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Dailymotion: Explore and watch videos
by Dailymotion

App Category:- Entertainment

There’s nothing better than finding a video that feels like it was made just for you. Our goal is to connect people to the videos that matter, to guide them to experiences we think they’ll love and let them indulge in their personal home of entertainment. With dailymotion:
•Dive into an endless, immersive, and personal viewing experience.
•Find new videos to love and channels to follow with curated recommendations tailored to your tastes.
•Cast videos on a big screen.
•Download videos and continue watching even when your internet connection is misbehaving.
•Create playlists to watch videos your way.
•Build your library to keep track of videos you love.
•Watch live videos from any device.

Dailymotion Explore and watch videos

Dailymotion Explore and watch videos


Download Dailymotion: Explore and watch videos App :-


Download Dailymotion: Explore and watch videos App


User Reviews :-

Robin Simoneau
Amazing! Best app I have EVER installed! You can download videos and they will actually still pull up even when you don’t have an internet signal/service. Blows youtube out the water BY FAR! I ♡ DM!!!

Bill Diorio
I’ve been using this application for years and it is a great escape from YouTube. But the last few months have had constant video playing issues. It seemed to get resolved briefly and now I have to download videos first to watch them. Otherwise videos won’t play at all. Please fix this problem.

Deanna Lee
It seems to work really well but I don’t like that I can’t view the full title of a video in a list of search results. So, for example, when watching a series, all I may be able to see is the name of the series but the actual episode numbers are cut off.

Crossoff Evans
The videos takes longer to play. My other apps are fast to load except this. Please make the connection faster. It’s an inconvenience that the video I play stops and stops and stops. Like I need to wait for a minute for a video to play again and after 3 seconds I need to wait for a minute again.

Larry Chisholm
This app is getting better, but it still needs work. Today I cleared my searches which caused the search function to crash. Had to reboot the app. I do like that it can handle playlists again. Unfortunately, the app often disconnects between videos.

caz W
Can freeze a bit, and if u put it on pause say to check an email the screen goes wonky as if it sliced up which is a pain as you have to restart and find where u were up to. And any that are on HD all the letters are mirror image which makes difficult viewing

App User
The app stay to the blue page with daily motion logo… doesn’t work!! I downloaded this app because your website is horrible the player try to be fancy tech but it is just a mess, you should comeback to basics. I am wondering if someone is sabotaging dailymotion.

Mathieu Codomier
I was unable to disable notifications. I don’t want unwanted notifications into my android system. There is no settings menu or this menu is pretty hidden into the app.

Paul Rinaldi
Would give it 5 stars because it usually has things out in English sub before YouTube but I don’t like the new video player update. It’s horrible.

Awesome app honestly, nowadays the ads are not too much, a reasonably bit to keep the company running and generating some money. Overall great app for watching paid videos for free at a reasonable rate. Thanks dailymotion!! **There are thing that could be better although I understand the reasoning behind that, so don’t get mad at the 480p videos your watching, a test it’s free**

Chris Colon
Ad breaks come up every 5 minutes without warning. Ads are streamed in full quality which frequently buffers on slow connections. Often repeats the same ads every break.

App User
It’s kinda dumb at parts. When the ad is over it restarts the whole video. Get some help. Learn more about technology. Then come talk to me. K?????? 🤨🤨

Bobby VanDrimmelen
Works great but very biased and bad videos on the ho

Tanaya Bellydance
Sometimes the video lags but the audio continues. If you tap the screen it quickly jumps to the correct place. If it didn’t do this I would give 5 stars.

Doug Roberts
I am new to this app. I am looking for an alternate to YouTube censorship. While one person’s free speech may be another’s hate speech, their emotional reaction must not stop freedom.

Nyx Ong
Understood there would be ads. But I didn’t expect it to have 2 ads which is at least total 60s for every 5 – 6 minutes I watch, and I cannot choose to skip.

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