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Dot to Dot to Coloring
by Color Apps For Free

App Category:- Entertainment

Dot to Dot to Coloring is the most innovative dot connect coloring game. Connect dot to dot by number and bring to life mysterious pictures! After all the dots are connected, you can start coloring! Make your unique pictures by drawing in colors of your choice! Unleash your creativity and enjoy the wonderfully fun and peaceful experience Dot to Dot to Coloring brings you!

Let Dot to Dot to Coloring be your personal therapist and help you relieve all the stress! Keep your mind relaxed, calm and creative with the peaceful and meditational gameplay!


– Connect and color pictures of various themes, pictures are updated weekly.

– You can color with 9 unique customizable painting tools.

– Create your own color with our amazing color palette.

– From 100 dots to 3000 dots! From family entertainment to hardcore players!

– Share your masterpieces on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Dot to Dot to Coloring

Dot to Dot to Coloring


Download Dot to Dot to Coloring App :-


Download Dot to Dot to Coloring App (12 MB)


User Reviews :-

Sahrai Martinez
This game is so relaxing and it actually gives me time to enjoy some time on my phone and I get to like kill some minutes with this app and I love this

Ryan Kenyon
I only just got it and it is a brilliant game

Georgia Davis
Great job on the artist who developed this page

Katherine Andrews
It’s relaxing and really fun

Fiona Kennedy
I hate it i dont like it

App User
I’m very love this game

Caleb Rinker
I didnt like it u had to pay for most of the drawing

App User
I’m sorry yes

Seamie Quinn
A bit glitchy

App User
It is anamzing you do have to have paintences woth the game but thats all worth while

App User
Hi me my mom play it soooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo. Much

App User
I love this app is so amazing and also is so good for your brain is so easy to play just love it so much😁

App User
I love this game very much….. 😍😍😍😍😍

Rosemary Pierce
Like it so far. Done two puzzles

Peter Sedgwick
I think it was very interesting and challenging but it keeps my mind active.

Tabitha Holzworth
Very cute app and great for relaxation! Only trouble is, though I don’t mind ads, it has a lot of ads with sound which makes a relaxing experience kind of annoying. $10/month is just way too much to pay to get rid of ads.

App User
I like this app but there are quite a few ads which are very annoying which is especially annoying when you are in the middle of a dot to dot. But appart from that the app is amazing!

Tina Fanucchi
I don’t want to be mean or anything but I like the app when I first got it and the next day I felt like it was so boring. Sorry for the people who really love this app.😐

App User
I’m not a bot in case you are wondering… Pass time not boring if you like dot to dot and you can color ignore bad comments they aren’t dorks that like to think…

Mark Lewis
It’s really fun because it’s like a short activity if your bored or something like that. I play this because it’s fun and also very addicting to play because you get to do the dot to dot and then you get to see your finishing result of what you’ve done. By Mark

App User
I like this game its so creative and it can help others if someone is bored and i liked the horse it is, so cool!

App User
It’s really calming but it gets annoying when I can’t find the number’s

believer forever
Didn’t even let me do one of the pictures unless I had the subscription so pointless if you ask me to have this app.

Jennifer Sturgeon
I accidentally clicked out so when I went back to the picture all my progress was lost!

Janine Schindler
So far I like it. I have only done a few. I’m sick of the ad asking if I like it. I mean let me play it for a while ok?

i like alpacas
I love this game! It’s extremly addicting and i can’t take my eyes off of it! I completed 6 puzzles in 24 hours!

Julie Hunter
S o far I haven’t been asked for a card # or been told that this will cost more .but I’M PRETTY SURE IT WILLJUST A MATTER OF RIM

App User
very nice app I actually like but there are so many dots it’s somewhat difficult to see

App User
This is a such dirty apk. It is not on app store. It had no any good and reality picture.

Your Living Emerald
Its good but too many ads with there is no good ones that’s for free the only good ones is with the crown and I don’t wanna pay uninstall sorry.

App User
I LOVE this app its very fun but the coloring is kinda hard and I won’t let me zoom in but other than that I LOVE it!!!!

Carrie McCandless
It’s very good and when you.dont have anything to do you can play this game and don’t get bored

Caden F
I think this app is a great time killer and I can’t find anything bad about the app. Very fun and worth it so I give it five stars.

Ian Anderson
I’d rate this app higher because I like the app, but I wasn’t expecting to get charged for a week when I tried to do the free trial.

App User
Love this app evrey time when im bored and wanna sit on my phone i play this game

App User
I LOVE IT! I have a nephew who is 4 and he’s learning his numbers! He’s almost in the 500’s!! Thanks for making such a wonderful app!

App User
It sucks because you can’t even do any of the puzzles without subscribing to the app

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