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Cricket Visual Voicemail
by Cricket Wireless LLC

App Category:- Communication

Some voicemails are important. Others are a waste of time. We designed Cricket Visual Voicemail to help you see your way to the messages that matter.

Visual Voicemail lets you:

· View a list of your voicemail messages
· Play, delete, or save messages in any order
· Pause, stop, replay and fast forward messages while playing
· Reply to messages by returning the call or text message
· Easily change your recorded greeting
· Save important messages to your phone or memory card.
· Easily export voice messages

Important to know: Receiving voicemail on the Visual Voicemail app will not count against your high-speed data quota. Downloading this app and responding to voicemails using email will count against your high-speed data quota. During initial setup the app may send a free one-time SMS to your Cricket Voicemail service to authenticate your account.


Cricket Visual Voicemail

Cricket Visual Voicemail



Problems Upgrading?

Don’t sweat it! We’re here to help.

Some phones may have an incorrect device setting that will cause problems during the upgrade. If your phone has a problem, just follow these simple steps:
-Open your phone’s Settings.
-Under Applications, tap Call.
-Under Voicemail, tap Voicemail Settings.

-Tap OK to save your changes.

Now go back to the Google Play store and download or update the Cricket Visual Voicemail App.
If you still need help, chat online at or call 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) from your phone.

Download Cricket Visual Voicemail App :-


Download Cricket Visual Voicemail App (5.1 MB)



User Reviews :-

Tamara D
Important message from a doctor in my voicemail but I can’t access it because of you, Cricket. This could potentially be the voicemail telling me that I have cancer. Because of the callback number I can only speak to the operator of the five offices that I go to so they don’t know which doctor called me and because it force closes everytime I click the voicemail it may never be heard. I may have never been more upset in my life than I am right now!!

T Elrod
Doesn’t always pop up when you get a voice mail. If you call in to hear your messages, it should change the unread / unheard messages to none. And then the big one…. What an adventure to see what it thinks it’s heard and then turned into text. Oh boy. Comedic, really. If other cellular companies can provide a decent visual voicemail, why can’t you cricket? Also, try just listening to your VM through the app. If the message is more than 3 seconds, you’re lucky to get through listening to the whole message. It will cut off, then you have to start it again. Come on guys, you can fix this!

David Kobliska
Why is this app so sketchy??? I have to tap buttons multiple times before it will perform any functions. EVERY time I play a message, it stops after about 10 seconds and I have to hit the play button (multiple times) to start it again. Voice to text translations are also typically hilarious, so thanks for that.

Steve Edmiston
Problems lately. A couple of updates ago it started pausing playback at about the 4 second mark. That hasn’t been corrected. A couple of days ago an update broke voicemail completely–couldn’t access voicemail from this visual app or the dial-in way. Resetting my password corrected that. The July 2 update broke it again. 3 stars is generous.

Frank Johnson
The app is not very responsive, I have to touch the play button many times in order to hear my voicemails. Also my voicemails stop halt way and i have to hit the play button to keep on hearing my message.

Brandon 1
Why is this app been broken for last couple of months. Is it tht hard to develop a app tht plays back message tht doesn’t stop every few seconds. App used to work well

Sam Boustani
Not responsive to touch most of the time and stops playing multiple times during playback. I think it’s because it doesn’t download the voicemail fast enough and doesn’t show a progress indicator, so you don’t know what’s happening and you press play multiple times. Speaker turns off when playback pauses.

Richard Webb
Only Sprint has a good speech-to-text algorithm that gets 99% of words correct. Cricket version is unreliable. Touch Sensitivity of screen is poor. I must touch the speaker button at least twice to make it operate. The play button only plays for a few seconds then stops, then I must press it again. Usually the play button causes the speaker button to turn off.

David Anderson
It never transcribes my voicemail messages. In addition, I have to tap the controls twice every time I use this app to get them to work. After tapping the speakerphone option twice, then tapping the play button twice, the message stops playing after a few seconds for an unknown reason. This was both before and after the latest update was installed.

