just love so much…

Lalit Nemade

It’s excellent save time & money of scanning

Fuseini alhassan mbangzaa

I love this app. It’s simple to use

App User

Excellent application…. solved all my problems

rinshu soni

Osm Its easy to use and important for professionals

Abigail C.

Best app ever!! It’s very useful and easy to use! I must say this is the beat app i ever have. Love it!

Michael Vincitorio

Works Exactly as Expected Nothing fancy here, just a solid app that does what I need. Photograph my documents, create a pdf, and email directly from the app. It does it quickly and easily

Kathy Harris

Great, useful App I never have any trouble with this App. It’s been very useful and means I don’t need to use the scanner on my printer anymore. I can just scan on the go.

Mike Olson

Great app! This is a fantastic tool, makes a clear and legible document. Very impressed and have already passed app to many people. Zap the text and send a clean cropped document every time. Thanks (Update) still love it, just wanted to point out a price issue. It says the cost is $.99 on the play store and $2.99 from the app itself, I know which I’d pick but that’s

Feng He

Better than other apps Better than PDF Document Scanner, My Scans

Ian mac raild
Brilliant app. Does exactly what you would want from a scanner

Howard Nierman

It really works Installed used it right away for basic copies. Love it so far.

Nidhi Kamdar

It’s really fast and free. Some apps are charging after 5 or 6 trials. This an awesome app

Mandolin Sashaank

Perfect app! Simply loved it! Works like a real scanner. Just worried abt in app purchases

Mussie Petros

Very useful This has helped me a lot with school assigned. Uploading docs has needed been easier.


I find it convenient to scan some imp docs and store it on my phone or email it instantly.

Chris Bulmer

Top app !! Wasn’t expecting it to be this good. Very easy to use. Turn doc’s, photo’s etc to pdf quickly and easily. Definitely recommend it. *****.

Bonga Mtongana

Excellent App This is a very good app. I love it to bits

Liely Ariff

Great app Love it. Truly proving that we can do almost anything by smartphone nowadays.

Smruti Ranjan Das

Jimmy Great aap. I have saved INR 7000… Thanks

App User

Very handy in capturing and transfer important documents to relevant recipient for decision making.

rayan tahir

Better than camscanner Have maximum options and takes very less storage space….excellent

Pauline Stubbs

Scans great Easy to use, I am new to apps and had no problems using it straight away. Fab app….

Blu Gonzalez

Great app!! I have been able to send documents needed very easily with this app. Plus, I don’t have to look for a fax machine or plug up my scanner to send or scan documents.

Etim Akpan

This one of the best I love it. Didn’t said I told you give a try by yourself.

Abhishek Anand

A very useful app, specially loved it’s sharing and password protection can straighten image after can scan many pages in single doc. truly luv it.

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