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Cinema FV-5
by FGAE Photography

Cinema FV-5 is a professional video camera application for mobile devices, that puts professional manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional videographers and filmmakers, with this video camera application you can capture the best footage with top-of-the-line controls for perfect postproduction purposes. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!

Cinema FV-5

Cinema FV-5

Major features:

● Adjust all the image sensor parameters that you only thought pro-videocameras had: exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode (matrix/center/spot), focus mode and white balance.
● Change sensor parameters (like ISO, exposure compensation or white balance) also during recording.
● Focus adjustments during recording: lock focus on your subject before recording and change focus planes while recording.
● Professional viewfinder: 10+ compositing grids, 10+ crop guides available, safe areas display and much more.
● The most advanced electronic viewfinder on a video camera: live RGB and luminance histogram are available also during recording.
● Professional sound metering options: display audio peaks and sound clipping warnings during recording.
● Use any audio input source for your video: built-in microphone, external (wired) microphone or wireless (Bluetooth) headset.
● Choose video and audio codec, adjust the bitrates, audio sampling rates and number of channels.
● Record in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) video on supported devices (currently only the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, Note 4, Note Edge and Alpha).
● All camera functions assignable to volume keys. You can adjust EV, ISO, color temperature, zoom and more using volume keys (including those in cable-headsets) as well as focusing and recording. Devices with hardware camera shutter keys are also supported.
● Video geotagging support.
● Autofocus, macro, touch focus and infinity focus modes, plus a focus lock switch (AF-L).
● Autoexposure (AE-L) and auto white balance (AWB-L) locks in Android 4.0+. You can also lock exposure and white balance during clip recording automatically.
● Zoom after and while recording. Set specific focal lengths thanks to the 35mm equivalent-based focal length display.
● Powerful video clips organization options: different storage locations and fully customizable file names (even with variables).

Cinema FV-5 is the perfect app for producing the best footage for any short- to medium-sized production. With it you can record the best material possible with any medium- to high-end device. Cinema FV-5 specially supports Android-based compact cameras, so you can even leverage a high-quality, optically stabilized zoom. The footage captured with Cinema FV-5 can be easily edited on any NLE like Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or DaVinci Resolve.


Download Cinema FV-5 App:-

Download Cinema FV-5 App (2.4 MB)


Install Cinema FV-5 App from Play Store

User Reviews :-

-This app was updated recently to fix issues with the Nexus 6P (my phone) and it is now my go-to video camera app. Pairing this with it’s sister app, Camera FV-5, is best! I love all the easily accessible options in it. I especially like being able to customize the file name and storage location of the MP4 files.

-True professional app! Love all the options for fine-tuning just about any parameter you can think of. I’ve done professional video recording with it and an external mic, on 3 different devices with no problems whatsoever. Only wish it could detect external usb cam too, as phone & tablet lenses are usually not the best. This would make it a complete pro solution.

-I love that I can control everything for recording video. I plan on using this app for filmmaking and I noticed that I can’t change the aspect ratio, if I could film in anamorphic that would be amazing. Also I noticed that I can’t adjust the frame rate. My phone can do 60fps on 1080p but I am forced to shoot in 30fps. Also if you could add 24fps, that would be superb. It’s the frame rate that films use

-No 4K on Note 5 Just crashes. Also, on Samsung phones, the stock camera has a record-pause button – you can record multiple clips into one movie file. An awesome and essential feature that is lost with this app. On the Note 5, as with the S6 & S7 , the Pro mode and autofocus are so good, you almost don’t need something like this anymore. Maybe if it actually worked.

-Some features have no effect. 1) Adjusting image parameters (contrast, saturation, and sharpness) have no effect on recorded video. 2) Chosen composition grid and crop guides are not stored as ‘favourites’ for easy acces via the ‘menu’ tab. 3) Movies are split inspite no limits are selected. The best benefit is the Auto-exposure lock and 1080p recording. Control the lighting environment, and the native camera app will be suffient. Device: note 2

-Awesome, but stereo sound problems The left and right stereo channels are swapped, a toggle setting to swap left and right would be very helpful. When using custom audio settings, only mono sound is recorded. Headphones only play mono during recording even when stereo is being recorded. For me, these are real problems, and I hope that the developer responds to my email and fixes them. But this is a great app nonetheless, lots of control, easy to use, and many improvements since I last tried it. Keep at it! Thank you!

