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Domino’s Pizza Online Delivery
by Jubilant Foodworks

App Category:- Food & Drink

Domino’s – Buy Sizzling Fresh, Delicious Pizzas Online on the Go

Buy Domino’s pizza online for those fun-filled times that demand something light and awesomely delicious, tease your taste buds with the vivid flavours of cheese-filled, crispy Domino’s Pizza. With assorted menus, just ready to be ordered with a swipe, our pizza delivery app has the perfect recipe to build the mood right for any occasion – be it a get together, party, or simply spending time with friends or family.

Domino’s pizza delivery app comes with an easy-to-use interface, a quick selection menu, and a smartly designed app-interface that lets you order food online of your choice. Right from the regular pizzas to the well-toned garlic bread, from extra toppings to supplementary beverages, compile the perfect relishing mix within seconds, all on our revolutionary food delivery app. With secure payment gateway, within 30-minutes home delivery, feasting on your favourite pizza is easy. Apply pizza coupons to save on food order online, and find an excuse to order your favourite pizza with attractive offers.

Domino’s pizza delivery app brings fun in ordering pizza right on your Android phone. What makes us unique –
➢Enhanced User Experience with Quick Swipe
➢Find your nearest Domino’s on App
➢Quick Coupon Redemption
➢Quick Buy from Easy Menus
➢Improved Order Customisation
➢Secure online payment with multiple payment options
➢Option to Tag a product favourite
➢Real-time tracking of orders
➢Home Screen Notifications for Quick View

Our pizza delivery app is compatible with any Android Phone with Android version 3.0 and above.

Domino's Pizza Online DeliveryDomino's Pizza Online Delivery

Installation/Use of Domino’s Pizza delivery app

Domino’s pizza app requires access to system resources for smooth functioning. This food delivery app requests location, data, and camera access. Kindly allow the same while installing. If you have a firewall, or security program installed, then don’t forget to make an exception for uninterrupted online food order and delivery. Once the app is installed, your window to order some of the lip-smacking pizzas online opens instantly thereafter.

Domino’s pizza delivery app is available in leading metropolitan cities. Whether you wish to order pizza in Mumbai ‘s office, or at a meeting in Gurgaon, whether you are meeting with friends in Ahmedabad, or spending time with relatives in Bangalore, Domino’s app is there to offer you the best assortment of pizza at more than 1100 locations in India and more than 20 stores in Sri Lanka.

How to Order?

Domino’s pizza app lets you order pizza online in few steps. On opening the app, you will be presented with a quick menu of pizza assortments. You may choose a single pizza or opt for a complete package comprising of pizza, garlic breads, add-ons, and beverages. You can customise your order as per your mood.
If you are choosy about your pizzas, or wish to browse through the different options, you may browse through the entire menu of assorted offerings.  After choosing, you may add the selected pizza to the cart, customise it with selective toppings. To complement it, you may add a glass of your favourite beverage or dessert, and finally go for checkout.
We accept payment through net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and cash cards.
Domino’s pizza India and Sri Lanka accepts all valid coupons. You may also look for Domino’s discount codes and offers to save on your favourite pizza menu.

From where will I get the order?
Domino’s app will let you find and choose the nearest Domino’s pizza restaurants in your locality.Domino’s App is available for install and use in India and Sri Lanka Our app will request access to several mobile features, kindly allow access for pizza ordering without any hassles.

Download Domino’s Pizza Online Delivery App :-


Download Domino’s Pizza Online Delivery App (13 MB)

User Reviews :-

Priya Rani
I think there should be improvements in this app …the app cant locate my location and when im trying to put my location details… It is saying that we dont deliver in this address… Dominos itself is just 1km distance from my area…u guys dont ask for location first… Just let others open app and order something from the menu…and then ask the address… If u guys dont deliver that place…just mention then…not before. Its irritating…when u r hungry😂😂

Roshan Khan
The fake time you promise 30 minutes or free doesn’t work. Your employees call-up to customers for delay. Once the order is cancelled my money will be back to me after 7-10 day hell services and fake promise. One of the worst app I have ever used. Waste of time with this app. It would be better to order with swiggy or zomato.

yukti mishra
When it comes about the flies in stomach, it’s always the dominos comes in mind. But it should break its boundaries and come across. Its hold start delivering all over jodhpur.

Manivannan T
I always had problem ordering with this app. Last time I ordered through the app and made payment online. Amount was deducted by no order was created. I have been emailing to their support but no reply n i haven’t got my money refunded yet. Better to order through other app like Swiggy which has better payment process.

sanchit khurana
loved the new app… However theres a minor issue…it is not possible to replace toppings in peppy paneer pizza in the app and also on the mobile website so i have to visit desktop website every time i place order for peppy paneer…plz resolve it ASAP

Lucky aggarwal
I ordered today and the pizza was not hot and the delivery was also late. They never follow the rule of free delivery after 30 minutes.It also happened earlier and they promised it will never happen again but…….

Prakash Kumar
UI and all is good but where are ethics ??? These people show 30 minutes delievery guarantee when you place an order but guess what happens….when 5 minutes were left out of 30 minutes for my order, they updates its status as delievered ! And now I am forced to follow up with customer care and all that stuff, but it doesn’t end here. Customer Care people say that it’s a bug and wait for order, it will come. They are not even contacting the delivery boy, they straight away know that it’s a bug. This proves that it’s done purposely. I am not interested in free pizza but please follow some ethics guys !!

narasimha murthy
They have a pathetic customer service. I have called them twice and modified the order and modifications were not made. Then I called their service center and wanted to talk to their restorant and they were not even able to connect to their restorant. Totally pathetic service.

