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Chrome Dev

By Google LLC


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Chrome Dev

Chrome Dev

Chrome Dev


Welcome to Chrome Dev for Android!

• Live on the bleeding edge: Try out our latest features. (They’ll be rough around the edges!)
• Give early feedback: Let us know what you think and help make Chrome for Android a better browser.

You can install Chrome Dev alongside other channels of Chrome for Android.

Download Chrome Dev App Apk:-

Download Chrome Dev App Apk ( 46 MB )

User Reviews:

Derrick Kariuki
awesome from my pc version to the android one it’s a great app

William Beason
I love getting to try out new features!

Harikrishnan Nam
Great browser but crashes recently. Since new update has been crashing every few seconds and cannot even be used as a browser anymore.

Aditya Nakadi
Better and stable than the default chrome browser

Jessie McEachin
Very new to app. Still learning about it’s capacity.

Shrawan Kumar
Awesome browser. I like this browser for its perfectness in all.

Scott Carlow
Great Web rendering is very fast, and outside of some minor glitches here and there that I haven’t been able to reproduce, the browser is very stable for a development release. I love that it suggests randomized passwords in passwords field, it’s an excellent security option. I would like yo see the complexity of the password adjustable. Like being able to set a preferred length or length range, and perhaps the ability to have special characters and more caps as the passwords suggested are mostly lowercase.

Vaughan Davies
Great browser Best on the market.

Manuel Alanis
Better then the original Better then the original or stable version this one is simply better !!!

Bowen Prosser
Great, never crashes but still has new features

William Sharpe
Cutting edge Getting to try the new features first is honestly pretty great.

Swarup Basak
Better than anything Simple and fast

Subhan Ali
Chrom Browser Its very fast and best connectivity application.

Josefino Astillero Jr.
Chromedev Latestversion for me,amazing!

Caleb Williams
Worked beautiful on my previous phones. (Kyocera Hydro Vibe), (ZTE LTE AWE) Same for my current (LG G Stylo) Does exactly what it says.

yaswanth indyjones
Awesome Use it enjoy net surfing

Michelle Elizabeth
Even better than Chrome Beta Data savings enabled, very happy with the the speed

Dominique FOURER
Fast, powerful and well designed This browser is one of the most powerful, secured and simple to be used. There are many efficient ways to manage search with Google service or account : built-in translation tool for page, instant search (on word or sentence), data saver, and more are very useful for daily use.

Joanne Julian
Best browser! It’s very easy to use, faster than other browsers I download.

Jerneave Louis
Best app Google has put out Yes. It is because most if not all the rest on my Google apps have bugs and there are not stable, always crashing on me if i have another app running in the background. Google y’all need to fix this 😕😢

Athanasios Ergeletzis
Great new design. More space to read, easier to multitask.

Nagendra Raj
Nice app It’s work nice . this app is lovely and easy use for each other

VenkataYoganand Konda
IT’S FAST AND SMOOTH Its really good but I didn’t see much changes and extra options in this from normal chrome app. Any how its Google.. I expected more from this app..but cool☺

kalum 517
Amazing Best android browser I have seen so far, this should be the pre-installed browser that comes with every android

Jose rey Dabalos
Extremely powerful chrome dev more services server database system network banking account program.

Sampath Indika Iroshan
Latest and best new features right of of the gate…

Milento Yeptho
This is favorite browser Fast and easy to download music, videos anything

Very Good It’s faster than any other browsers, I like it !

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