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CyberGhost VPN
by Cyberghost SA

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A true trendsetter in matters of digital freedom, CyberGhost VPN was founded back in 2011 and is already trusted by over 15 million users from all over the world. See for yourself what all the fuss is about by taking our app for a test drive, through its 7-day free trial!

Here are even more reasons for choosing CyberGhost VPN:

● CyberGhost VPN is a 4-in-1 app, as it includes a profile for each of your digital needs
● Automatic Wi-Fi protection, for all known hotspots, public or private
● 256-bit AES encryption, strongest on the market, so that no one has access to your online activity, hacker or snoopy neighbor
● Borderless access to global streaming services, such as Netflix, among many others
● Since we want to make sure all your online activity is protected, our VPN app is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux operating systems, as well as routers
● Simultaneous use on up to 5 devices, for all CyberGhost VPN subscribers
● Friendly customer support, through live chat or email
● Very strict no-log policy
● DNS and IP leak protection
● Benefits included for both casual and advanced VPN users
● OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols
● Unlimited bandwidth and traffic, available through the highest possible speed
● Kill-switch feature which guarantees that if your VPN connection drops, your device will not access the Internet outside the secure VPN tunnel
● ISO certification: CyberGhost is probably the only VPN provider out there certified by ISO for quality and safety
● You can take all these features for a test drive during the 7-day trial period, which provides you with all the benefits included in a CyberGhost VPN subscription.


CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN


Secure Wi-Fi
A must-have app when switching from one Wi-Fi to another in hotels, restaurants, cafes or clubs. A great travel companion. It automatically detects Wi-Fi connections and secures them. It encrypts your Internet connection so all your emails, conversations, passwords, payment & banking details, personal photos are safe from unwanted prying eyes.

Surf Anonymously
It works with Wi-Fi and mobile data (i.e. 4G & LTE) and allows you to select the country you wish to surf the web from. Get access to over 1,000 VPN servers in over 40 countries. This profile helps you stay protected against online content which might track your activity, and enables you to prevent malicious content.

Secured Streaming
You can now enjoy your favorite TV series, sports events or listen to the music that you love, wherever you are. Simply select the streaming channel you wish to access or even add your own to the list. It’s really that easy!

Choose My Server
Private internet connection on both Wi-Fi and cellular data, enabling manual country as well as server selection. This profile enables you to prevent online tracking, stay safe from malicious content and save money through mobile data compression.

Don’t just trust us, here is what experts say about us:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
CyberGhost gets the most important things right – it has a great attitude to privacy, lots of servers all over the place, and performance is good.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐
CyberGhost customers get to enjoy complete anonymity over the Internet.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
A powerful and fast VPN from a big-name privacy provider.

How to get a CyberGhost VPN subscription:
After your trial period expires, for unlimited access to all the CyberGhost features, you can purchase a VPN subscription, for a monthly fee (USD 10.99 per month) or yearly fee (USD 59.88 every 12 months).

Download CyberGhost VPN App  :-


Download CyberGhost VPN App (42 MB)


User Reviews :-


Paul Broughton
I absolutely love this app and the PC version too, it does its job with no dramas. Nice and easy user interface combined with high speeds at a very reasonable fee. Circumvents geo locked websites and videos, giving access to content I wouldn’t be able to use otherwise. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a VPN, especially for cross platform work.

Prashob Aravind
Looking for the best fastest and secured VPN? You are in the right hands if you download CG! The best VPN i ever used and customer support? 100/100. The best customer support ever I’ve seen so far! If you have any questions or concerns, the technical teams are right there for your support. Thanks CG

Emjay Evfe
If it’s not booting you off your chosen server, it’s crashing and forcing you to log in again. Would be nice if it didn’t do this and/or gave you an error message (and not forcing you to manually check the toolbar to see if the app is still open and working); or better yet auto log-in and log-on to servers. Disappointing…and I have a three-year licence 😤.

