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Dark Horse Comics (Beta)
by Dark Horse Comics

Have your favorite Dark Horse comics at your fingertips–anytime, anywhere!

The Dark Horse app offers access to the most exciting tales from Hellboy, Mass Effect, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Conan, Serenity, Avatar: The Last Airbender and more! Looking for Manga? We’ve got it! How about Halo, Dragon Age, Sin City, The Goon, Criminal Macabre, Tomb Raider and Empowered? Yup! It’s all there and more! Single-issue comics are priced as low as just $0.99 and we also offer an extensive list of free introductory #1 issues, with plenty of new titles being added every week. And through our cloud-based technology, purchases made on our Digital Store can be read and enjoyed on your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile browser!


Dark Horse Comics (Beta) android app

Dark Horse Comics (Beta) android app


Please Note:

If you run into any problems an uninstall/reinstall can fix many issues caused by strange upgrade scenarios. Please use the in-app “send feedback” tool to send us your feedback or if you encounter any bugs.


Download Dark Horse Comics (Beta) App :- 

Download Dark Horse Comics (Beta) App ( 4.9 MB )


User Reviews :-


Please let us sync our purchases to Comixology. The Dark Horse app is buggy and continually freezes up when trying to download comics. Until we can sync, I will not spend any more money with Dark Horse.

-Good comics but slow and frustrating app that Dark Horse aren’t updating or caring enough about. Therefore I will stop buying comics for it and buy Dark Horse at Comixology instead because that app is so much better in every way. It’s really stupid that Dark Horse don’t listen to customer feedback and improves the app.

-I’d rate this ap higher if it would give me my entire collection, for example; I own almost the entire Mass Effect offering on other devices, purchased from Dark Horse yet after installing this ap on my phone I have only retrieved less than a third of the titles. Some titles are missing entirely. I’m not really impressed. Rubber biscuits.*****I’d like to amend this evaluation with kudos to a customer service rep named Judy who stuck with this problem until it was resolved, all of my titles have been accounted for. Thank you Dark HorseTech Team well done.*****

-An excellent comic book app. Comics take seconds to download even over mobile data. I love the humorous loading messages. Dark Horse has been producing great comics for decades and this is a great way to read them.

-Over all wonderful, spectacular even but I would love some regular zorro comics on the app

-Man, this app is GREAT for comic reading but my only complaint is that it’s missing some series like “Fables” and I haven’t seen any mainstream comics from DC/Marvel other than that it’s the best comic app out there! P.S(Love the Avatar series!) EDIT:I’m older now and I undersrand that these are owned by DC and Marvel and can’t be published by Darkhorse. This app is still great for a variety of other series though!

-Absolutely worth it The app runs exceptionally well compared to reading digital comics via the web browser. I’ve encountered no bugs yet on my GS5. The only complaint I have is that certain comics are not available via the app, though they are still advertised. A link to the browser version exists on those pages, but it prevents downloading that comic. Still, very much worth your time. (Also, I would suggest reading Colder)

-Brilliant app, brilliant support! Should’ve given this review a long time ago. I installed this app initially like 4-5 years ago and bought a BUNCH of comics (comics lover right here). A few months after I changed phone and kinda forgot all about the app for a couple of years (or 4). Some months ago I remembered all the comics I downloaded and wanted to start reading some of them but everything was lost. No way to sign in. I contacted support and roughly 12 hours later my old account with all the content was up and running. Thanks guys!! 🎩

-Content is great (more mass effect/dragon age content will always be appreciated) however it is very buggy. The app crashes if you select the bundle in the store, and I keep getting a notification that a book is initializing that does not go away no matter what, and all I can do to get rid of it is reset my phone. Using Samsung Galaxy S7, if that is relevant!

-Laggy store, crashes frequently and eventually won’t let you buy saying you have to sign in to Google account (which I am). When you finally manage to download something on your device, it’s a decent reader though. Tried on Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 8, same issues on both devices.

-My favorite publisher, and when the app works it’s a fun way to read comics. Unfortunately it works infrequently. I just spent ten minutes trying to download the new Hellboy; first it froze and crashed a half dozen times, then it froze a half dozen times while loading the book pre-purchase, then it loaded the book to purchase but claimed I needed to sign in to my Google Account (I was signed in). I feel like Fry: “Take my money!” I wish this app made that possible, instead of driving me, frustrated, to another digital comics app.

-If only If only other comic publishers would realize just how good this app is! Dark horse have knocked it out of the park with this. If all comic company’s and publishers would make their work as accessible as this I would spend as much money on them as I have on this app! Signed I’m drunk 😉

-No issues, no worries This app does exactly what it needs to do without harassing you with ads or specials unless you want to see them, and it does it simply, quickly and without hassle. I can’t fault it, so it is well worth 5 stars.

-Flawed but decent Works well enough. I can download and read my DH comics on it – job done! I’ll say that searching the shop can be a bit laggy, and that I wouldn’t mind some kind of notification for series that I follow, if such a thing is possible.

-I’m unable to purchase any of the comics on the app after this last update and it really is frustrating me. I want to be able to read the latest in a series and it keeps giving an error.

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