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Color Flashlight
by Notes

App Category:- Tools

Turn your phone into a color flashlight, police light, disco light, candle and led banner.

Have you ever tried to use your phone’s screen or LED as a beacon of light, only to find it’s just not bright enough? Turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with Color Flashlight app, the app that brightens up your phone’s day and leads the way. Never be caught in the dark without a light again. Color Flashlight HD LED improved design quality]

* Light When You Need it, Where You Need it

Stuck outside with no street light? Color Flashlight app helps you out in the darkest of occasions. Use Color Flashlight to find the perfect seat in a dark theater, or find your way around when the power goes out at home.

* Color Your Light

Change the color and brightness of your phone’s screen to help guide you where you want to go. Choose from a full range of colors to find your favorite custom-made light. Make fun flashlight effects by tapping on the menu button and choosing effect, color, and brightness.

* Cool Custom Effects

Have your phone’s screen simulate police light, candle light, a rainbow, a disco ball, and more. You can even use Color Flashlight to display your own personal message by typing in text, or host your own personal dance party with the built-in strobe light.


Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight


* Features
– Maximize screen brightness
– Use camera LED as a torch (LED Torch Light)
– Change color of flashlight
– Flashlight app by color note developer

* Effects
– Normal Flash : Screen Color flashlight,
– Camera Flash : Camera LED flashlight
– Useful light effects (LED Electronic Sign) : Text, Scroll, Slide, LED Sign
– Emergency light effects : Strobe light, Police light, Emergency light
– Fun flashlight effects : Candle, Disco light, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral
– Lovely effect : Heart, I Love You

* Permissions
– Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LED flashlight, LED Light
– Internet, Access Network State : Admob ads

* Disclaimer: Strobe light can cause epileptic seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Do not point to the face when the flash light is in strobe mode. Turn your phone int a color flashlight! It helps find your way in the theater is that you keep stepping on. Find your keys in the dark. Dance with strobe light in a club.

Download Color Flashlight App :-


Download Color Flashlight App


User Reviews :-


Jeremy Birks
Easy to use, & additional features that I don’t use, but they don’t hinder the use of the flashlight. You get t he flashlight on the main screen, and you have to select the menu to get into the other “fun(ky)” features. So, I don’t mind them being there. The only thing I don’t like is if you don’t turn the flashlight off before exiting, or turn the flashlight off and don’t exit the app before locking your phone, it comes on automatically when you unlock your phone again.

Invert the Inverted
I love this app,I use the hearts & such as a nightlight at night, it acts as a bright screen saver. I also used the blue & red flashing cop lights to pull over a speeding car <totally kidding lol! No but that feature is great for road side assistance so someone can better find you at night. Great app!!

App User
I’m having fun with the new color flashlight app. It has a lot of special effects and I’m just beginning to explore them. You can really freak people out with that spinning spiral thing. I think it’s hypnotic. but don’t hypnotize anybody with it! Great fun.

Bill Clocksin
Simple… Easy to use great little flashlight app does what is needed. Why go elsewhere. Haven’t seen any intrusive ads. Been a life saver when I need light. Only thing I would say maybe for improvement is more realistic candle?…

Barbara Altis
I appreciate the features it has, but the pressure to read it when I just downloaded it to my new phone is not at all appreciated. You developers need to give users at least a month before you start asking for a ratings because people need time to decide whether they are comfortable with your app or not. I might have given it a v if I had had the time to decide when to rate on my own. I understand this app is your baby, but we still need time to GET ACQUAINTED with that baby. Please give your apps ample time to earn our trust before asking us for a score.

Joy G
Reliable, bright, or dim if you choose & in color. Not too many permissions. 3 years running this app & I still think it’s the best flashlight up. I rarely use the colors. It’s not an exciting app but it is very functional. Thank you for a good & reliable flashlight app.

Jeanette Exley
Love how bright it is…has worked for me in many situations where I couldn’t see and it was brighter than anyone elses phone. I also love the other options of light choices…kept my grandson busy for 20 minutes!