-Free version doesn’t really give justice Everything I need is here white balance lock, frame rates, histogram, audio monitoring etc the interface is also more polished compared to the free version. My main issue is the video is stuck at a certain orientation and does not rotate which is a big problem because of the way my phone’s camera is physically located

-If you were wondering why it wont record to your SD card. If you are on Android 5 and up… you must copy all your data off your SD card and format the SD card in the phone. Formatting the SD card on a PC or Mac wont work, it must be done in the phone!!! The you must create a folder, say “my videos” on the SD card and tell the program to store video files there. You will be asked to assign a writable folder, point to that folder Now it writes to SD card. Simple.

-Could have more manual controls. (Galaxy Note 3) Love it, but wish it had more manual controls. One that I miss specifically is white balance. Presets are useless for the most part. Add a kelvin rating white balance as a minimum. It would also be great to set a custom white balance, like DSLRs do. Also it could benefit from a faster start up time.

-Great app but missing some features. I really love the app. The controls are awesome. They allow me to control just about anything I would ever want to concerning my phones camera. There are just a few things I really wish the app could do #1it would be awesome if the app could record slow motion video. Its not a deal breaker but it sure would be nice. #2 Adding a pause button would be amazing. By pause button I mean a button that pauses what I’m recording momentarily and then resumes recording (to the same file) when its pushed again.

-Problem Worked good until last android update to 5.1.1 on Galaxy S6 Verizon. Added YouTube live broadcast on the stock camera app and now this app 1080p and lower does not work, just black screen. BUT 4K does work. Only problem is 4k can’t use all the features like manual focusing.

-Like Camera FV5 this was a great option for people wanting more advanced control of their phone’s video capability. On the Nexus 5X it’s awful. The viewfinder is upside-down in landscape mode and the video recorded also upside-down unless the lens is on the right. No EV control. Metering controls randomly disable, required a restart or some fiddling with other options until it’s enabled again.

-Great app! I only have one issue. I wanted this for the smooth zooming. However it gets glichy with pinch zooming. There’s a quick white flicker when zooming this way. And zooming with the volume keys is not as smooth and slow. Can you please make an update with a single finger zoom slider on the side of the screen?

-With last couple updates. Fv-5 continually goes in and out of focus. A restart of phone corrects this. But only temporarily. Compatibility setting did not solve issue either. This does not occur in other or native camera app. Galaxy S5 Android 6.01

-Stopped working today I need this to use Bluetooth headset with recording. Today, on my Nexus 6, it decided to stop, lock up, and force a reboot. Never had this for any app of any kind. Now, either won’t start or run for long before freezing. Will have to go back to free alternatives, I guess.

-This alternative Android filing app has a lot of pretty good features, especially the awesome view finder options. Unfortunately, I had to stop using this app because all the footage it filmed are rotated 180 degrees. I wrote to the customer support but they haven’t replied in weeks.

-Used to work I recently updated my Samsung S6 Edge to Android 6.0.1 and now any video recordings, regardless of length, are corrupt. You can see the first image frame and hear the sound, but the actual video does not play. Please, please fix this.

-Doesn’t save on screen settings such as ISO but appears to so they have to be changed and reset. Also doesn’t have an option to force re-autofocus when focus is lost or even a timer so the screen has to be tapped. Unfortunately it’s the best ad free program out there. – Note 3

-Pro control over Nexus 5x Good stuff. App crashes sometimes…but the features included…excellent. Love the histogram and manual control feature while recording. Having some difficulty with increased frame rate. When I want to shoot slow motion I have to go back to the stock Samsung app. Worth the money still.

-Good for, the exceptional, averarage photographer and ameture. The rest of you can at least acknowdge these folk’s hard work, by learning to read their simple instructions. No, will prob not come to without serious compensation. Simply said, read directions, at least try. I have gotten great footage with this video camera. Now, imagine If a beauty judge rated you non readers a, “1, 2 or 3 out of 10” with your level of objectivity. Not opening their eyes. Sound Fair? From my opinion this video camera is really good work. Just one man’s opinion. Good Job!!!!

-This is a good app for older phones. It was a great app but has not been updated in over 2 years. They continue to update their photo app but not this one. I don’t understand why. I emailed them about if they intended to update this app. Months have passed and they haven’t replied. Makes me wonder if they will continue to support their photo app too.

-Great! Everything i wanted! 2 requests-please can you make it possible to mute all app sounds [when hitting record it still makes a noise, even though I’ve turned sounds off in the app] AND can you please make it so the screen flips when you rotate the phone? Don’t know why this this doesn’t automatically happen. Also, time lapse and slomo would be great additions. Thanks! Excellent app! Love how much this operates like a dslr and more!

