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by MeitY, Government of India

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DigiLocker is a key initiative under Digital India, the Government of India’s flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. The DigiLocker website can be accessed at .You can now access your documents and certificates from your DigiLocker on your mobile devices.




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User Reviews :-

Sughjit Singh
maine bahut pahle digilocker mai account bnaya tha.. but id pass bhul gya hu…id pass forget krne pr kuchh nai ho raha.. bss ye hi bta raha k your account is not active.. ab active krne ka koi option nai aa raha… agr kisi ko active krne optiop pta ho to plzz reply

App User
I tried to signup using the app. I got an OTP on mobile and next step was to enter username and password. After entering username and password, it shows INVALID Request. I’ve tried to signup again using the desktop, it shows the phone number is already verified, Please sign in. But I can’t as I don’t have any username or password. What a Rubbish App. Full of bad user experience and User Interfece. Shame on Indian Government for spending CRORES of BUDGET on such bad apps. Find better developers.

App User
I am not able to login after changing my password also. Please conform me how can I use the same. If you have not any answer confirm also. Don’t waste time as well as money for inosunt people. All people believe in Government but support is big question mark.

Vishal Ezen
Very buggy app.. How it is available on play store which so many basic issues.. Seems the digilocker team have not tested it at all. The measure issue is… Though I linked my 3 documents.. In issued docs its just showing the Aadhar.. But the count at home screen showing 3 issued docs.. N many other problems.. Why to launch such application with many issues? The concept is very good.. But the implementation is poor.

Bhupendra Tokas
Worst app… I tries many times to sign up but it’s not working. There are so many apps all works fine and secure but this worst app, poor IT people made this app, it should have been user friendly… I won’t give more thn one star to this app… Need to make this app better

Vishal Rayte
I’ve been using this since its release. Absolutely love it but recently you’ve added new feature of 4 digit pin which was a good decision. But input speed for pin is too slow. Someone can actually see me type it. So please make the input speed faster and you’ll get 5 star that you actually deserve. Thank and regards

Sujit Manna
I was able to login with the 4 digit pin but it stopped suddenly and now it keeps asking for username and password. If I enter the credentials it doesnt authenticate. If I use forgot password feature, then it asks for Aadhar ID and OTP. Even after providing those details in the app it doesnt work. Not sure where exactly the problem is.

Namuduri Varun
The only problem i face is my 2 wheeler was registered under someone else name but it got transferred under my name few months back and I’m unable to get that document into my account now. I don’t know if that database can be refreshed.

Prranjal Shrivaastav
As always the govt app is the worst of it’s kind, for a country like ours, top in IIT and mass production factory of software engineers, it’s a big shame. It’s full of bugs and unresolved issues. Maybe it’s better to award the tender for such to developed countries. They have something called quality control and assurance, something we can never have. Anything swadesi is bound to be full of bugs.

Linson James
Valid reasons why the app is rated so lowly. Even a change of password won’t get updated up to let login – neither on the app nor the website itself. And the best part that it’s being designed and handled by MeitY. Some digital India initiative indeed.

Worst app by indian gov. Cannot even login. Says “Server is slow”. The Signup completed or not.. no idea. It didnt give any msg. The colors on the app looks like some kids are selecting graphics.

Prasann Naik
This is awesome app devloped by government. I really appreciate it. I am using digi locker since 1 year and I haven’t face any problem. But I noticed that esigning has been stopped from last 2 months. Which is bit disappointed me. I want to know what actually problem is with esigning? Is it bug or you have stopped esigning program.?

Raghuveer Panchagnula
Who developed this app? When validation error shows, not able to move to other fields while signing up. After 15 failed attempts, it shows invalid request. Government product after all… 😂😂

Shrisha M
Really helpful app developed by govt of India. Most of the useful documents u can have in dglocker. Big problem is most of the department people dont understand and not ready to accept this app even after govt. made it useful to the public in many place.

Amit Gaud
Hopeless. Typical government work. Keeps crashing. I couldnt ever register. Better we should carry our original IDs. What if an officer demands IDs/papers and it keeps crashing !

yashwant singh Baghel
Please do something to make this app workable., from morning i am trying to uplaod but nothing loading before its takes 3 hrs to signup. This is very good thing you have started but you totally disappointed us. Its like all government agency who work like that no one is worder about work. Nobody is taking care of any thing

Sudhin John Samuel
My aadhaar hasn’t been updated even though I got an updated card. The refresh option doesn’t seem to work. My old aadhaar details are still being shown.

