New Android App “Escaping the Prison” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by PuffballsUnited

Escaping the Prison
by PuffballsUnited

Henry’s latest bank heist ended badly and now he’s in prison! Fortunately he’s received some reinforcements in the form of a cake-package. Help him make the right choices and escape from the prison, or choose the wrong options and laugh at the results.


Escaping the Prison game

Escaping the Prison game




-Find all 18 unique fails!

-With three endings you can escape quietly, or blast your way out!

-Made the wrong choice? You can easily retry any choice and attempt to succeed!

-Nine achievements will have you hunting for that sweet satisfaction of finding the secrets!

**Requires Adobe Air**

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User Reviews:-

This Game was fun I liked it because in controls it is very straight forward all you do is tap on your choice. Then, for the graphics it is easy all it is is the modern time colors that we have, like prisons I think grey and it’s just stickmen. In gameplay, you control your character with the choic…

-Epic! I love this game! It’s funny and well made. Also, THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO BEAT THE GAME. DON’T SAY THERE ISN’T, I’VE ALREADY DONE TWO OF THEM. <3

-I’m just writing this to say that someone else has taken your stealing the diamon game and published it as an app. Just thought you should know

-This is legendary! Holy crap this game rocks I’m always going on road trips so this is what I do all the time. Plus,there’s 3 ways to do it omfg if you say there isn’t you rape your moms hairy dick

-Well made game! Ok, first of all, this game is good looking. It’s really cool and the graphics are fantastic. I wish there were 100 stars! I can’t stop playing this game. The whole series is great!

-Awesome A message to the people who think it is too short: There is more than one ending. There is more than that terrible ending where you call a lawyer. That is the first ending I found because it was OBVIOUS. Try finding the more difficult, more awesome endings.

-This is a really fun game, it has multiple endings which adds a good replay-ability, and funny scenes which may lead to a Fail or Not. It is a good time eater, especially during times where you may have no internet.

-I loved this game its unique & fun it teaches y6ou about prison & jail. it teaches you about your right’s & wrongs The point is I liked it I give it a thumbs up👍😁

-This Game is a Thousand Million Miles Away From Being a Challenge to Play. LMAO But I Don’t Really Care, Because I Found it to Be Both a Charming and an Amusing… Albeit Short Distraction From the Real World.

-FUNNY AS FUDGE XD My fav is when henry and the sherif have a show down i almost died to laughter. And why do i see “good idea” on every comment?

-I love it I realy love it 😄😄😆 and guys dont hate it is so hard to make a game not his problem i made a game on roblox it was so hard i even hardly got 2 likes on it

-It the best thing This game very nice when your bored ,when want to escape something this game just cheer me up thank for making this game it was really what I needed thank you

-BEST GAME EVER So good.You get to choose what you do and a YouTube guy called popularmmos plays this and he thinks it’s great to.By the way I’m his fan and I’d recommend him to anyone reading this.

-Why do people hate this It’s a great game I have a lot of fun playing this

-A great game Short but fun with twists in the story ,the game can improve but definitely has potential. Gameplay could be longer though

– I love this game this game is the best he ran on a wall and he done back flip the police shooting his gun fast and he pick up it and throw ed it so hard the gun went to bits.

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