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Clean Master Lite – For Low-End Phone
by Cheetah Mobile

Is your device being laggy and freezing all the time?
Is your phone always running out of space and can’t take photos or install new apps?
Is your battery draining quicker than ever?

Clean Master Lite For Low End Phone h

Clean Master Lite For Low End Phone

If any of the answers to those questions is yes, then Clean Master Lite is just the right app for you. Developed by Clean Master team, Clean Master Lite is a special lite version designed for phones with memory less than 1 GB. It has effective and safe cleaning engine and great ability to accelerate device. With the smallest installation package, this application can improve your phone to the best performance.

The Smallest Package(3.6MB) – Light and run fast.
The Lowest Power Consumption – Designed for for phones with memory less than 1GB.
Powerful Engine – #1 Antivirus engine rated by AV-Test

► Junk File Cleaning
Clean Master Lite helps to delete cache files, residual junk files, ad junk and obsolete apks to reclaim storage. Improve the performance of your device.

► Phone Boost
Boost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. Let your device no more laggy and freezes all the time.

► Battery Saver
Battery Saver help to analyze battery status and hibernate running apps to save power. With Battery Saver, you can stop apps that waste lots of power and extend your battery life in 1 tap.

► Antivirus
Scan the pre-installed and user-installed apps to keep your device safe from viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Keep your privacy safe by scrubbing personal info from your device.

Downlaod Clean Master Lite – For Low-End Phone app: 

Download Clean Master Lite – For Low-End Phone App ( 6.4MB)

User Reviews :

-It seems to get the job done well enough. Holding the title of lite. It lives up to its name not taking much gig memory or storage. I’ve not yet been impressed but, its still early in its works. Though I’ve determined that unfortunately its not the stand out app I’ve long anticipated and hoped for. I still await some genius to surprise me with the app of my dreams. Make no mistake! You’ll know it when it arrives. The APP WILL STAND ALONE!!! GOOD TRY THOUGH. OVER ALL 3 STAR RATING FOR ME. GOOD LUCK!!

-The app is good. The only issue is that the hibernate apps feature doesn’t work. It always shows battery status is good and doesn’t hibernate any app. I also tried the Speed Booster app. Its hibernate feature does force stop some apps, but not all. Only the heavy version of Clean Master hibernates all apps. I could have used it but it consumes too much ram in background. This is why I tried CM Lite and Booster apps. They consume reasonable amount of ram but don’t help hibernating apps. In short, CM hibernates every app. Speed Booster hibernates some apps. CM Lite doesn’t hibernate any app at all. IDK if CM has done this intentionally or this is a bug.

-Not sure if it does anything. Every single day, app tells me my phone has 1.7 gb of junk to clean. Even on days of little usage. Not sure how I’m getting so much junk not using my phone. I don’t think it actually cleans system cache. I uninstalled this app after running it. Installed and ran a different cleaner. There was even more cached files found .

-I like the full version because you can do app lock and view storage but its still a good app. I just wish you could incorporate those features. Update: sent an email regarding suggestions and slight problems. Hope I hear back from the people behind this app soon.

-had used the heavier version in the past with good results. I tried another app for 3 months and was having insufficient space problems. After clearing and moving apps to SD card to find little improvement. So I decided back to clean Master and Wow. Suddenly phone storage increased from 0.1 gig to 1.8 gig. Now that’s impressive. Never will try alternative for curiousity sake. Stick with Clean Master. We all learn the hard way.

-I have always been a fan of the original larger Clean Master app, we specifically because it is a useful, multifaceted tool that performs many actions needed to keep your phone running at peak performance. This smaller version doesn’t offer as many tools but it certainly gets the job done!

-Very, very, good at cleaning out RAM, giving me more ram than any of the other apps. Also, good at clearing out junk files. Works great on my android 4.2 tablet. U use Kaspersky antivirus and don’t need another big app for it,

-Saved 4gb on first use (after I already manually removed unused apps and downloads). Fast, easy to use. You might want to get an app killer along side it so it doesn’t drain your battery when you’re done with the clean.

-Just One Thing … I Kinda Wish U Could Let Me Know EXACTLY What U Consider JUNK?! How do I Know If Your Definition Of JUNK Is The Same as Mine?! THAT Being Said, I Am Pretty Sure it’s Been Doin’ A Great Job 🤗 … Thx!

-My phone was gettin slower, freezing up and the battery would die in 4.5 hours despite that I’m not a power user. This app took care of all these problems. Thumbs up!

-The BEST CLEANER APP out there BY FAR! The only reason I never gave Clean Sweep 5 stars ✨before, was how much space it took in my phone. Now that Clean Sweep Lite is back, so am I! With a perfect score! Now I’m going to get CM Security Lite also! Good job CM! 💋 💯

-Every time I open it, is scans and claims I have just under 2 GB junk, even if it just cleaned it. Then it claims to clean all that junk, but Storage in Settings does not indicate ANY gained storage space. I think this whole thing is a sham.

-This app used to work great. Since it updated last, it no longer cleans my phone. I tried uninstalling and re-installing and got the same outcome. The app detects the junk, just no longer cleans it. I installed the app I use on my computers and it cleaned it with no problem. I re-scanned with your app and the junk is gone. Please fix

-Great way to keep your phone free of unnecessary junk files. 1 tap boost is a quick and easy way to stop your phone from getting laggy and over heated. With this app you can not only clean up junk files and boost functionality and speed but it’s also a battery optimizer and an antivirus all in one lite app! This is a Great app. Lite version is just as good as the full version of Clean Master.

-So far so good. Installed on a POS ZTE. If this phone was any slower it be more usefull as an alternative to rocks for skipping across the pond…but this app has basically changed dramatically! Hope it stays this way.

-It doesn’t clean junk. I’ve scanned for junk right after this app supposedly cleaned it and found the same amount. Also the alerts to clean junk seem to have a preset time. I’ve cleaned junk before and 5 seconds later alert told me to clean junk. This app is what’s junk.

-I think its good enough…cuz it cools down our phn…its a nic app…for antivirus,boosting,battery saving etc etc….can’t describe in words about its uses and utility….i m using this app since passed 2 yrs….nd really recomend u to all…actually its a nic app for them also who hv short storage like me….it is jyst for 4.4 MBs!!!!!! Now i hv written pretty much….last, but not the least thank you…!!!!

-Does what I want, cleans up junk but could do with less ads. Do like this app better than the full version for sure though. It’s not so in your face as the full version lol.

-This app is really good, works very well for me to clean up my phone. Also doesn’t take up much resources. Does give you some ads, but that’s not a big deal, gotta make money somehow.

-I love this app!! Keeps my phone clean and running optimally. I had nothing but slow, lagging phones (or so I thought?) that would jam up regularly.

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