Chandan B S
Somehow somewhere thest govt app creators bungle in achieving a minimum user experience satisfaction or even basic criteria to easily allow users to signup. They have made it so worthless i cant even retrieve my account or even create new one.

Soumya Achary
It’s not a registered trademark application. And i suggest all to not to use this. My documents have been Misused from this Application. I will register one complaint against those who did this.

App User
I seriously saying, this app idea is fantastic but u govt official do not work on good idea !! Improvement is must for this, why u r not giving preference to its improvement? Document esign is unavailable!, Data not found!! This error must b rectify soon.

Sagar Kulkarni
Can’t get the online driving documents it says the details mismatch… How can registered details of a two wheeler and the chassis number be mismatched… Is the service available in Mumbai or just in Pune…

stephen dcosta
Usefull app.. However I am not able to pull my Karnataka driving license into it.. anyone aware what is the format of the driving license we need to give? My do looks like. 1272/02-03(*******)

Rajashekar Yeerelly
More than 20years I’m using the same number. When I try to register as new sign up, notifying me as ‘ u r already registered mobile ‘ even though I never opened or tried and when I try to do from forgot password, it show u hv to register 1st. I’m confused and not able to enroll. Please guide me asap. Thanks

Pradeep kumar mummadi
Before asking the ppl to use this app for DL, RC etc…Govt should first educate police that the document proofs in this app are valid. A police stopped me in the midnight and didn’t accept when I showed RC of my bike from this app. Made me wait for 1hr..

A useless app. In West Bengal, the police doesn’t allow digilocker issued documents. You have to pay the ‘ghush’ or fine if you dont have physical driving lisence or blue book.

App User
Users are not able to delete the files in issued documents section.This feature is quite important to be present in the app as if someone downloads other person’s documents, it’s important to delete it. Please try to add this feature and issue more partners for accessing more documents.

Saket Gupta
Very great effort took by government. But few flaws like I did not receive an email confirmation link in my email id even after trying atleast for 5-6 times. Pls resolve ASAP.

chetan chouhan
Good to have this app. Now hassle free we can goto any place without carrying original docs. The only thing need to upgrade and fix errors. Keep updating for better experience.

Craig Dcosta
App is useless after update. My Aadhaar was linked before the update and I had my issued documents but after update I lost all documents and it asks to link Aadhaar again When I try to link again it says it’s already registered? Have written email to support and got no response. I’m afraid that now this app has my personal details and I have no way to delete my account. Extremely disappointed with this app. I hope Indian government takes notice for endorsing this unsafe app and solves my problem.

Saheb Chakrabortty
I can not access esign upload docoments.. when i access esign this aadhan content temporry unavailable.. And my briving licence is not found… Pls solve this problem

Stupid app. It hasn’t been tested properly. Government should stop working on these things. I can’t believe how can they release app without proper testing.

App User
You are doing digital document but haryana police dont accept Driving License digitally verified by digilocker. They are saying this is india not america so take the original out. I have Personally faced this problem yesterday. What should be done in this matters, so please dont give directions like these documents are acceptable as id proof while traveling you have not to carry out original with you. These steps harsh the public. Thank you

Rishabh Bhatt
I have seen a bug while using the app. When I am downloading the uploaded documents and then cancel the download from top right menu . The application got crash. Kindly please fix this issue

Adwait Bhide
This app is best. But there is a security concern that the app was able to read message (sent for OTP) without me giving access to it. Requesting Google to look into this security breach of privacy

Dhanda Shab
I change my address and photo in aadhar my aadhar card is updated but in digi locker my aadhar is not updated i also click in update aadhar but my aadhar is still not updated if you register your aadhar in digi locker you can not delet it there is no option to un publish your aadhar or delet account i also try to make a new account but it says that your aadhar is already registred with another account their service is too bad

Abhijith Karkal
Great initiative, I give that to the government. But, unable to login. Throws error “server took too long to respond” Edit: almost all shortcomings have been fixed, nice!

Ayush Tripathi
It’s a great app but will the indian traffic police accept the document showed by this app like my driving licence or rc? And if they deny to accept it what should i do?

