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Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices

• Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud
• Access the contacts in your Google Account from any device
Keep your contacts organized and up to date
• View your contacts by account (e.g., work vs. personal)
• Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos
• Get suggestions for adding new contacts, cleaning up duplicates, and more
Contacts is currently only supported on devices running Android Lollipop and above.





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Download Contacts App


User Reviews :-

Nathanael Istre
I think it was the latest update, but it can no longer handle multiple contacts (I have contacts associated with Google and Microsoft). Before I could seamlessly pick which account (or both) I wanted to view contacts and when adding could easily select which account I associated that new contact to. I simply can’t do any of that anymore. In my going through settings I no longer have any contacts stored in the app. But they are still with my respective accounts, confirmed online. I attempted importing via vCard, but it just keeps failing, which may not be an issue with the app, but I shouldn’t have to even attempt resorting to vCards. Need to fix managing multiple accounts like they use to be or a comparable process. This is vital problem perhaps not for the every Android user but for any business user they will most likely have multiple accounts for contacts.

Todd Stewart
Material Theme is Horrible. Too much white and don’t even get me started on the PASTEL colors! Stick with primary colors like in the Google logo. Unfortunately, I believe most of the Google apps are slated to get this awful Material Theme. Please add a Dark Mode like Android Messages.

Christopher Winchell
If you like the decor in a typical baby’s nursery, then you will love this app, with its pretty pastels on white. I happen to hate this color combination.

App User
What app it’s very useful my phone is dead so I’m got a new Mobile I not hope to backup my contact I see Gmail and click to contact and download this app the app guess my old mobile phone and in 2 sec my contact are backup it’s very useful please download this app

Robert Phelan
Update changed text to thin spindly text and the colors are a girly light pastel colors. Google is trying to be apple? Bad move. Delete.

New degine is very nice.Please add dark mode to the app . UPI can be added to this app. It will be nice to have UPI in this app Insted of tez.

Udit Gupta
I love this app interface please update that type interface in call app, I’m waiting

What do you think we are to have a need for suggestions? We are not mentally handicapped people. And congratulations for the blank white design. I can hardly imagine a worse one… But I’m sure you will surprise us again…

Jamie Nadeau
I HATE the new update colours make it hard to read: Patel colours on white background. Please put something more contrasting!

Robert Rescola
My contacts keep getting erased! Ive had some very important contacts and family members deleted by this app. The same with Google photos! What is going on??!n

Mehul Bhavsar
New update is awful the colour scheme is very difficult to see and read. Change it back or at least add an option to switch.

Maxim Klimenko
My contacts doesn’t appear on my Smartwatch 3 and no one for this long time created a solution

Really good app, if a phone app was made with this, it would be a better replacement with most default phone and contacts apps on most Android phones

Yogesh Rao
The new update is awesome… expecting similar UI updated for default Google Applications

App User
Google please add material theme to your phone dialer as well as the ability to press an alphabet from the right to reach all contacts starting from that alphabet

Willy Tanner
Why everything has to be just white? White white white, white everywhere. I like the new font, everything else is….soooo white..

App User
Are you freaking serious Google ? you updated this app to be pastel girly freaking colors ?SMH I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you guys lately but you need to get back on track, the iPhone is looking better and better everyday. Don’t update to 3.*

Vamsi Krishna BG
Sucking app… Cant merge all the accounts in to a single contact.. showing paytm account whatsapp any other seperately.. try to fix it

Badal Tomar
Please tell me.. how to save contacts directly to sim storage Because this app only save contacts on the Google accounts?

stenly colonna
ini di update malah fitur blocker ny ilang trs apa gunanya update nya tampilan doang….👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Daulatram Karel
Some basic features of contact management are missing. In old versions it was easily available, but in latest ones its not there and some basic stuff is very hard to find. Example – Blocking a contact for both incoming and outgoing was very simple earlier but the feature is not there any more. Keeping contacts from different accounts separate is no longer possible. During sync all the contacts from all account get synced to my primary account as a result this gives rise to the issue of duplicate contacts.

