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Chrome Beta

by Google LLC

Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta

App Category:- Productivity

Welcome to Chrome Beta for Android!

• Preview the latest features: Try out the newest features. (Sometimes these may be a little rough around the edges.)
• Give early feedback: Let us know what you think and help make Chrome for Android a better browser.

You can install Chrome Beta alongside your current version of Chrome for Android.

Download Chrome Beta App Apk:-

Download Chrome Beta App Apk ( 45.7 MB )


User Reviews:-

App User
You can display the apps like youtube,drive and google maps in the homepage. In computers and laptop we have this feature. You can also try this.

maurice sweet
Good app I like it cause it’s like the original but one thing is missing, the ability to use the search bar when you’ve scrolled down to the bottom, normally if you scroll up the option was there now it’s gone, super convenient, but gone

Rojo Reyes
Bring back the bottom searchbar it’s a good update it is convinient for phones with bigger screen or just put an option to bring it back and also a dark mode? , maybe if you can bring the plug-ins like adblock here just like on the browser thankss

Michael Car
Really quite good. I had, at one point, all 4 Versions of Chrome (from most to least stable: Chrome, Beta, Dev or Developer’s, and Canary, which I’m guessing is so named for the fact that, as this is the least stable, it is the first “test” to see if anything explodes, or your mouse jumps up and attacks you (both pretty much impossible…as far as you know), very much like miners used to send canaries in to mines or into new areas of one FIRST and if, when they came back some time later, if the canary was alive, great! but if dead at the bottom of the cage, then it would be deemed to be too dangerous for miners to be spending many hours and days in said mine). Anyway, I just have the 2 most stable only because I do everything on just my phone, so memory space is limited and so I had to free up the 60-70 Mb (x2, obviously if I had all 4 and had to drop 2). Where was I? Right! I like it quite a bit but I have come to have high expectations for Google as they are the leaders in many areas. So, if they expect to stay at the top, then they have to shine. They have fallen behind in the Browser department in the past few years so I am hopeful that they will be able to get some flame under the ol’ Back-side/seat/Bum, and scoot, Scoot, SCOOT!

Sreejith sa
It’s good & I have a simple suggestion its better if include night mode option also

Lucifer The Devil Assassin
The datasaver should be easily the original

Once again we cant just have a search bar, they have to push political propaganda and fake news at you. I’m so tired of constantly having this garbage thrown in my face. I just want a search bar no news or anything else.

Celia Washington
Latest update is constantly freezing my phones (Galaxy S8+ and Note 8) and I’m also getting new notifications about battery drain. This is despite having to look at scraped down sites devoid of photos and graphics when it’s launched from the icon even when mobilizing setting is off. Getting worse!

Robert Black
Just updated Chome Beta and found a very unappealing change to the Tabs list. Two very undesirable changes. The tabs have changed from a verticle scroll to a horizontal scroll, used to be able to view 10 to 12 tabs title bars, now can only view maybe two full tabs side by side. Second change, background of the tabs view changed from black to power sucking white, what is it with Google’s obsession with white backgrounds that suck a phone dry of power?!

Simon Westerling
When you move the menu to the bottom of the screen, make sure you also reverse the drop down (drop up now…) Menus. The way it is now when you open the menu, new tab is way removed from your thumb. Please reverse the order…

Abhinab Mohapatra
I do understand that it is in developmental stage. Thus I will upgrade it to 5 stars when pip works on mobile sites as well.

Mira Mayo
The new update isn’t bad, I like that style, it reminds me of the old bottom search bar, which was better anyway. But it’s OK.

Anados Defered
Works beautifully. Appreciate it. There is no other browser as smooth as this.

Muhammad Irbah Avrido Shildam
That was cool beta apps! I never used beta version that have high stable than others

Abhishek Chaturvedi
Overall good work.But I have an issue, on viewing overall tabs(say while switching tabs from the overview)the swiping up or down gesture feels laggy…even while reading “articles for you” the swiping motion is laggy…also if I open the app without being the connected to the Internet and then establish a connection, the “No Internet Connection” pop up stays much longer than it should and that is really irritating. Kindly fix that

Michael Heath
Stoped using Chrome on my S6 as I really liked the Samsung browser. However when I switched to Pixel, I decided to switch back. I use Chrome everywhere else and I love the new look, it’s been a long time coming for both phone and PC and I’m so happy I don’t have to look at that black horrible status bar again.

Colin Cassidy
Improvement with bottom navigation. These big phones makes browsing so annoying when reach the opposite side of the screen and things in top.

App User
Address bar at bottom in beta, it’s a win! Nav buttons at bottom now, nice compromise to moving address bar back up top. Thumbs up team!

J.D. H
I always use Chrome. I have to stop using the Beta version though because I can’t view videos or gifs on Twitter, so I have to use the regular version of Chrome for now.

App User
it never allows me to upload gifs. i switched to beta version thinking that maybe it might support the gifs. but it won’t allow me to upload gifs on disqus. pls fix this.

Maros R
why doesn’t the address bar hide when you scroll down a page? also I want to be able to close a page with one gesture of pulling down from the address bar. this works only like 65% of the time because at other times it lags and the whole gesture isn’t registered.

Namsheed Namshi
I gave 3 stars, it work nice, but after using sometimes it shows that app has closed and I have to re-open the app again, do something that helps the users to use it more efficiently, although it’s a very good app to browse for lesser data cost and more speedly, thanks

Abby Chase
I give it 4 stars right now because it’s in the beta state but for the last several hours that I’ve been using it I can’t see any major flaws as of yet will update in a few days

App User
I have a problem again. I use the app as usual but after 5 minutes of me being in the app it says “Chrome Beta isn’t responding”. Can you fix it?

asiegbu ekele
Smothest browser on my phone the le s3. It’s so smooth that I began wondering if it’s lighter than operamini

John Smith
In the all tabs view each tab used to be single-lined with the title and favicon, but now they’re full-sized and when you have any tabs it’s very tedious and time consuming in comparison to single-lined.

App User
You took away setting a “homepage”. And you sign me in to Google when incognito. Have switched back to Firefox for now. Mostly

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