-App good – email support ZERO Do not expect any email support. You get what you see. Any emails go unanswered. The best way to develop an app is to listen to your customers. I expected a bit more for those of us who have paid.

-Good video app with Auto and Manual control. The included functions work very well. Focus options are excellent. Some issues for LG V10/20 users; no 4K recording, no mic balancing, no selection between the 2 front cameras on v10 – you get the wide angle only.

-Great stuff One thing only, flipped videos on nexus 5x, makes it a hassle in post. I film a lot on my phone, and it gets to me, I’m comparing this to filmic pro, i use both for different stuff. But i would just use this if it had a fix for flipped video.

-This is the only video app that I could find that would allow me to record audio through Bluetooth. It works very well and I am highly pleased with it. The only flaw was the lack of instructions on how to switch to the front facing camera by sliding from the left bar to the right. Other than that, the app is awesome.

-But just those few things It’s great, but… When filming with high ISO values it falls back to 50 everytime, which makes all of my videos useless… And the upside down problem ofcourse 😉

-The inability to change focus plane by swiping is a deal breaker. So no MF mode was there. Its still possible to change focus while recording by tapping, but I loose control over the speed of focal plane change. It’s specially disappointing as its shown in the app video, but not found in actual app. I would like a refund if possible.

-Wasted Potential So, I just bought this app despite my bad experience with the free version because of the potential this app provides. It’d be great — if it worked properly. Sometimes, on the Nexus 5X, the video in the viewfinder is flipped upside down. Whenever I get it to show properly, the video recorded is flipped upside down. Really wish this app would be updated to fix this issue. It has so much potential.

-Will not record when saving to usb storage. Front camera is upside down When I try to save to usb the app stops working. Plz fix usb recording and then it will be 5 stars. I use a Nexus 6P. Also, the front facing camera records upside down.

-Bugs, but good otherwise Two big bugs on nexus 6. 1: To record 4k you need to switch back and forth between 4k and 1080p every time. 2: Blank video file created in folder at all time.

-Needs a few things. I will end up getting my refund simply because there is no shutter button. You have to open a camera app to take pictures which makes you leave your video recording. Very inconvenient. That and it won’t override the 4k limited recording. A zoom slider would help as to not move the camera during recording. If that was integrated it would be the best camera app out there.

-Sweet app that works somewhat as intended. If I wanna do a shot and only focus on a single item, I manually set the focus until it looks good, HOWEVER this app tries to re-focus, even when I have disabled it. It also crashes when recording in 1080p for some odd reason. A lot of settings have no effect at all, like turning off the LED – It only takes affect after your re-launch the app. That’s pretty bad.

-Works perfectly fine on the Galaxy S6 (6.0.1)! Recorded some 4K test footage and was able to get a max bitrate of 30Mbps in 30p, and max bitrate of 24Mbps in 24p. There’s no way to change shutter speed (not even sure how it works on cell phones compared to DSLR video) so it’s hard to know if a 1/48 shutter speed is applied in 24p mode.

-Read many of the negative reviews for this app and I don’t understand where all of the hate is coming from? I’ve been testing it out on my new LG G4 for an important video I’m making and this app is great! It gives me all the ISO, frame rate, and focus control I need. To sum it all rup this app is great and I don’t regret purchasing it. Ignore all the negative reviews probably teens with bad phones.

-Mal function Now I’m giving it 4, b/s it’s working on S3. I gave it 1 star b/s of the following issues on galaxy note 5, “I installed both the picture and movie apps on my galaxy note 5 yesterday, and have trouble using the app. First, app stops working repeatedly – becomes unresponsive. Second, the app quits. Third, I can see the front camera view mode, but the regular view mode is not showing on the screen – it’s blank black – screen unresponsive. Really am excited about the features, hopefully gliches will be fixed!”

-I have used this app for about a year now for short personal travel films. FV-5 apps are marketed to consumers that want a specific look but dont want to be limited by a bulky DSLR or camcorder. These end users want to be different. They want that unique shot. The amount of custom settings is astounding. I love the ability to change pretty much all of my visual settings at a flick of the thumbs. White balance, ISO, focus, it’s all there. Although it is already super versatile it is somewhat limiting. I would love to see more special features in the coming updates. 1) HIGHER FRAME RATE: To my knowledge, through playing with the settings and reading the user manual, the app is limited to 30fps. I have lowered my resolution setting hoping to open up higher frame rates but no dice.

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