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Dr.Safety – Top Security, Free Antivirus, Booster
by Trend Micro

Trend Micro Dr.Safety is a FREE and TOP antivirus app that provides full protection for your Android device with virus cleaner, safe web browsing, performance booster (battery saver and CPU cooler), spam call blocker, and privacy risk scanner, etc. It harnesses the power of our advanced machine learning AI to safeguard against ransomware, malicious apps, fraudulent websites, and identity theft.


Direct Download Dr.Safety – Top Security, Free Antivirus, Booster app:-

Download Super Antivirus Cleaner & Booster (8 MB)

Download Dr.Safety – Top Security, Free Antivirus, Booster app from Play Store :-

Download Super Antivirus Cleaner & Booster from Play Store (8 MB)


Dr.Safety - Top Security, Free Antivirus, Booster

Dr.Safety – Top Security, Free Antivirus, Booster

Key features:
Virus Scanner and Remover
Privacy Risk Scanner
Safe Web Browsing
Private Photo Vault
Phone Booster
Spam Call Blocking
Gmail Protection
Facebook Privacy Check
Lost Device Protection
Download Dr.Safety NOW to keep your digital life safe and smooth!

With nearly 30 years of Internet security leadership, Trend Micro delivers 100.0% malicious app detection* so you can enjoy your digital life safely.
* Per AV-TEST Institute July-2017 testing results, compared to the industry average of 98.3%.
Highlights of Dr.Safety:
★ Virus Detector and Cleaner
Dr.Safety helps detect and remove any virus easily and fast from your device. It protects against ransomware, malware, adware, Trojans, fake banking, shopping, and financial apps, etc. Dr.Safety not only scans installed apps, memory card contents, but also monitors each app installation automatically to keep your device always safe and secure.
★ Secure Web Surfing & Parental Control
Go anywhere on the Internet and know you are protected from fraudulent or unsafe websites that may contain viruses. Parental control helps keep you and your kids safe from unwanted Internet content.
★ Spam Call Blocking
Stops unwanted and harassing spam calls.
★ System Tuner and Booster
Frees up memory space and speeds up your mobile phone to save your battery.
★ Privacy Risk Scan
Scans and detects any app, including social media apps, that is accessing your personal information without your permission. Safeguard your device from the risk of data theft!
★ Photo Lock
Everyone has photos that they do not want to share. You can use Photo Lock to keep your sensitive photos private and locked.
★ Mail Protection [Exclusive]
24hr Gmail Protection – blocks messages containing suspicious links and attachments automatically.
★ Facebook Privacy Check
Checks your Facebook privacy settings and makes sure personal information is only shared with your permission.
★ Lost Device Protection
If you have lost your Android phone or tablet, Dr.Safety can help track it down, lock it, or wipe/retrieve it to keep important data safe.
Dr.Safety is available in 12 languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Italian and French.

User Reviews :

-You said that my app was not up to date right? Bit it is up to date. But that annoying messages don’t appear when I am Web surfing now. I thing the problem is solved. Other than that the overall app is superb! 👌👌👌👌

-This application complaints you have new application installed and that to be scanned. For example it says 2 items to be fixed (scan 2 new app for security threats and privacy threats). But these 2 applications were already scanned during the installation and not sure why it prompts for scanning again. Apart from that this is petty decent application.

-I think there should must be 1 more feature that We can save our incognito browsing history as if I just give my phone to a friend of mine so I should must know that what he had done in my phone so history of incognito website should must be there .. So trend micro plz work on it guys… And thanx for this awesome app.

-I am happy with it. But some improvements are needed. I am giving this feedback after 2 days of deep use of this application. – I found a little slowness in taking an action while browsing any unwanted website, because the website is being blocked as late as the website has been opened properly. – second thing trend micro should provide an option for blocking unwanted conted basis on the keywords. – trend micro should provide an option to unblock the page directly on the encient page. Thanks Parwez

-“Safe web surfing” was false. It was the feature I really wanted to have but sadly it didnt work for my android phone. I tried searching for adult websites and it didnt block.

-I have tested all popular antiviruses ,but this one attracted me so far more. I have only one problem.l can’t update it’s signatures manually by mobile there any way?

-Hello i wanted to tell the developers that the security threats antivirus feature does not work in real i have not found a single threat till date And phone just gets bugs. And bugs all the time is it really helpful if it is please help me

-Thank you trend micro for developing this great app, all my search for safe web browsing ends here and it blocks unwanted content even in incognito mode of the browser, which most of apps will not do 👍

-I have some sort of ad virus that you have NOT stopped. It stops what I am doing, opens the internet and brings up an ad. I want this stopped!!!!

-Awesome App 🙂 it indeed block pages that are dangerous for children… Thanks Dr. Safety. 🙂 continue to improve your Service….

-This app is good but in website filter it is not working. Please resolve this problem.

-When added fiture to remove pop up adv on home screen that raise accidently?

-Very straight forward interface. Very easy to use, and does exactly what it tells you it’s going to do, whether it’s to optimize or repair. Makes a huge difference in the usage and performance of my Samsung Galaxy. Five stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, and two thumbs up..WAY UP!👍👍

-Helped me stop wasting time by blocking youtube ☺

-Found unwanted apps. awesome!

-My phone has many junk but this app handle this problem it has many nice safety like safe browsing . I love it much more try it

-Easy to use and I so love it’s very informative, helpful and updated information about the latest tech news. Kudos to all of you at Trend Micro! 😊

-I tried changing the password but was sent an unencrypted email from Trend Micro! What kind of security app sends out an unencrypted email? Pls let us know why.

-I love the format of the app, and especially the web protect setting. Wish I could set up specific web filters though. Over all it’s a good app, does exactly what it says.

-Virus database are not update manualy….but ok connected my device.

-Dr. Safety It’s better android app. Thanks to Dr. safety

-I installed it to block websites but it just blocks the url you entered, not the whole domain!

-All websites blocked …amazing app.

-Best protection to mobile.

-Clever little program. Love it

-It’s a great app and one more folder lock option should be added.

-It is very helpful in protecting virus from unknown source.

-i luv this apps..very usefuL THANKS ALOT TREND MiCRO»

-It is very nice App . It is very useful antivirus for Android set of virus protection . i loved it .

-It make mobile secure

-Pretty good but too easy to get around

-So far its very useful application.

-Tanks for securing My Phone system

-Not bed not good.its OK

-Very effective & easy to use.

-nice and usefull…great👍👍

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