Anshu Mohleji
They have completely revamped the app. Its after a long time that I recently ordered and really liked how smooth the whole order experience was. Took a few minutes to get the hang of it but really liked how there was no lag between going back and forth between the menu.

Ujwal Nambiar
Works great but the interface needs to be more better and fluid. Update : Better interface, can’t even login, provides the OTP and some stupid password and the app won’t take in either! Looks like I am dragging my ass to KFC Update 2: Now it works fine… I guess

I made a paid order today around 1p.m. mistakenly on a wrong address. I then spoke to two of your persons through your helpline number and they said that the order will be cancelled. But it has been hours i haven’t received any message for the cancellation as well as the refund.

Kàĺpàñâ S ŚŘāj
Unable to set location if I am a new customer. Whenever i try to fix my location the app says that they dont service in that area. But i have ordered n number of times thru old app. Quite tiresome to make the app detect a location and convince that they have an outlet within 4kms

Piyush Jain
I am displeased with the services. Orders are delivered late. Promises to refund the amount. But never happens. Store puts the call on hold and never comes back.

Oindrila Ghosh
I ordered once and the pizza boy can and delivered it in time.But from the second time although the app is locating my correct location,it is showing that they won’t deliver the pizza.They r not even picking up the phone

Mani Ramachandran
I wanted pizza out of a blue and just took me few minutes from the point of download to confirming my order. That’s all I needed. 5 Star without a doubt!

Preet Singh
Poor service of dominos and guess what ppl they deliver a pizza which is not even hot and I have to everytime make it hot in my oven I.mean really …? Better choose other options their gone

Manoj kumar
Over all , the best in service ! Need to improvise on minimum order value. Sometimes , I orders the food as a brunch…which gets lower the Rs.300 and I get unable to order it.

rannvijay singh
Offers are not so good and pizza costs is very much high.. how can a poor boy afford dominoss pizza my girlfriend getting angry and also done break up with me… Coz she wants cheese pizza,😙🤔😅

shivam mishra
It’s showing that pizza can’t be delivered to your location but i have seen pizza boy delivering at my location many times …. Domino’s you disappointed me …..

App user
Payment gateway is not at all good, I paid through Amazon pay and amount get deducted and order also not placed due to application issue .even after a week I didn’t get my amount back😑😑

Brian Hendricks
Delivered after 1 hour. Was promised Rs 300. It’s been a month and 2 complaints.. Nothing has happened..

Android Gamer
The app is improved a lot after update, its a great app now. Just add option to opt for number of oregano mix and chilli flakes we want.

N Indian
Pathetic service by Ulhasnagar store. After online payment and placing order, store manager called me.. he said he will not able to deliver order as delivery boys are unavailable.

Dseries Hot hd video
Refund are not giving.the ordered has been late by above 15-20 min .it is totally frustrating.if you are not able to send the pizza with in 30 min so why there is 30 min delivery guarantee.

Ritik Vashishtha
This app isn’t able to pickup my location….i always have to go to the outlet to buy a pizza….. i don’t even know what is the meaning of having this application, doesn’t matter where i put my location even when i put my location under 500 metres from the outlet, this app still shows that they don’t deliever here

Anubhav Sharma
I cannot select my location it says that delivery is not available there but I used to order pizza with previous version of app without any problem. This should be fixed.

App user
They don’t deliver to my home. They did a few times but not anymore. Hate the service

App user
It doesn’t work my Samsung galaxy core 2 mobile But your old version is work How I download your old version reply me just

Neeraj Dubey
It does what it is supposed to do but it is very slow and has very bad UI.

Nishtha Ghosh
You guys make the customer fool only, at end of the month all of them having a shortage of money left with them, I was having 500 left in my paytm, so I planned to have the dominos, I placed an order from the app and made payment, after accepting the order, I got a call from outlet saying that we can’t deliver your order, so I’ll cancelled the order and you will get your refund in 7 working days, I had tell them that I don’t have any extra money left with me pls place my order, after that I called the customer executive’nishant’ I told them also the same thing but they didn’t respond me . So my question is that , I heard that dominos is known for their standard and if this is your standard then Ian sorry , I had chosen a wrong place , sorry to trust you guys , I have an audio call recording of that and that Iam going to air in social media

Nakum Jigar
Very bad app which want minimum rs300 order dont downloaded in your net wil be wasted

App user
The app improved a lot from last time I used it. Very fast navigation. Very easy to order compared to online order.

Nimesh Bhadiyadra
After long time.. Dominos made actually User friendly app without any bug Thank you team dominos.

Janardhan D
Customer service is very bad I selected location and shows offline then called customer service he mentioned the shop and selected the same but still it was showing offline and phone attendent is not at all ready to help me and was rude on me if you want order online or don’t order

nikhil jain
Problem in payment thru wallets as well as card gateway is not connecting

Naveen Sharma
why we can’t track our order using track order option? It shows “we have not received any order from you today” even after order is placed.

Anosh Thomas
Before payment it changes the amount of the items in the cart and then throws an error – Amount mismatch – and does not go further. Painful and maddening to go through this specially when you are hungry and expect this order to come asap.

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