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Diễn đàn mobiistar

By AllMobile


App Category:- Communication

Di_n _àn mobiistar

Di_n _àn mobiistar

Diễn đàn mobiistar


Mobiistar support applications customer care. Version for Mobile Phones and Tablets can help you update information, participate in discussion forums and talk to your friends, clubs easy and quick. The application was developed by a team of Taptalk.

Key features:
1. Latest news from Mobiistar
2. The browser function, view and discuss the application
3. Conversations with friends and groups.
4. Notification (instant message).
5. Download the file, save image
6. Adjust the font size, select the theme and lots of other features.
Note: You need to login to be able to see and use all the functions.
This is the official app for the forums. Participate in discussion groups Bạn Quickly and Easily via this application.

You order the defendants to sponsor Plus version or download this one for free.
Key Features:
1. News from Mobiistar
2. Supporter Features
3. Conversation
4. Notication
5. Save images, downloads
6. Font size, themes and many more features …

Download Diễn đàn mobiistar App Apk:-

Download Diễn đàn mobiistar App Apk ( 5 MB )

User Reviews

Phạm Nhật Vinh
Love Ủng hộ mobiistar

Pramod Oruganti
Excellent! Great app!

Nguyễn Ngọc Đông Huy

Nguyen Do
Ngon Like

Truong Nguyen
Tốt Nội dung tải về chưa nhiều.

minhbao ha
Rất hay Đã cài app sài thử. Ma ad cho hỏi chụp screen shot rồi up lên đâu ad

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