David Keller
Doesn’t translate very well on mine… The text is telling me something way different than actual voicemai. Also freezes when playing voicemail back. I give two stars for potential

Marc Levinson
My S5 Active with Android 4.4.2 will NOT refresh VM at all anymore with current VVM app. I have to call to hear any new VM. My father has S5A with Android 6, and has the same delay and play problems everybody else is reporting. If so many people are having problems with new version, why can’t they roll back to prior version that worked until they fix the new?

Jon D
Does anyone from Cricket test this app, like at all? Does it pass QA? You click play, it doesn’t play until a few taps, then you play, it stops playing, then have to click play again. Annoying. Very bad design.

Bethany TG
App used to work flawlessly. Now I don’t get notifications for new VM through the app. I have to open the app and refresh to see any new voicemails. It also randomly stops playback while listening to messages.

Christopher Drake
This app is horrible. After last update it stopped working completely. Get a no connectivity error. When it did work, it has all the problems people say: messages pause 3 sec in, you have to hit every button twice. Cricket customer support seems clueless. The issue seems to be related to Android 9.0 (Pie), but when I called Cricket wasn’t aware of the new operating system update. If you are having this issue with Pie please contact them so there is more pressure to resolve.

Jason Chipkin
They rolled back to previous crappy version. Messages stop playing after a few seconds and you have to double tap every button for them to work: press every button two times to play or pause or put on the speaker or even press back. How difficult is it too make a button press command?

KaShanda Johnson
I used to enjoy this app thoroughly! Convenient way to check messages and go on about my day. But as of lately, the app is sketchy, mediocre at best. You’d start a message, it stops. Then you have to start it over multiple times, and there are points where the message it cut off at the beginning. I shouldn’t have to fuss with an app like this. Very frustrating. I can truly say that since you’ve gone under At&T, your overall service has gone down immensely.. You have got to do better….

Shaun McCarthy
For such a simple app, this still manages to be barely functional. Most actions require hitting the associated button multiple times until it registers. If the speaker is turned on, it ALWAYS pauses playback two seconds in, requiring you to hit the play button until it resumes playback. SO doing something as basic as playing a message over the speaker takes about 20 taps on three buttons.

Good app but needs work. Hate that it starts playing and 3 seconds in quits playing the voicemail. don’t like that you have to double tap the voicemail button and speaker icon to go speaker phone, should be a single tap.

Dustin Rose
This app is awful. Every single time either my wife or I try to listen to a voicemail (on completely different phones) it stops playing after the first 3-4 seconds, that’s all assuming it will connect to the voicemail to begin with. I would much rather forward my VM to Google Voice, but of course Cricket wants to force you into their awful VM app.

App User
This app has never been right at telling me what my voicemails actually say. It actually completely butchers them and the sentences make no amount of sense. Always have to listen to them, which defeats the purpose of VISUAL voicemail. Deleting this app.

Stefano Marino
The last update rendered this app several steps back in functionality. Messages stop playing several times during playback and I have to hit the play button several times just to hear the entire message. It also turns off the speaker on its own and I have to hit that button several times because the buttons don’t respond in this app.

Diana Stephens
No longer works with the new Android 9 Pie update that has been pushed down. Now have to dial in to get voicemail and there is no call forwarding option available to use a third party visual voicemail app. Just switched to Cricket. Guess I’ll be switching back.

7/12 Fed up. Disabled this abhorrent app. 7/11 update. Still horrid. Syncs messages now, and error messages are gone. App now screws up my Bluetooth connectivity and ringer volume setting. Also multiple key presses still needed and messages stop playing back mid-stream. I still consider it totally broken and hate it with 1 star. 7/2 update. Let’s see how it works. Error messages seem gone now. Hope it is fixed. Will update review once app is fully tested. Totally broken after update. No connectivity and cannot be completed at this time error messages. After previous update, full of annoying bugs. Get this thing fixed once and for all because right now, it is garbage.