This App is such a waste of time. All duplicate contacts and not gets updated in line with update in WEB. If you could find the bug and fix it it would be good. My windows phone is working perfect and sinks correctly with the google contact. This means there is some issue with the Contact App or with Android.

Daniel Lawton
Installed this with some worry on my S8 after reading the negative reviews. Did take ages to link with online accounts but once done seems to work fine currently. Seems quite a basic app. There are a few duplicate blank accounts appearing but not sure if that is messy contacts on different accounts online of mine or an issue with their app. Got it solved now…

Gaurav Pratap Singh
I think there is bug or something in this app. It makes multiple blank contacts under same contact name which is very annoying. Also there is no option to delete multiple contacts by selecting them. You have to open every contact to delete it. Really frustrating. Please Resolve it google. You have a very big reputation to keep.

David Cruz
Update 7-23-18: From one day to the next the problem was resolved. Great job Google. I love the app and I want to stay as native as possible to Android. Thank you. The appp never completes “Getting Contacts”. I can see there’s constant attempt to get my contacts, but it never ends. I was trying to transition most of my apps to native Android, but stopped with contacts because it has a bug. I have a Note 8. Google you get 1 star until it’s fixed.

Seth Klibonoff
I liked the contacts app I had on my Galaxy S4 much, much better. What I miss the most is the ability to have separate notification tones for each contact. It sucks that I don’t have that ability. Please add this Google and I will give you 5 stars.

Prantik Biswas
I don’t know if this is the problem with the app or with the device in which this app is pre-installed as it is showing a contact multiple times for different account for that particular contact. Hope google will look into the matter and resolve the issue.

App User
Why don’t we get feedback after providing reviews? So many apps provide responses to reviews so all users can learn from it. Is anyone reading these? Why don’t you speak up once in a while? 🙋🙏😉

haveacigarrr III
Got my previous phone, and connected it to a Gmail account for phone contacts/backup, like it said to. O never wanted Google contacts to sync or show, and they didn’t. Just got a new phone, and not only do all my Google contacts sync (emails and every email I’ve contacted), but all the phone contacts I’d previously saved are nowhere to be found. Where are they? This app is garbage.

Tiago Matono
It used to be good. Now most of the contacts are not properly merged. So I get triple and quadruple contacts because of my Duo and WhatsApp accounts. And there is no option to manually merge the accounts now.

DJ forGuv’nor
I didn’t know duplicate content was an issue untill I was reading through these reviews. I thought it was an error on my part, and I opened my sim and all contacts, or uploaded contacts from the cloud, but it seems to be a issue. This app is basic. Nothing special.and not very stable if it duplicates contacts. So, 3 stars for now untill there’s also no thing prettier to look at.

App User
All my contacts are mussing every now & than. I have to keep restoring my contacts again & again. What the f*u*c*k app is this? Google has gone far to steal my contacts

David Landry
How is it possible that it seems on an Android phone it’s impossible to send email to a contact group (and even on the web app it can’t be done from the email app, you have to go to contacts.) If it is possible, then they’ve made it the most undiscovered feature in the history of application design. Does anyone at google actually use these apps??????

Chinmaya Kumar
This app doesn’t give option to show only the phone contacts or contacts having phone numbers. I don’t want to see all my e-mail contacts in the app. It make life much difficult when you are trying to call somebody. It should give me flexibility what kind of contact I want to see and to set my preference according to that. Seems like the developers have missed the point to note that a phonebook should have phone numbers not just e-mails.

Ryan Prejean
The Link contacts button is missing. I have an account on Exchange and Google. I have several of these but it didn’t do it automatically for one. I tried to do it myself but the button is just simply not there. I unlinked an existing account to see if the button would show up on its individual contact pages. Now I can’t link them back! This app has been the gold standard up to this point. I will come back and change this to a 5.

