New Android App “ComicScreen – ComicViewer” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by InstSoft

ComicScreen – ComicViewer
by InstSoft

Android users are able to easily, quickly see images, pictures, photos, and scanned copy in compressed file / ZIP file.

(This app contains ads)

■ Support compressed files/type : ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR

■ Support Images : JPEG , GIF , PNG , BMP


ComicScreen - ComicViewer android app

ComicScreen – ComicViewer android app


■ key functions

-SMB (samba), FTP network
-Drag & Drop (file , folder, etc)
-Smooth image scrolling
-Bookmark preview
-ZIP file quick view
-Page move preview
-Horizontal view mode (2 pages)
-Vertical view mode (1 page)
-Automatic page resort
-support chapter Drawer, if a folder in ZIP file.
-See list images in folders.
-Cut margin
-Page move by hardware key

Functions for easy management and display of images!

※ no images, compressed file in this APP


Download ComicScreen – ComicViewer App :- 

Download ComicScreen – ComicViewer App ( 15.4 MB )


User Reviews :-


I’m head over heals for this app😍. I totally love it. One thing and it’ll be perfect, I’d love to be able to zoom in the pictures by double clicking the screen(just like how it’s now in zooming out)

-completed reading One Piece manga using this app, its the best comics reader ever.

-Love this app. The new vertical scroll feature is amazing. It could be made better though, in my opinion. Personally, I would like if in vertical scrolling, every image is not considered as seperate. For ex., if I zoom in on a single page, it affects only that page (image). And rest all the pages on the screen remain of the same size. I read a lot of novels too on an e-reading app, and I always read them in vertical scroll mode. Its easier to read anything in vertical scroll. So I’d always wished that u guys come up with this feature. Never asked for it though. Was too happy to see this. So, my point being: if we read a novel/book in vertical scroll and make some changes with font, etc., it affects every page equally. It would make sense that comics behave in the similar manner. Maybe in vertical scroll mode, you could treat the entire scroll as one page. And so now when anyone zooms in, everything gets uniformly affected. Seems more pleasant to the eyes. I realize it would cause some trouble in your code when users have to go to a particular page and you are treating everything as one page. But being a developer myself, I believe there is a solution to everything. When users navigate to a particular page, you could (and should) zoom-out by default (which is what also happens in horizontal scroll and every other navigation feature in this world, so I know I’m being stupid to say this… Sorry). Had rated this 5 stars quite some time back, but didn’t write any review back then. And would definitely retain this rating forever. This is the first comic book reader I’ve tried on mobile, and never touched or tried anything else. It satisfies every need of a comic book lover. Thank you for this. ☺🙂

-Prefect. Had a little trouble at first figuring out how to access my comics. I tried to do it through one drive which I couldn’t figure out, but then I realised I could just put comics directly on my phone. But when it comes to reading comics I have absolutely no complaints. Has all the functionality I could want.

-The best comic book reader app one can get and that too without the irritating hindrance of ads occupying full screen. Great app.

-THE BEST APP. Just need a better interface but it’s ok

-It’s easy to use and lets you resume the last thing you were reading :’D.

-Great… great app, no crashing whatsoever, however zooming in when you are on landscape mode could be better… aside from that it’s awesome… 👍👍👍

-This app crops out a bit of top and bottom parts of comics, making it impossible to read texts positioned there, I tried to zoom in but the cropping was still present and am not referring to the UI coz a simple tap in the middle sorts that, I’ve even downloaded the up grade and problem persists

-Awesome interface and its quite simple to use . especially while reading manga

-Best app for comics. Thank you.

-Great app, simple powerful features. Quick scanning & nice interface

-Very easy to use, dont have any issues so far.

-Easy to use. Nice to have found such a great reader. Love it!!

-This app is great easy to use give it 5 stars

-I love this app, I always read the flash rebirth with this

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