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Contacts by BlackBerry

By BlackBerry


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Contacts by BlackBerry

Contacts by BlackBerry

Contacts by BlackBerry


If you don’t have a BlackBerry device:
You can use this app on your Android device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, to continue using the app, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ from the app or from BlackBerry Hub+ Services. Contacts requires BlackBerry Hub+ Services App.
If you have a BlackBerry device:
BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android get the app for free.
BlackBerry Contacts stores all your contact info in one location for convenient management. You can interact with your contacts using a variety of methods such as phone calls, text and email messages, or calendar events directly from the Contacts app. You can also create and manage contact groups.
• Access work and personal contacts in one convenient location
• Remotely search your work directory address list right from your device
• Search for a business or location and add the selected result automatically to a contact
• Create groups and easily start group conversations
• Quick access to favorite and frequently used contacts
• Supports CardDav accounts and Gravatars
• Quickly locate the contact you need with per account filtering
• Fully supports Android for Work deployment and, when enabled by your administrator, supports

Download Contacts by BlackBerry App Apk:-

Download Contacts by BlackBerry App Apk ( 9 MB )

User Reviews:

Clark _Elite
Of course it’s awesome! It’s BlackBerry I’ve been a 15 year BlackBerry user, I love BlackBerry, I tried the S7, S6 and the IPhone and their very nice phones and I give each one 13 days before I took them back, they just don’t compare to the BlackBerry Priv. With BlackBerry’s Contacts app it’s so easy to do anything on it.

A Google user
THE contacts app Great way to manage contacts

Adam Buccella
I love that I can see the company name below the contact names when scrolling through my list so that I can quickly tell people apart and find the correct “Joe” or “Peter”

Tim O’Connor
Excellent app. Good job Blackberry

Richard Lee
Great progress on the Android version. I just had a hiccup noticing that some of my contacts needed to be rejoined. Also, I wish you can add the BBM ID and Facebook contact, like the old BBOS 10 version.

James B
Liking the progress that’s been made since this first came out, glad to see my bbm contacts are now there (even displays my Signal app contacts) and I can combine with the rest of a person contact info now and shows duplicates. Recent history with the contact only shows via text too though which is kind of annoying. Maybe add a dark theme

John Kinsey
Okay Seems to work, does not automatically try and make me use Google /gmail contacts. Now if the blackberry messenger BBM would just work with this

Paul Johnston
Seems to work good, but I’d like to see a dark theme option. All BlackBerry Android devices have OLED screens. It would be nice to have that option.

D Montgomery
Works great, there is a little flicker when you open it since last update. Most of the bad reviews must be user error, came pre-installed on my phone and is a no brainer! Peace.

A Google user
Found it better than Google contacts app. There are few features more convenient. I wish it could be more lighter and faster

Paul Shubert
Best Contacts Management App Ever I haven’t used many different contact mangers but this beats them all!

Kumar Chandan
Bring your dual sim Add dual sim version in blackberry. I am a big fan of blackberry. Blackberry can become number one with so.e changes

Kunal Mazumdar
Worth it The app is really awesome to manage all your contacts in one place. Use it and save your precious time.

Peter Pijet
It used to be an excellent app, however all of a sudden I cannot sync my contacts with Google contacts anymore. I am not sure whether the problem is with this app or with Google. I have more contacts on google than this app shows. Very frustrated! UPDATE: the problem was with Google contacts – in particular the profile links it sets up. Nothing wrong with this app… still excellent!

Harshpreet Dhillon
By mistake I criticised this app but later on I found that the feature to remove the favorite calls is there. Sorry blackberry.

Pat Wallace
The text fields for names do not support emojis – for example mermaid works to send as sms but doesn’t work in a name? Update! Pllleasssee

Mo Alsharaf
No issues and running smoothly on Keyone. Prefer this BlackBerry App over the others that freeze and don’t work when using through various text and call apps.

Suparas Singhi
Good app but have problem with contact sync with linkedin…out of 1100 contacts only 960 got synced… rest not appearing in my contacts

Lewis Waddoups
Great app Everyone should use it

Bran Zeko
Awesome Please continue doing what you are doing.

Sigit Suryoprabowo
all fixed thanks for improving and listening

Seko Vimbelo
I love the BlackBerry app on Android experience

Jamal Jordan
LinkedIn Sync Maybe I’m missing something but LinkedIn doesn’t sync with contacts. Other than that great app!

Rafie Samin
It would be much nicer if the contact can be set to dark theme. But love it anyway

Garth Simpson
Beautiful Works perfectly, and intuitively, for me! Can’t imagine needing another contacts app.

Robert Halfon
Without doubt BlackBerry has the best software for key Apps for Android Phones.

KING syah
The best contacts apps ever across all OS platform. This contacts apps that powered by BlackBerry Android are so much different compare to the apps on other android devices, is superb in term of functions, appearance and Easy to manage UI.

Bart RybarczykI like it but I think there is a bug because same contact show up several times when is sorted by first or last name. this does not happen if it sorted by company.

Much better than I thought, keep it work blackberry Edit: most people in the comments doesn’t know how to use it. Especially how to manage the duplicate contacts and how to manage them account per email.

Ben Kaak
Good to be back Love BlackBerry products. Best business software around

Arsen Gulesserian
Finally a contact that works on android I hated all the cheesy android contact app. For business users who have thousands of contact. This is the only app that works.

Robert Arsenault
I don’t generally write reviews for apps unless I find them super functional. If you have multiple contacts over multiple accounts, this app is awesome! It pulls all contacts into one place. Also very great for merging duplicate contravention. Great job blackberry.

Need to have a phone dialer The application is very good though sometimes it lags and has delays in opening the app. Need to have a dialer inside the contacts so we can turn disable and force to stop the built in contact app to avoid redundancy. This was really the reason why users wont download this because they’re thinking that this will consume space since they already have one. Better provide a phone dialer so we can disable the built in apps

Travis Bickle
BlackBerry Contacts app is great! I have a nice clean contacts app with no duplicates and decent controls regarding where contacts are sync’d to and from.

zena ruzycki
Been a Black Berry user and Loved it. BB really thought out its apps and gave the end user the Best Possible. Now I’m stuck with Android and having to hunt for apps that just don’t measure up.Thankful for these BB apps.

Chao Zhang
It’s great, easy to use, but I really just want to see my google account contacts while it puts all my accounts like wechat, whatsapp and exchange contacts on the left tab. Please add function to filter the contacts.

Don McAskin
Contact Manager that really Works. Using with Cloud contacts, 4 different gmail accounts. Sync all. Can separate or see altogether. Works perfectly.

Dustin David
These contacts are amazing and very organized. One of the best contact apps out there.

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