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DSLR Camera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo
by Solution Cat Ltd

DSLR Camera Blur Backround Photo editor app is your ultimate Blur effect app. Now, you don’t need a DSLR camera or you don’t need be a professional photographer to make a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your Photo. DSLR Camera Blur Background app has lots of photo blurring,bokeh tools. Using them you can easily make your own DSLR Bokeh Effect. It has manual and shape blur features. Use your finger and touch on unwanted part of your photo that you want to blur and keep your special part focused on.


DSLR Camera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo android app

DSLR Camera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo android app


This Blur pic editor has auto blur image background and manual point blur filter effects options. Choose picture from gallery or take picture from camera. To get auto blur background image go to shape blur section. Adjust blur level with the blurriness seekbar. You can also adjust brush size. Get cool bokeh effects photo and share social network.


Download DSLR Camera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo App:- 

Download DSLR Camera Blur Background , Bokeh Effects Photo App ( 8.3 MB)


User Reviews :-


Really easy to use and adjust how much blurriness and what is blurry. Downside is all the pop-up ads. So worth it for an app this easy and effective, though I’m not sure why different ad options aren’t being used instead.


-Good app. Can easily edit photos yo get pictures like bokeh effect from iPhone. A little annoying because of too many apps.But gets the job done incredibly wrell


-It’s really bestest app for photos blurriness. I had used it to edit my favorite PHOTOGRAPHS. Thanks to the inventer of app and I want to say them to make a camera for focus effect.thank you again.have a nice day


-Its a good app. It has nice effects to add to a picture to make it look attractive. Probably, i wanted it to be a camera not to be a photo editor but still its not that bad…… Can use it


-I like this app because it does the job done but I wished there was an option for the sizes to be saved. It only saves the photo in HD. Wish there were options to sa in Full HD or even lower resolutions. Other than that, great app!


-Dude i cant find my edited pics wat to do. Where shud i find it.plz any one.other than this it gud blur bt plz anyone help me out


-No need higher end camera or duel camera. We can make any photos blurr effects. Easy to use. Advertising problem only


-It’s not terrible, but honestly it’s nothing like a real bokeh effect. I could just as easily put my photos in any image manipulation app and blur the background.


-This app is badd I cant edit my own photos and every time it has ads♡ Please fix this app


-It is really very quick making blurry with my old photos…I m impressed…Thank you so much..Bring more ideas …I will look forward for more information from you…


-Very bad app agar hum photo ko blur karna chata hai toh pura photao blur ho jata hai


-Needs improvement. It has limited options and blurring doesn’t give natural effect….


-It is an awesome app…. I really loved it…. You must download this app…. But a weak point I noticed is that there are many inappropriate ads


-Too many ads, each after few seconds-only negative point


-Could have less ads, but I guess ppl won’t pay for it.. It’s a great app though


-Way too much ads.. Apart from the ads the app id good.. The ads are pissing off


-App does the job intended but way too many ads interrupting. Doesn’t understand is the app works between the ads or vice versa. Can not suggest this app due to it’s ads overload.


-Great…. To many adds though… I might buy it if there was an add free option


-Way too many ads. You can not exit the app without them wanting you to rate it! Well! I already rated it but if this doesn’t quit I will lower my rating to a big fat ZERO! You can take pictures BUT by the time you get the camera open & ready to take the picture it has passed!


-The best app use for photos blur I think useful app. Good effect working.


-Too many advertisements sometimes leads to irritation while editing the pics.


-App does what’s intended, but has too many obtrusive ads some with sound that cannot be turned off.


-It is manual blur, why don’t you mention upfront. And too many full screen ads makes it worse to use


-This is good app for all….. I like it very much !!!!!The focus one is my first app is this…. All of u download it and enjoy……. Etc…….


-It solved my long time problem… Very good and easy to use app


-Super app but still just remove the ads pa 🙄… when I edit something & ads are interrupting I get irritated 😞😑


-Everytime you edit a photo in this app, the photo becomes too pixelated even though the original photo quality is quite good. And yeah, all I did was to blur the background of the picture.


-photo ko edit karne K bad v qulity acha aata hai..i like these app

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