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CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS)

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his simple and practical flashlight tool is the latest app from Cheetah Mobile that can enhance your Android life. Completely free, this super-bright flashlight opens instantly and includes a compass, SOS flashes and colored lighting for your convenience. Safety + Reliability + Variety + Free = CM Flashlight


1. Top Free Flashlight: Supports tons of phone models to help everyone light up the dark
2. Instantly Opens: No waiting around to find your path
3. Tiny Size: Small install size, and uses less than 1MB of RAM!
4. SOS Button: If you find yourself lost or in danger, press this button to repeatedly flash an SOS signal and have people come save you
5. Compass: Find your direction easily
6. Variable Lighting: Choose your preferred color to soften the light
7. Efficient Power: Won’t drain your battery like other flashlights!


CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS)

CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS)


*CM Flashlight uses the camera flash on your phone as a light source, but can also use your screen brightness setting as an alternative. The camera permission is needed to use the camera flash.
*Different light sources can be used depending on your needs, and you can change the color according to your environment.
*While CM Flashlight is power efficient, leaving the flashlight on for a long time will drain battery! Try to use it only when needed.


Download CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS) App :-


Download CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS) App


User Reviews :-


Kirk McDonald
This was my favorite flashlight app, up until it started asking for permissions that it doesn’t need. Camera, contacts, phone, storage? These are not things that a flashlight app needs access to. Too bad, it was a nice app up until that.

AD Wal
Originally, I would have rated this a 4 or 5, and I’ve used it for a few years, but their latest update requested a huge number of accesses a flashlight simply doesn’t need. That means this company is now unreasonably data mining, and I’m deleting the app totally.

Abel Martinez
Way too many permissions! Why does a flashlight app need to know my browsing history, among many others?

Marlin Pace
It wants WAY too many permissions to update. They want access to about everything. Too suspicious for me

Danny Sieg
Extremely bright, SOS option makes you conspicuously known by others. Your position will never go unnoticed by traffic, buses & passersby. Great safety tool that will provide a guarded means of seeing in darkened places. Not withstanding, an active & functional compass to help find your way home. Update: 14 November 2017.

Jess Cpps Back
Its bright and it works cm is always the best 🙂 also ppl should stop with the massive reviews. I keep having to uninstall then re install for it to work I dunno if it’s my phone or what but it’s a bit annoying

App User
Does the flashlight turn off when you press it again after it turn On. and why it ask to click twice.

John Lang
The app is great, the ads are pornographic. I was searching in closet and accidentally touched the screen and then all kinds of bad ads kept popping up. In uninstalling, I don’t want that trash on my browser! Make ad free versions for all your apps, I would pay for them.

M Rajaei Awg S
Simple is the best. Functional. Keep it up good efforts. Always update to fix some issues. But there some problem after updated. Found that this app using too much packet data like im browsing with internet. This happen suddently, also make my phone slow response or lagg. As i know this app only use to lock the phone right? Why it using too much data and make it lagg? Please fix this inconvenient issues and error. Thanks.

Wendi Schmeer
I absolutely love this app. Don’t know what I’d do without it. It is so bright. Easy to use, and the app is pretty small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space either, I download it first thing when I upgrade phones!!! ALWAYS…

santos hernandez
It a very reliable flashlight and a compass. It does as its suppose to do for that I give it a 5star, but… The compás could be more responsive and more accurate, over all it’s good and it works

Pizza Next Door
It had a problem where I needed to force stop it to fully exit the app but thats fixed now. Love the app

Ms. Renee A. Jones
It is a bright light on my S6. Works great, but it will get “hot” if you use it for a minute + a few.

App User
Its amazing it lights up,has a compass and even an sos if you need help with whatever situation. I’d definently recommend this app.

rian dwicca
LOVE THE COMPASS I love the compass, it helps me find the qibla (Huawei EG98) althought it wont show up when i install it on my Lenovo P70-A

fransi kaye
Flashlight-check; Compass-Fail Compass is stuck on SSE. Didn’t notice until I REALLY needed it. Fail

Susan Hanson
Just installed this on my Galaxy S7. There are no toggles, or options in settings, to let me change colors or use the compass. Also, the ad for it says less than one MB, but once installed it says it’s using 10.69MB. Not a lot, but still. I love CM’s apps, but I’m kind of disappointed in this one.

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