Jaydeep Kothari
Dear DigiLocker Team, Big thanks for this intiative, Would like to tell u as u have updated edistrict Assam n others, Kindly make every document available for Gujarat also, it will be very helpful This initiative must lead to totally paperless works for all the states of india, & it must be done quickly too. To be helpful in each n every aspects of life. Thanks & Regards, Kothari Jaydeep

Alok Mitra
I am unable to change my username. There is some typoerror which I want to rectify. Pls assist

Jalpn Purohit
Cant access issues documents without internet. Whats the use? If i am stuck and i urgently need it and theres no internet, I am still stuck. Please look into it

nagaraj k
I installed digilocker, I am a new user , when asked for mobile number it is saying number is number is already registered. I want to know as I installed today only. I am afraid also whether my mobile no is misused, please clarify.

brijesh singh
Worst app ever….dead slow and erroneous…if you go for registration it says steady registered…. and if you go for login then it says you are not registered…. faltu app…. spoiling the concept of digilocker

Shubham Borude
After several times I typed my id and password it is showing me invalid id and password. Waste of time app. Please don’t install it and waste your time in this nonsense app.

App User
Good initiative by govt. I was able to issue 2 documents and those are aadhar and driving license but failed to issue vehicle registration certificate even after several attempts which showed me error that says name does not match inspite of entering details same as that on the rc.

dhanjit kalita
this App developer are maybe from st/Sc caste. they don’t have knowledge how to develop a app. its just a trash in playstore

Anand Vaithia
We are in the era of fingerprint recogonition and Iris scanning. Providing a function of pin input to lock the app is a mere function way outdated. Expecting lot of improvement on overall functionality.

Aadityachandra Nalawade
I tried as many times but however it works as similar as Gov sites, i was not able to update my bike registration, car registration, insurance even my license also 1thing i dont understand why don’t they test before publishing the App And if they have tested why it was not tested hard to check there no loop’s I think developers need ti work hard on the app and on the database & connectivity between Gov services which they use for authentication.

i think ,there is some issues … 1-issued certificate can’t be deleted. 2-it show only year 2017 certificate while downloading. 3-for jharkhand state ,we can only download 10th,12th marksheet and result not other like graduation certificate,caste certificate, income, residential and many more.

I am a regular and old user of DigiLocker. I really liked the innovation behind it and appreciate this awesome initiative taken by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. I am using DigiLocker since its start, through its web portal and I haven’t face any problem yet. Recently I downloaded its app and found some problem in it. First of all the “Trash Bin” is missing in the DigiLocker App version while it is present in the web portal. Second thing whenever I try to open some of my documents in DigiLocker app an error message appears showing the following message “This image can not be shown”. However, all the documents are in jpeg format and under 5 MB of size. I hope that the developer would provide the needful solution to these problems as soon as possible.

Sunit Mondal
Nyc app. But I don’t know whether it will be acceptable by traffic police or not. They just like to harassment the public.

baldev raj
Very useful app for each Indian citizen. This app is made validate only for railway deptt now. Pls make it validate for all central govt deptts and all state govt deptts. Pls also add Punjab University & Punjab School Education Board certificates to this app.

App User
Traffic police is not accepting licence through this app. Please educate the police first. Esp ASI and constables are so uneducated.

Sam Samant
Completely useless, trying to create an account and all it says is “Invalid Request”. Looks like the goverment wanted to do a good job but corruption in the ranks ensured that a sub standard app was paid fully for by citizens hard earned money.

Surya Jagadeesh
App is Gud. No useful for Andhra Pradesh state. Not fetching dl and rc. and also no other documents for ap. This app only useful for north Indians

Pratik Chauhan
Though I will have to got to CBSE office for my documents but got them right away within 10seconds. It’s a wonderful app for government issued documents but needs a little simplification for getting user friendly!

Ravinder Ozha
Unable to upload scabned documents to DigiLocker. No error message nothing….

Tarun Rawat
Can’t login/signup to app. When I try to sign up it shows already registered but I dont know username and password and when I try reset account ,it shows not registered yet

Uday Bhaskar
Hi Team, I have registered using my phone number, while selecting the username and password it gave me an error -Invalid Request.. post which I am unable to use the same number to register and if I use the username and password that I was using to register it won’t let me in.. please help

App User
No document issue. I have mobile no link with aadhar. But they said no mobile no link.

Shaik Shabbeer
I’m unable to get my files, even though my Aadhar number is already linked with DigiLocker. While i tried to get the files, it’s showing no issued files. When tried to link my Aadhar again, it’s showing your Aadhar number is already linked with DigiLocker

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