Pamila Adikari
It’s really good because all contacts are stored in the Google contacts. Only drawback for me is, and that is the reason for 4 stars, is that Google contacts does not provide option for dual sim functions. I hope the developers will correct this in time to come.

James Harmon
Can’t assign a custom text message notification sound to individual contacts to identify them by incoming sound. Apparently, this is a former feature that has been removed. As someone coming from iOS, this is a feature that is sorely missed.

Kjosh Waddell
Bloated. And really annoying. Used to be simpler and more straight forward when phone and email contacts we’re easy to merge and opened within self contained apps. I have the same problem with Facebook messenger being it’s own app.

Edward Nadareski
Update: Still no merge capabilities on current version. Can’t select 2 contacts and merge them manually. Suggest still doesn’t work on all accounts. I happen to have over 7k contacts and it doesn’t sync correctly with Google online. Fields don’t line up properly with Google Contacts online data. Why can’t I display all note data and not just 1024 characters, apparently. Google online should be duplicated in Google Contacts app…not done that way…and not sure why?? Should also take the customized names directly in from Google Contacts online. So it doesn’t make any sense to create custom field names, since they don’t port over.

Csaba Rugli
My contact pictures are blurry like in gingerbread! I think this is the time to switch to IOS! (Iphone)

Padua Play
Google should QUIT making anything other than money on moronic ads! And leave such useful apps to those who care about it. This is the WORST app to come out of any professional organization. Duplicate contacts, terrible UI, no way to set up a local account and even when it is setup through a 3rd party app not playing nice etc etc the list of feature fails is endless. Google product designers should get it through their thick heads that not everyone wants to sync everything with their stupid email accounts.

Muzaki Yafi
Then: I can’t make calls from this app. Something like error. Now: lot of improvements, and now even analyze our contacts and give us suggestions.

App User
This is so bad, I have other phone which have better dialer n contact manager, here it doesn’t allow saving contact in phone memory and neither dialer has recording option. Pls Asus bring your old dialer in Zenfone or Google be smart and pls update this app

Udaya Kumar
Worst app.. even he can’t sync …sync is always problem.. it can recover the deleted contacts and didnt merge the contacts .

App User
Worst app, too bad, hate it too the core, please improve this like normal contact app. It has more bug’s, I have saved all my contacts one time but it shows same contact has 3 to 4 times 😤😤😤😤

App User
Totally sucks! Wanted to use it to get rid of some annoying email addresses popping up in Gmail doesn’t work. Completely useless because you can do everything this app does (and more) in your standard Android contact app. Bi idea what this idiotic app is useful for.

App User
multiple duplicates, no/ineffective updates…. rediculous merge when multiple google accounts used… google don’t seem to care? 🤔

Google developer please update my contact app for new things you made in this app I want to use it and wants to write a pros and cons for updated contact app I have already got update for phone approach is very authentic looks

kaushal pratap Singh
Very helpful app to send a mail to multiple contacts. I used to find difficulties to send a mail to multiple contacts as there was no option in gmail. Today I tried this and was able to send immediately. Thanks for this awaited app.

Jeremy starkiller
I downloaded this app and I am not sure what it is about or how it works better than the current one. Nice to be able to back up content is all I can think of right now.

Ajay k Jemni
As per saving, backup, synchronization, search of contacts, duplicate contacts everything is better done here but call logs like received, missed calls are not available combined….. its Separately available so i cut 1 star otherwise eligible for 5 star.

B Grant
Whose brilliant idea was it to bury title and place of work at the bottom of a contact? We need to see this information right up top ny their name, like it used to be.. especially when you have a common Name, like John Smith. When you make a real world business card, you jave name, title and company, prominently displayed. Google designers must not kkow how anyone uses a business card. Not surprising, sonce your offices look like KinderCare day care facilities. Also, the Material layout is hard to read, inefficiently leaves tpnsnof bright, glaring, empty white space while foecing thebuser to read and use controls that our in tiny hard to read skinny grey fonts.

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