App User
Actually a pretty good ap but they get 1 star because they CONSTANTLY ask for a rating. You want your rating? You got it. 1 star because of the stupid message constantly asking for a review. Annoying.

Gema Newby
The torch is handy but I like having the different settings. It means you can create the right light for what you want. You can choose a pattern or a picture or a block of light and then you can choose a colour and the brightness. This is perfect for me. I don’t like bright lights so I use the app to light my bedside table and create a relaxing gentle glow.

App User
My htc works very well with this app. How handy is this if i were broke down on the road after dark!! Noone could miss this!! Super bright!! Different killer modes to attract attention.

Ethan McKinney
Preserve night vision by using the screen as the flashlight and setting the screen color to pure red. Generally excellent usability. The ability to use both the flash and the screen as flashlights is excellent. The adjustable screen brightness and color is tremendously valuable. There are a variety special effects which range from useful to amusing. Drawbacks: Can’t exit the app easily and if you didn’t excellent through app management, the flashlight often comes back on when you bring the phone back up after locking it. There are a lot of ads at the bottom: not really intrusive, but it’s easy to click an ad when you meant to bring up the virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen on newer phones (Galaxy S8, I’m looking at you! The icons used in the interface aren’t intuitive, even after you’ve had the app for a long time. Need to be able to create and save settings, so that the flashlight automatically comes up in a red screen night mode, for example. Overall, I’d give it a 5+ with just as handful of tweaks. (Settings, adding a power flow/battery use monitor. It would be handy to know if you’re saving much power by using the screen as the light and dimming it.)

Deena Clay
Best flashlight ever!! I have tired some of the other apps, and none can compare to the brightness as this app. Thank you developers.

Don Finigian
This app is perfect for giving messages to others you can see but can’t speak with, such as tailgaters. Reduces road rage.

Allen Hyde
Love it on my J1 Ift could find a woman who was this Bright I Would Want TO Fall In LOve With Her

App User
The color flashlight is ruined by the bright ads at the bottom. You used to be able to tap it so that it was just the light of the flashlight, but now the ads are permanent at the bottom ruining the colors of the flashlight, boo

J&S Heart
Horrible I wanted a rainbow light show like a disco ball that only shows white boring!🙄🙄

nasim Shaikh
Good light I always like yellow light a good app this is the first app off flashlight that like tata see you next time bye bye

App User
Very flexible app that helps with my photography believe it or not. The ads embedded in it can undermine the purity of the color in some of really settings but it’s not too bad and overall I’m glad to have it.

Andy Cepeda Gomez
It’s not what you are thinking! The screen turns red and that’s it, you already have this in your phone! It just turns on your flashlight!

scotty ray watson
Excellent, I put most of the features through my project when we Ave parties out-side summer time, looks outstanding, love it, thank you so much.

Stan Redding
Other cool screen effects, but as far as I can tell, it only makes a white flashlight beam, so the name is a bit misleading.

Alex Freeman
Using the screen as a source of coloured light is great for reading at night, but with this the adverts are such a bright white that the app is pretty much ruined

Albert Davis
I’ve not worked all functions of app, but my little used was and is amazing.

ShelRen’ D
Nice and bright! But, it’s very easy to accidentally push the button while holding the phone, shutting it off. and there are some ads… Very few though.

R. Renee S. Bauer
Best flashlight App ever. Worked well on my Samsung S4, my HTC Sensation, and works on my Galaxy Tab 4

J.Petroc MacKenzie-Williams
Does what it says on the tin. If cheap enough, I’d be willing to pay for it. Not sure why there’s not a non advertising version?

Cheryl Rhodes
I give it a three because if you do the light it works but when you do the color than it does not work.

Maryam Bibi
Hate it. Whats the point when it didn’t even change the flashlight’s color? I mean isn’t that the whole purpose of the app? Ugh waste of my time. 😟😟

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