Joe Oberster
I always have to hit play and speaker phone two or three times before it works. The message always ALWAYS stops playing part way through and I have to hit play a couple more times to get it to play again.

No connectivity. Used to love it. Now it doesn’t work. I’ve updated the app and changed voicemail number as suggested. Still no connectivity. Been broken for months. Ridiculous

Benson Wong
Piss poor app. Touch response is retarded, meaning you have to touch the button three or four times before something finally happens. When it does finally start playing your voice messages, it does so for only 6 seconds, then cuts it off there. You have to touch the Play button after three or four times before message playback resumes where it was cut off. Also, it never refreshes with new voice messages unless you tell it to, another process that takes 10 seconds to initiate because of the retarded, non-responsive GUI. I’ve had it with Cricket. I’m jumping over to Project Fi.

L. Boogie
IDK what you guys did when you “updated” it, but I can’t even check my messages through the app now. Everytime I try to refresh it I keep getting “no connectivity”. The app is useless to me now and I have to go back to the old way of checking my voicemails. I hope y’all fix it because before even though it wasn’t anything impressive it did do what it was designed to do at least. Update: I was about to delete this app today and decided to see if you guys had fixed the problem and you have! Which is good because despite the apps flaws I do like the app when it’s working. So three stars instead of one! 🙂

Jeff Altorfer
The stop playback and turn off speaker after 4 seconds error is back, along with play/stop indicators that don’t work and a message count that simply doesn’t update until the third or forth try: (all this was fixed; Well it’s broken, again, as of early July 2018) SERIOUSLY FOLKS? HOW TOUGH IS IT? THIS APP HAS ONE FUNCTION, MANAGE VOICE MAIL. it used to work, now every other update it’s broken. Core functionality guys: Not useless features. The app used to work just fine. Stop messing with it

Derek Matuszewski
The only issue I notice is the voicemails always stop the first time you try and play it and then you have to hit play again, sort of annoying. The proximity sensor bug was fixed. I like the voice to text and being able to access voicemails without dialing in.

Michael Keefe
The app plays voicemail although it doesn’t automatically detect that you have new voicemail. I have to manually refresh to see new voicemail. Sadly the buttons require two presses before they respond. This is still true with the latest July update which is more broken than the one from the end of June. Transcription no longer works at all. Sadly there is a new bug where the caller ID rapidly changes from the phone number to the description.

Tng Hau
Hard to believe such simple app can be so badly designed. The play back kept pausing for no apparent reason. The speaker. Keep getting turned off every time after you resume it (because it got paused for no reason) . every time i select a voice mail, it should just play it without me touching the play button.

Amber H
If the app worked, I would much prefer it over the normal voicemail that came on my phone. However, I haven’t been able to use it for about the past year because it always says not responding and closes itself out. I get notifications and the voicemails just keep racking up but I have no way of clearing them because the app won’t let me in. Even when it did work, it would only record maybe 20% of the voicemails I received. I just want it gone at this point.

Brian Saghy
It was nice for a while, but now it seems to be abandoned in a broken state. 1) I no longer get voicemail notifications until I open the app. Not particularly useful. 2) Only about the first 2-3 seconds play before the audio randomly pauses, and you have to resume. It is consistent, and extremely annoying. 3) I don’t think I’ve had any transcriptions for months.

Timothy Weers
Stops after 2-4 seconds of playback, the description of the voicemail does not match what is being stated at all. Sometimes it gives …. Instead of dialogue Pretty much sucks.

ohn Doe
As of today, the app is still broken – have to press “Play” button multiple times to start playback, then playback stops after about 5 seconds and I have to press Play again… Also, the “proximity sensor” by deafult is too sensitive, must be disabled in the app’s settings to make this app less aggravating.

