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Facebook Ads Manager

By Facebook


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Facebook Ads Manager


The Facebook Ads Manager app allows businesses to stay connected with their ad performance no matter where they are. Easily create and track Facebook ads from your mobile device with powerful and efficient mobile tools.

Create ads: Use photos and videos from your device’s library to reach people with ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, or reuse existing ads with a convenient ad duplication feature.

Edit campaigns: Edit your creative, text, targeting, schedules and budgets, or schedule and preview your draft campaigns on mobile.

View your performance: See how your ads are performing and compare up to 5 ads with a side-by-side view

Stay in control: Manage account settings and track spending directly from your mobile device.

Simple navigation: Easily switch between your Pages or ad accounts.

Tips & recommendations: Get timely notifications about ad performance, weekly summaries, and recommended actions for improving your performance.

Download Facebook Ads Manager App:-

Download Facebook Ads Manager App ( 14 MB )


User Reviews

Irfan Khan
Nice Wow it’s really working fast and easy I like it

Sanjay Langyan
Google This app is great so easy work

Trevor Brown
Scary stuff Avoid these apps at all cost, they are currently recording all information from your pictures to your phone calls, messages and even your personal conversations you have with others in your daily life, by using and having unadulterated access to the microphone record path they are recording all conversations and selling keyword conversations to the highest bidders. They are sending all that information to a database which is being stored and used to build a federal threat profile for each user.

Md Raju Shaikh
good job good advertising maker apk for facebook

Jose Joao
Angola Juntos por uma Angola melhor

Bilal Sheikh
Excellent App ! Finally found some useful app for fb ads

samir sahmoud
One of the best app from facebook VERY GOOD FACEBOOK

Carlos Alvarez
Leta is the right one for you and I don’t think it was the first time in my cheke is not a problem for you and I don’t think so but it is Also important for the right one of my life and I hope this Will help

Ahmed Nour
Good app but how can I manage my business account

Menjelaskan Emailnursalim
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Vikash Pathak
Overall very good experience. Awaiting for more features like manage system users, connected pages. Mostly awaited for search functionality inside adsets + ads.

Jackie Hardison
Manage I do like managing my page

All-In-One Preservations LLC.
Great app for business on the go

Bolly Tidiane
Very nice adds manager I used it fort corporate ANDAL TECH, LTD

Amjad Dader
Loved it Alomst done .. with this grat app a very few times crashed easy to track insight

Burak Çalık
Wow React Native looks and feels really great on Android. Can’t be better. Finally <3

justin barclay
Love this app really helps out my online business big time!

Vero Gracia
Face book has really grouped the togetherness With updates and forums to progressive the experience…

Willy Augustin
Super nice that is the best thing we have on life time Facebook

Mohamad Nimer
Best app ever I dont need to use the desktop to manage my page anymore

Hengki Dwiyan Hermawan
Useful Please add ATM transfer (Indonesia) and Ads Policies. So, it is easy for people to keep their ads following your policies. 🙂

Sherry Lee Boggs
Easy Ad Management Can not get a better compilation of one’s business ads on Facebook – can easily setup, edit, and manage and more right here.

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James Masenda
Payment How can i pay if i want to transfer cash inside the bank not using card

Muni Girishc
Great app It’s very useful for Facebook advertisers.

Rk Rocky
its Awesome. Its Help us For Post Boost At correct time..

Jorge Wiegand
It’s great to see Facebook making easier the way we manage Ads. Good work! 😀

minde k
I love it. Better then use Desktop because what on PC some options even didnt sow up. Here everytjing 100%

Shah Ashburne
Love the app. A quick and efficient way to boost posts and offers. However, I would really love to have an app version for iPad pro.

Prof Dr Vuppalapati Sudhakara Rao
May 30, 2016
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August 19, 2016
Very useful for professional I used Facebook ads for promoting my fan page .. And main part is payment with paytm method that is great for indian. Ha ha.

Kamogelo Bennedictsehlomola
I love it This app is good for exhibiting good publicity for your business

Richard Sullivan
It’s of help with managing ads. Business pages could be a bit easier to navigate

I don’t Always Have time ToAnswer All Messages on my Group Page . This Is Ad Manager Is Very Helpful,I Answers For me.Untill I C Get Back To MY Page . I Recommend It Great App Does The Job

GO Reem
Disabled account 2 days ago my visa account Disabled.what happen? can you check please

Patrick Jonas
This is the ad’s you what to get invale with to help grow your business to the next level great app to work with.

Matthew Denny
READ ME Signing into this app with your advert account can cause your account to be disabled. Because you’re signing in from a different device it detects it as suspicious activity therefore locking your account until Facebook support unlocks it again, which can take a while. This may or may not happen to some people but it did to me. Just a heads up!

Christian Garcia
Great app that lets you handle all your marketing on the fly.

App user
Latest upgrade app for Android devices are the best #LIKE the best way

Muhammad Satar
Finally! Seems to have most of the important features

Md Asif Iqbal
After a long time Facebook doing a good job

Lorenzo Ang
After the update the app keep hanging but it’s a good app after all.

Abhishek Kamal
Previous version is good because right now I am not able to see leads. Please work on it

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