New Android App ”Fake Call – Fake Caller ID” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version Varies with device, App by Alpha App Team

Fake Call – Fake Caller ID
by Alpha App Team

Fake Caller ID Free in Android Market!

The most professional and beautiful fake caller id application in Android Market! Get out the trouble, give yourself a fake-call id!Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview…The fake-call id won’t charge you any fee, it is totally FREE.


Fake Call - Fake Caller ID android app

Fake Call – Fake Caller ID android app




– The name changed to “Call Assistant” when you installed fake call in you phone;
– Simulate Fake calling screen as real as your different phone: Samsung UI, Sony Erisson, HTC Sense,ICS, etc
– Customize fake caller id, picture, number, in-call voice and ringtone for a new fake call ;
– Schedule multi fake calls ;
– Customize and manage the different in-call voice and ringtones for each fake call ;
– Fake call quick set ;
– Schedule a new fake call at a specific time;
– Fake call logs
– Fake now, past, even in the future;
– Select fake caller id from your contacts;
– Also showed in your fake call history;
– Fake call ringtone ,vibration and fake call voice can be customized ;
– Play Fake voice after fake call answered;
– Share Fake caller id with your friends from Gmail, Messaging and Twitter;
– 6 different Android system fake calling page to choose for your quick fake call;


Description of permissions for Fake Call:

1. Your personal information
This permission can make a fake call from your contacts, and also insert to real call log;
2. Network communication
This permission is for bluetooth earphone and networks;
3. Storage
This permission can record and edit fake calling voices, which are stored in the SD card;
4. Hardware controls
This permission is to set a fake call vibration;
5. Phone calls
This permission is for you can receive the real call during the fake calling;
6. System tools
This permission is to fulfill the fake call even after reboot the phone;

Please be noted: All permissions are ONLY for better service, we never collect user information.


Download Fake Call – Fake Caller ID App:- 

Download Fake Call – Fake Caller ID App ( 10.4 MB)


User Reviews :-


Fantastic! Wow! Super easy to set up, and it just works like your real phone app! No need the fiddle with permissions of sort, setting up lock screen to allow to display or w/e, and when you get the call that you set up – lol, you can really get creative with it like create a dialogue by recording the fake caller with your voice (hope in near future a real-time voice changer will arrive!) and memorizing your responses somewhat so you don’t screw up lol – and it rings, it’s your normal ringtone too! And you answer like any normal call, then you see the fake phone app that WORKS LIKE A REAL App and you can even put it on


-Although the adds were a bit too much this app helped me escape so many awkward conversations


-Good app but when i faked it the number ACTUALLY called me!! Ps im not bonkers,this is true


-Continues to ring after answering call on my Pixel 2 XL. Have to hang up the call to stop the ringing.


-This app is very user friendly as well as It is very useful app to escape from time wasting places


-Its a very good app.Its not even a wastage of mbs.


-Looking for something legit to get out of bad meetings at work. This is the solution. Thanks

-Perfect for family.. When wife starts arguing.. Perfect way to escape


-Thanks for this application. ..I like it


-Great for awkward moment


-Useful app when in emergency situations


-Very Useful and a great app work very easily thanks


-Loved this app but some changes to be made on display


-Perfect for what I need sending mig to it’s great super

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