App User
SUPER SLOW. Buggy. Have to press play twice to get a message to play then it stops after 4 second and you have to press play again. Same thing with the speaker. It used to work just fine but the last few months have been terrible.

Chae Yi
Keeps saying ‘No Connectivity’ and doesn’t show any voicemails. I don’t even need speech2text, I just want to know whether I have any voicemails or not. Missed many messages, I’m mad.

Tieran Graham
I think Cricket, AT&T, and anyone involved sucks at their service. Their little map lies. I will be changing providers as soon as possible. Done with a service that is so slow and worthless.

Does not work at all since my phone updated to Android Pie – please fix ASAP

Jason Busch
Update is not good. Was working perfectly prior. Now, it requires two touches to play, stop, or anything else in the playback screen.

Debbie Essman
It is supposed to be visual voicemail but NOT. I have not been able to read one voicemail and worse yet when I try to listen to them they stop after about 1 second and I have to press play. So very frustrating

App used to work great. Now have to double tap every command. Always pauses playback 2 seconds in.

D. Robinson
It cuts off in the middle of playback on every voicemail I receive around the 4 second mark. Super annoying!!

Andrea Zahner
Vivo Blu XL3 Plus Android version 7.1.2 Previous phones… app worked great. Constant gitches and app freeze on this device.

App User
Update broke the app, “No connectivity”. Please fix this ugly low resolution icon.

I. Velasquez
No longer working with pixel 2 xl Android pie. No connectivity error message

R.J. MacReady
Have to press the buttons several times and doesn’t play the messages very well. Stops suddenly. Pretty much worthless.

Hou Xiong
Doesn’t always show new voice mail unless I open the app and hit refresh. Buttons don’t respond until after a few clicks. When the play button does work, playback stops after a few seconds and I have to hit play again.

Mike Joseph
The app kind of works. You have to tap everything twice for it to work whether it’s the play button or the speakerphone button You have to tap it twice also if you tap play and then the speakerphone icon so it plays through your speaker it stops playing and you have to play it again. Kind of a pain in the ass app but it works.

mario zombie
Check your voice mail without calling and going through a bunch of menu options. Only problem is that if you set playback to speaker, the app will reset it back to phone when you check the next voice mail. Really annoying. I don’t like holding the phone to my head and risk getting brain cancer from radiation exposure.

Chuck Todd
It doesn’t transcribe any of my messages. You have to tap buttons twice. It pauses playback at 3-4 seconds.

Naomi Lowderman
For those having issues with no connectivity and glitches, I just went to my saved messages, hit refresh, then back to the main messages, refreshed again, and everything went back to normal. Hope it works for you. Cricket, you should have fixed this days ago.

Perry G
I thought that I was having so many problems with the app because I upgraded to Samsung S9plus, and Cricket just hadn’t updated yet. And then I looked at the other reviews. Now I’m convinced that it’s the developers with Cricket!!

Julie Ebbs-Bigelow
App does not work! Does not transcribe voicemails at all and takes several tries to even listen to voicemails

Richard T
It takes for ever to actually read the play button has been hit then plays 3 seconds and pauses every damn time. same with speaker button you have to hit like 4 times to activate!

Mike Shaffer
For some bizarre reason since the last update all this app does now is quit and closes when i attempt to click on a message to be heard I have days worth of messages I can’t receive

Troy Vorlik
Horrendous! It takes several presses to start playing. Then it stops after a couple seconds and another couple presses to get it to start again. It takes several presses to get it to switch to speaker. Then when you start it over because you missed part if the message it turns the speaker off again

Edward Brockschmidt
This app keeps getting worse. Now it does not work at all. When it did work it would stop at the 5 second mark Everytime. Very frustrating. Running pixel XL with latest updates. Having to use the old school call in voicemail

Jason Simon
Message pauses every time after 2 or 3 seconds, and you have to hit every button at least twice for it to respond. This is my only complaint about Cricket, their voicemail app sucks bad.