Aashish Mishra
Do you use an automatic kill-switch? Plus no data logging, right! And I hope you use open-source protocol not L2TP/IPsec or PPTP. The interface is nice and easy. Fast connection speed and instant connection is always nice

Jay Jay
Recommended for those who are into cheap vpn solutions. Not recommended for those who are intending to use it to stream shows. It does not work for certain platforms. While speed are clearly not the best was I tested out on other 2 vpn i use. Customer service isn’t that good, approached fb staff on messenger and they seem impatient about me asking them certain question. I ask them and they kept asking me to refer to what is on their website. Proving that they lack the knowledge needed

Rob Varde
So far so good I like this app. Its simple and is outside the 15 eyes so I don’t have to worry about being spied on either by my government or advertising agents. It’s a bit pricey but I still think it’s worth it.😁

George Wade
If you’re tired of seeing distracting pictures and video on the web… If you want to slow down and enjoy the anticipation of every single file as you wait for it to download, this is the app for you. Otherwise, it’s well designed but utterly useless due to terrible performance.

App User
Glad to see that they are no longer claiming this is a free VPN which was the cause of my original one star review… I have now tried it and in fact it is comprehensive, easy to use with a large number of servers in a large number of countries. Difficult to find any fault.

Jesse Afolabi
So I’ve been a premium member for a little over a week and I love the service, however, I’m unable to use it on my Pixelbook which is my primary device and that’s such a bummer! The app fails to connect to the internet. I’m pretty much exposed whenever I use my device in public spaces. Pray tell, when will you push out support for Chromeos? I’m forced to use my Windows gaming PC and I literally can’t wait to get my to my PB. I hope you can respond to my inquiry sooner. Looking forward. Update: I did what you recommended but it failed to connect.

Eadwin Tomlinson
Liked the look and functions of the app but it struggles when you move from a WiFi area to mobile and back again. It now freezes on the loads screen and hopefully it work now I’ve reinstalled otherwise this will be one star and refund request – basically they need to work on failing gracefully rather than getting confused – disappointing

App User
i have a 3 year subscription, one of the main reasons i use it is for a Kodi box, multiple times when i check the cyberghost app it has not activated the VPN and i have been using my box unprotected. whats worse than no VPN? thinking you have VPN protection only to find out your streaming has not been protected for the past 5 hours. Pull your finger out Cyberghost as I am loosing my trust in you VPN service.

I love this app so much, It hides your IP address like it says that it would, it says that there are no ads and I didn’t get any, and it says that it helps protect your wifi. 3 things that I was looking for and it was all in this app. Thank you for creating this.

Joshua M
The best VPN I’ve come across. I try out different vpn’s to see who offers what, which one is quickest and by far cyberghost is the fastest! Never any problems with cyber ghost!

App User
It’s pretty awesome. I can’t help but think that, when I originally signed up, I had a 6 device limit. But now I only have 5. Kinda weird. Edit: yes, probably my mistake thinking I had 6 device limit instead of 5. I also want to add that I did a ton of research, and I mean a ton, and I found that Cyberghost is the only VPN that checks all the boxes. Not based in a spying eyes country, doesn’t keep logs, no data cap, etc.

Sachin Solanki
I am a premium member. Fully satisfied with the service on PC. However this app is terrible everytime I try to secure public WiFi I get an error that no servers can be found. The app works fine on private networks but the whole point of the app is to secure public networks?!!

super bob
Not too shabby, seems to do a decent job. Netflix and some other media won’t work but that’s also how you can tell it’s working correctly. Props to the minds behind this app.

Mick Shanley
Does everything I want it too at a really good price. Have used this on Linux, debian and currently have it on three android devices so still have 4 places free. I see complaints from people basicallywanting everything the app offers but not wanting too pay instead of complaining if you know you will use it and want the paid version spend a couple of pound a month and enjoy or stick with torbot and hope you are safe on mobile devices.

Jose Ramos
Was able to connect to MLB, but had issues with the server speed. MLB stops streaming every 4 to 5 minutes and need to go back and restart the streaming, which is the same issue that I am having with a free VPN service but not when I stream without a VPN. Want to subscribe for the premium service but not if the connecting speed will be the same.

Benjamin White
I paid for the 3 year subscription, you can put it on up to 7 devices and it seems to work well. You can select from a large option of servers as proxy’s and my down/up speed doesn’t seem noticeably bottlenecked as with many VPN’s. Only thing I would say is there’s different connection types or profiles to select based on whether you’re streaming, on wifi, or via normal 3G/4G. It’d be good if they made more of a differentiation between these and which does what, they’re presented as choices but for instance on 3G you can’t use the wifi profile so it’d be nice if unapplicable profiles were hidden. But otherwise a good app!

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