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Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape (Beta)
by RV AppStudios

When you look out the window, what do you see? Colors and shapes, green trees, square windows, a whole world of things to identify! Colors and Shapes is a fun and educational game for preschool children that helps teach object matching and color recognition skills. It’s a beautiful world out there. Help your children learn to recognize and draw it!

Colors & Shapes - Kids Learn Color and Shape (Beta)

Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape (Beta)

Color and Shape focuses on basic tracing, matching, and building skills kindergarten kids need to train. It features a number of unique mini-games designed to increase a child’s ability to recognize and match shapes, identify and pair up colours, and even solve puzzles through simple touch screen interactions. It’s incredibly easy to use and provides a fun learning environment kids will love.

Colors and Shapes includes the following mini-games:

1. Painting – Kids love colouring games! Fill in the blank objects with all kinds of fun paint, then identify the objects one by one. A fun way for children to recognize colours and shapes.

2. Collecting – A fun and challenging game where children tap the correct colored objects and gather them in a basket!

3. Look-alikes – Match up the different items by picking the ones with the same colour. A challenging but fun way to learn colours and drawing skills.

4. Matching – Outlines are at the top of the screen, and a handful of shapes are at the bottom. Challenge your kids to match them up!

5. Tracing – Help your kids trace shapes by following the outline on the screen. Great for teaching shape patterns and recognition.

6. Building – Drag and drop animated pieces on the screen to create a shape in the middle.

Colors & Shapes – Learn Coloring For Toddler Kids is a great learning experience for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and children of all ages. Parents will appreciate the customizable difficulty settings. Kids will have a great time learning to recognize different colors and shapes, completing all of the mini-games, and earning sticker rewards!

Best of all, Colors and Shapes is absolutely free! No annoying third party ads, no in-app purchases, just pure educational fun for you and your family.

Note to Parents:
When creating Colors and Shapes, we wanted to create the most entertaining and educational game possible for both parents and their children. We’re parents ourselves, and we know how frustrating intrusive third party ads and in-app purchases can be. That’s why we decided to release this game for free. You and your child can enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience without having to worry about micro-transactions and the like. Just sit down and start learning. It’s exactly the sort of educational experience we want for our children, which is why we know your family will love it, too!

Best wishes from the parents at RV AppStudios

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User Reviews :

-My first review didnt say what I really wanted to say and I couldnt edit it. So this is a second one. 100% recommend for 2yrs + my son loves this. Zero adverts and there is a link to more fun education games (you have to hold the icon down for 3secs). Really well thought out and the sounds are cool

-My little girl loves this game, so do I. It really teaches what it says by repitition. The only thing is that after a while you open the app, but it won’t respond to touching any game option. I uninstalled and reinstalled twice and still have the same problem.

-It’s undoubtedly a very very good app.. My only 19 months old daughter,Amayra is learning so many things so easily from this app..she just love it!!! 😍 And there is no tension of ads.. It’s a relief!!! I highly recommend it to the parents for their kiddos!!! 🤗

-Only one problem I’ve said it on all other related apps you have and th that’s the English UK accent you should have it as an option on your games my son loves this game but pronounciation is always corrected and doesn’t help as he has speech delay and still learning to talk so please please put in

-My 2 yr old likes this game but it drains my battery soo quick

-Love it. Normally apps for kids have tons of ads but this one has zero which is awesome so my two year old can play without an ads popping up every over minute

-Fantastic would like to see vehicles to my son loves this app

-Great game for the kiddo, she loves to play and I don’t have to worry about ads, much less inappropriate ones popping up or accidental purchases. Thanks!

-Great app my 2yr old daughter is learning a lot from this app💗

-Simple learning made fun.

-very nice game my baby likes it

-My son enjoy it.

-Very well made. My kid enjoys it very much. And its completely free without bothering adds. Well done.

-Great app, can’t wait to use it to teach my son as he gets older

-my son loves it, it made hi m learn so much stuffby playing the game, and no ad

-This is the best game

-Its realy baby can learn here. Ilove this game for my 2yrs old baby

-Nice game for king kids

-My 2 year old loves it and its actually learning with this game

-Paaaaa realy this app is sooo nicee really …… …

-I came across the ABCs version of this and instantly thought my three year old would love it. Turns out her AND the two year old are benefitting from this. No ads also? Bonus. Thank you for a great series of apps.

-I love this app for my son. The only thing I dislike is it often loads with the main screen not responding to any touch for selecting any options like tracing, matching etc. I have tried with multiple devices but result is the same. The same problem is there with your other apps like ABC kids and 1

-Such a great game for my 3 year old. I found their other app ABC Kids first and we really loved that one so I started looking for more and found this one by the same people. LOVE THEM BOTH! I take my tablet to doctors appointments and places where I know we will be waiting and my little girl LOVES i

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