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Clean My Android

By CMA Mobile Team

Clean My Android

Clean My Android

App Category :- Productivity 

Clean My Android is a light phone cleaner, app manager for your Android phones or tablet.

Your android has become laggy and freezes?
Your battery has started draining quicker than ever?
Your phone overheats and needs to cool down?

Clean My Android is the speed booster you need! Change your device’s speed from 🐢🐢🐢 to 🚀🚀🚀. It can smart clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps.

★ Boost your apps and games, free up memory ★
If you don’t know anything about clearing cache, tired of watching how your phone gets slower every day, this is the best app that fast your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore about how to clear cache or how to speed up Android phone; our app will take care of everything, delete junk files, residual files and cache to free up storage, improve the performance of your Android device.

★ Stop apps that waste lots of power in 1-tap. ★
If your Battery is Draining Quicker, your Device Become Laggy, Freezes All the Time & it Overheats when Running Apps; Our 1-Tap Boost make it easy to stop apps running in background.

★ Easy to Use ★
Very easy to use, we made it really simple. Just 1-tap the clean button and that’s it! Our Apps will get the job done.

Clean My Android Highlights:
☆ A single touch to speed up your devices from your Homescreen.
☆ Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage.
☆ Add frequently-used apps to your whitelist.
☆ Extremely Powerful Tool.
☆ Friendly User Interface.
☆ Only nedd 3MB,Low Space Needed to Install.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problem about Clean My Android.

Download Clean My Android App Apk:-

Download Clean My Android App Apk ( 6 MB )


User Reviews:-

I’m trying several apps to clean out my Samsung from not deleting photos or videos even when you go through the appropriate measures. Don’t think that felt this problem but it was not very ad intensive it seem to do a good job and I would definitely download it again.

App User
It’s quite good but I don’t know how to see how much storage I have left. That’s what I’m looking for but can’t find. It doesn’t really make sense or explain anything

App User
Very helpful. This app. has shown me hidden problems in my phone that I wouldn’t have found on my own. And fixed those problems.

Giacomo Bella
Too many ads. Like TOO MANY. Also I don’t really know why it put Instagram and WhatsApp in ignore list by default. Not what I was searching for

App User
I love it! Others interrupt my games or something else. It’s very simple to use and faster! I wish it had an anti-virus program with it!

App User
Early, but 2 days gives me a better idea of it value. To me, I’m shocked it’s FREE

App User
Cant quit thinking about how great this app is!May need to go see if I need medication.My hat is off to you guys.Absolutely brilliant piece of app.For real.Hallelujah.

App User
I just added this app so I’m still assessing its usefulness. I’ll give you more information at a later date! So far so good.

Chrissy H
It definitely works my tablet is moving much faster than before

NaT 4 smash
Greatest cleaning app The best app for boost and cleaning all yunk.

Michael Gomes
Does what it’s supposed to. Doesn’t take up a lot of space. Doesn’t bombard you with ads. Works quite well

Todd McDermitt
I have used this for years but it changed recently …. Tons of ads every where…. Really annoying ads…. I do know that you need to make money… But this level of advertising is beyond just making a few bucks… It makes a mess out of the App.

Art Leach
The app works OK. The problem is the ads. I understand the need for ads. These, however, are extremely loud. They’ll wake up people 2 houses away. Result – never use this app when anyone nearby is trying to sleep, study, work, or anything else. I’ve just dropped this review another star. I have all sounds muted. I have nothing but alarms allowed. The ads on this app override my choices to present their message – and when I say “present”, I mean at full volume. Everyone in my home is awakened when I run this app. The “cleaning” function works fine, but I’m VERY close to deleting it.

Vicky Pyron
Just downloaded it. Must use for awhile to determine if its gona make my phone work faster. I have alot of cache stored after playing bigfish games. Used to clear manually. Was tiring.

Arthur Talcott
Very nice cleaner program, works better than most I’ve tried including the ones that say 2018 on them!! You beat them hand’s down and most of them don’t work as advertised.

Patty Slocumb
Great app but honestly, I could do without inappropriate ads for “call girls” to put it nicely. These apps are used by very young adults as well. NOT appropriate!

Kimberlee Jones
This is definitely the only Android app I’ve found out of so many that truly dose exactly what it says it will do! It’s awesome and not overly powerful ads either.🙌

Glen Barrington
I’m using it on my ancient Lenovo android tablet. The tablet seems to run a bit faster than before, but I don’t have any metrics to prove it. It’s certainly easy to use.

App User
I needed a TABLET ANDROID Cleaner and monitor, after MANY failings I found:”cleanmyandroid” THANK YOU ALL, ,

Hannah Hall
Great app but could do with some work on screen saver ads and pop ups. Too hard to remove when you want to use your phone in a hurry

App User
It’s the best cleaning app ever my phone was slow but when I got this app. My phone stopped being slow completely

App User
It is nice to have a user friendly way to be able to clean up what is making phone slow. And it is fast! Great app.!

Slavoljub Petrović
Мислим да је ово екстра апликација, једино што се до сад нико не усуди да је преведе на Српски језик. Ако би ми аутор апликације то омогућио, радо бих се потрудио око тога и дао свој допринос унапређењу апликације.

App User
At present I have only used for cleaning /junk/. But am very pleased and will update when I have used more features.

It cleans out all the junk and I don’t have to work about trash but the only thing is it’s notifications

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