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Facebook Pages Manager
by Facebook

Manage your Facebook Page, right from your phone. With the Pages Manager app you can stay informed and respond  to customers immediately.Mobile posting: post updates and manage your Page without using a computer. Messages: read and reply to messages that your customers send to your Page. Facebook and Instagram: link your accounts to manage Facebook messages, comments on your posts and Instagram
comments in one inbox.


Facebook Pages Manager android app

Facebook Pages Manager android app



Push notifications: get alerts about important activity, and see all of your Page notifications in one place.

Insights: track promotions, stats and activity on your Page so you can build your business.

Anyone who manages a Facebook Page can download and use this app for free.


Download Facebook Pages Manager App:- 

Download Facebook Pages Manager App ( 60 MB )


User Reviews :-


-This is happeniing again…. please rectify as i am losing business. The last glitch was fixed… I am NOT recieving messages from clients as soon as they send them through, it is taking hours for them to come through….it used to notify me immediately and i could view them but now it doesn’t notify me at all unless I log into my laptop….. Not happy…

-This app serves a purpose otherwise I would give up. There a notifications that will not clear on more than one Page I manage no matter what I try and it is hard to navigate to specific comments. I don’t want my comments filtered. I want to see and respond to all comments made.

-Why so many updates. Getting frustrating now. And inbox messages dosent work load half of the time.

-Very cumbersome. Linking content from your personal page is ambiguous at best. The platform is not laid out well and some settings are embedded and difficult to find.

-I find the app slow when messages are coming in, I woukd get a message an hour after the person has sent it and then I wouldn’t be able to click into it.

-It doesn’t give notification any more. Cannot play voice message ( error playing audio)

-So often this app has a notification that has already beed viewed. The Facebook app is better. Pages Manager constantly tries to get me to boost posts.

-Knowing this app is developed by Facebook itself, I have to say it needs several updates and cabt rate it more than 3 stars…Being the admin of a page, I should be able to see who of my other admins shared what post.One of the other many things that needs adjustment, is being able to like a post of my page as a user from my facebook app and not as the page, as it is now

-1. Number one issue fix needs to be the ability for a business owner to approve or remove anyone claiming to work for the business (which links in their bio), and the ability to remove any admins that later block the business owner. Inability to do this leaves a business hostage to any unfortunate unethical employees, yet businesses need the ability to have multiple admins. Fix these business related issues & the app is a solid 3.5. 2. I’m the creator of our business page, yet for for the past 4 years I’m regularly redirected when trying to operate the page to a web link stating “you do not have permission” to access these

-On galaxy s8. No slideshow option for posting pictures. Which is a major 👎cant pin a post, pined post via web shows post not at top on app ! iphone can pin/unpin post, gotta add that asap. Almost there team

-I cannot pm a customer who enquires on my photos and product. All i can do is reply, which i do not want. I want to able to pm without going to his/her profile. When done so. I will be pm him as my personal fb profile. Not my page profile. Pls do something about this..

-I use wifi and mobile data. 1st time aps open but 2nd time show this msg something went worng internet connection

-Really poor messaging service where it randomly decides to notify about new (or old!) messages but then doesn’t
load the message in inbox.

-Almost impossible to comment as page on mentions.

-Good app but there should be direct Whatsapp button on posts for consumers/clients.

-Nice application help me a lot i can manage my page easily and quickly.

-why i can’t voice to my friends or my customer

-I don’t know if it’s just me and my phone, but it is difficult to like something as a page, or to comment under something as a page. It kept happening as my regular profile, and only sometimes could I see I was commenting from my page. Another thing I found could be better was post scheduling. I reshare a lot and couldn’t schedule reshares so they don’t happen too late at night. I figured between original content and reshares I can fill in a 8 am to 8 pm day better and leave comments and likes for night hours.

-Notifications and messages do not appear in real time. Most of the time I get a message (Facebook notifies me, not the app) and then it’s unavailable for me to read, sometimes for days at a time, or at all! I miss out on so much business because of this problem.

-Having real problems getting my messages. It says I have a message but I can’t actually see it and it doesn’t notify me that I have a message. Considering deleting to be honest. Update!!!!!! Still struggling to get my messages. It days they are there but I can’t see them. I am loosing business through this problem.

-Why can’t I access my notifications apparently I have 20 but I can’t see them through this app. And I can’t contact anyone through normal Facebook on my phone without this. I literally just got an update which has done nothing

-Update: my app reminder now works but my messages wont show up anymore?? The past 3 weeks i have been unable to send my clients appointment reminders which i urgently need! I have reported this issue every week and no one had replied. Why is it telling me “something went wrong” when i try to send one?

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