Athena Cruise
The network error is resolved but for some reason, the messages stop playing part way through and I have to press the play button again. It’s been an ongoing issue. I’m not impressed with the app in its current rendition.

james kapp
After the new update, it no longer has connectivity to cricket. So it does not work. Please remove update and try again with a working one. It’s very annoying to have to dial in to the voicemail. please fix ASAP

Dubya Kaydee
Had to reinstall. Vv said it needs every permission so it takes me half an hour to figure out what to do. After I uninstalled and reinstalled I lost all my saved and new messages. What did Cricket do? The stole my messages! The app is garbage!

Jessica Brown
The app is constantly stopping my messages from being played. It will play about 5 seconds at a time then stop and have trouble playing again. The voice to text isn’t very reliable either, which isn’t uncommon but with the playback having issues as well it’s slightly annoying

Doesn’t work and hasn’t worked since I got cricket wireless. And all I get is no network connection when I get a voice mail and I’ve had service with them for 4 months now.

Kiersten Elrod
Seriously disappointed. I had to call support just to set it up, and now it doesn’t even work. Just says “no connectivity” every time you open it. Worst part is that j can’t even uninstall because it’s a factory app.

Steve Long
Problems with getting messages to play, playback pauses without touching anything, speaker vs earphone setting changes on its own, buttons are unresponsive. Other than that, it’s just okay.

Steve Hendrickson
The speaker & play buttons have to be pressed numerous times before they ever play a message. THEN the message plays for 3 seconds & STOPS. It takes about two minutes to listen to a12 seconds message.

App User
7/2/18 7pm central time The app is fixed! Automatically updated tonight and is working again, the no connectivity error has been fixed and Voicemail is being downloaded to the app and can be played offline again. Thanks!

Veronica Flury
I had the same problem with the voicemail it was saying no connection. I was going to give up on the voicemail to delete it get a new one on my phone. I updated it now it works

Amar Dave
I don’t get my messages for past 2 weeks. Many other people have complained. I also complined. Cricket said they fixed it but they didn’t fix it. Oh well.

Peter Kerry
Why does it stop every four seconds during playback?!? SO ANNOYING have to hit play button multiple times to hear one message. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

App User
New bug fix did not fix anything still no connection bug please fix app was good b4 you messed up dont fix what is not broken 😡 Update – still not working come on cricket whats going on please fix this is unacceptable

Slaffka S
The application is working, but… Two major drawbacks: 1. The controls are not responsive enough. Play and Speaker icon are not responsive when you touch them the first time. they do respond after a few touches. 2. When I play back a message, it stops at approximately 3-4 seconds. I need to press Play icon again to keep it going.

Alicia Latimer
There are some bugs in the update. I have to push Play or Delete twice to play or delete a message, and the message pauses at five seconds, no matter what, and I have to resume it again.

Rob Cote
have to push buttons several times before it plays, pauses a few seconds in, changes from speakerphone to earphone, slide to beginning of message…changes to a different message. sucks!

Back Alley Talk
Update 7/4/18….recently updated the app but still no proximity sensor support so I must use listen to my messages through the speaker instead of putting the phone to my ear. Also now the message will stop a few seconds after starting. Have to push play again and start over. Smh Update…1/30/18 still no proximity sensor support for moto x pure. So when I listen to messages I have to use the speaker and can’t put the phone to my ear. Update 8/28/16.. I have a new phone. The Moto x pure and the proximity sensor still isn’t being utilized. I’ve checked the settings. ….. For some reason the app isn’t utilizing the proximity sensor so when I put the phone to my ear to listen to my messages I can’t. My ear hits the play bar and messes up.

William Pajaro
When I first open the app it works fine but after I listen to one voicemail it will not allow me to listen to any other ones I have unless I close it and reopen the app thi is very frustrating

Addis G
This doesn’t work anymore. It keeps saying password not saved. Check your connection, or VPN setting and something else. Why is this problem not being solved.

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