New Android App ”Fake Call” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.2.6, App by Keladan

Fake Call App
by Keladan

Best tools to play practical jokes on your friends.Want to play jokes on your friends by a call or message from celebrities, such as president, super stars, or someone important?Want an incoming call to save you out of embarrassment or uncomfortable situations, such as a boring conversations or parties?


Fake Call android app

Fake Call android app


Just download Fake Call and Message, you can edit fake call or message with whatever numbers and contacts as you wish. The fake call and fake message looks like real ones and it’s hard for others to discern.


Fake call & Fake SMS is completely free.


* Select fake call screen
* Select fake call avatars from gallery
* Customize caller name, caller number and ringtone
* Set the type of fake message, such as inbox or outbox
* Schedule fake call and fake message at any time
* Schedule multiple fake call


Download Fake Call App :-

Download Fake Call App ( 12.7 MB)



User Reviews :-

it’s like a real phone call and the calling backround is the history of Samsung and hey it would be better if you guys would make the iPhone fake call the same thing as this one but in iPhone version

-Omg I put in unwithered I pranked my grandma she thought it was real hahahaha lol 😂🤣 do not tell

-Text doesn’t work, it texts instantly instead of the custom time I’ve selected, I’ll rate higher if fixed, I’m on android 7.0 moto g5, and all permissions are accepted.


-It was amazing,I even pranked my mom saying fox 5 called me


-Great app.. What a nice way to escape boring conversations


-Its very nice app for for making freinds fool😀😀


-Its super super super super duper hit block buster sensational hit


-I love it I prank my mom I had a boyfriend or do I


-The best prank app. Works Everytime


-Best app of fake call


-This app is very good

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