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Cheetah Keyboard – Themes&GIF, Emoji, 3D Keyboard
by Cheetah Keyboard

Hello Kitty Theme is now available in Cheetah Keyboard!(Authorized)


Cheetah Keyboard - Themes&GIF, Emoji, 3D Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard – Themes&GIF, Emoji, 3D Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard is the first 3D Android keyboard app on Google Play Store. It’s an ads free, high rating app which provides you thousands of free keyboard themes, cool graphics and excellent typing experience.

🏆 Why Cheetah Keyboard? 🏆

📖 Powerful Online Dictionary📖
Cheetah Keyboard has a powerful online dictionary that helps you type names of people, songs, movies and catch phrases easily. It triples your typing speed by providing accurate suggestion words and phrases.

💡 Smart Reply💡
Save time with Smart Reply in Cheetah Keyboard! Cheetah Keyboard is the very first keyboard which has Smart Reply function among keyboard apps. Based on the messages you received, Cheetah Keyboard suggests three responses at most for you to reply even faster than using computer.

🎨 Free Keyboard Themes🎨
Cheetah Keyboard offers a vast collection of free keyboard themes. It contains the most popular themes such as Fidget Spinner themes, Hello Kitty themes, hurricane themes, skull and graffiti themes, etc.

💎Download Android keyboard themes here💎:

🍭Customize Your Themes🍭
Cheetah Keyboard allows you to customize your own themes, e.g. changing backgrounds and wallpapers with your own photos, changing fonts, music (sound) and the color of keypads.

💯 Fast Swype 💯
Want to type faster? Try swipe to type! No need to input letter by letter, just use fingers to swype through keypads. Triple your typing speed by swipe typing!

🎤Voice Input 🎤
Tired of using QWERTY keyboard? Free your hands by using Voice Input!

😂 Emoji Keyboard 😂
They say that chatting using emojis is cute and in fashion! 💯👭💋👑👵
Cheetah Keyboard not only provides you with emojis, but also suggests emojis by analyzing what you typed. Our emoji artwork is provided by EmojiOne.

👯 Popular GIFs and Memes 👯:
Cheetah Keyboard GIF collection is supported by Giphy. It contains all kinds of the most popular GIFs and Memes.

Note: Cheetah Keyboard will collect portions of what and how you type in order to improve Swipe Typing, Next-word Suggestion, Smart Reply and Auto-Correction accuracy. This app uses Accessibility services for Smart Reply function. It helps those who have difficulty in communications and makes your typing easier. Data collected will not be associated with your personal information and will be maintained in accordance with Cheetah Mobile’s Privacy Policy.

Download Cheetah Keyboard – Themes&GIF, Emoji, 3D Keyboard app : – 

Download Cheetah Keyboard App (19 MB)


User Reviews :-

-I would love it if i could use Google voice work with it…? It’s Google based so i would think that’s possible? Shortcuts would be AWESOME! Like capitalizing words I’ve already typed, deleting multiple words and typing multiple sentences with a shortcut word. Voice input is my biggest thing though.

-I think its way too busy. Love the ability to do a custom keyboard. Seems to lag when typing fast. Though I think this is partly the fault of what app or website you are typing on. Overall not bad seems to be a bit battery hungry. But like I said its just too busy. Edit I’m out terrible prediction, ads and like said too busy. Gotta do better folks.

-Absolutely awesome keyboard, very responsive and highly customizable and I have been using Gboard for a very long time and felt like a change, love the keyboard sounds and it hasn’t let me down yet. I rate this a lot better than Xperia Keyboard too. Xperia XA1 Ultra on Android 7.0

-Keyboard looks nice and offers great designs. Down side is that it drains the battery at an alarming rate, is unstable so always freezes or crashes which leaves you without a keyboard or means to type and when the rare chance that you are able to type, it completely changes what you actually typed, forcing you to delete everything and redo it all again. Worst keyboard app ever! Uninstalling right away and going back to my simple but trustworthy google keyboard that allows me to type what i want to say and is reliable to start every time!

-I really wanted to like this keyboard. It is very stylish, and had features that I really like. However, the swipe typing is awful. Really awful. Most of the time it gets my words wrong and after 2-3 tried, I just have to type it in. The words and phrases it suggests make absolutely no sense and aren’t intuitive based on what I typed. These aren’t hard words either. “Is” almost always comes in as”I’d.” “Automatically” (which I just swiped successfully on Gboard right now) came in as aruma something. The longer the word, no matter how often it’s used, the less likely cheetah is going to get it right. That’s obnoxious, and I can’t

-Extremely interesting. I love it to pieces. Only that I wish the fonts could appear on the screen of my recipients when I chat. They appear only on my own keyboard. Yet, above all, it’s awesome. And what more! Even the sound, background, typing effects and all? Superb!

-Just installed, & app is immediately requesting I give the app. a excellent rating. Be patient, good grief! Update: The best keyboard app, I’ve downloaded! I’ve sure tried em all. (Anything to get rid of Google app)!

-As a person who likes having my devices fully customizable this keyboard fits my likes and needs. The only thing stopping me giving a 5 star is that it doesn’t have a handwriting board/ recognition.

-Am really enjoying the use of cheetah keyboard. Mainly the way it auto-corrects text mistakes and predicts the next word. And also the emojis that were not in my previous keyboard are really good.

-I love this app though I wish you did not need to keep it just the keyboards the app sitting there doing nothing is kinda useless but its great😘

-It is a best app and also u can a customize best theme for ur keyboard… The only thing that cm keyboard is lacking delete recent search option

-I can make my own keyboards with ant background I want and they look as good as most orf the ones you have to download.


-Idea of DIY is superb and it has lots of nice options just the problem is I’m not able to get emojis, plz resolve it 😊

-I’ll have giving a five star rating but the app doesn’t have smileys… Its so sad

-i put custom pure white image to keyboard background and it automatically make it a bleached offset white although my image si pure white background -_-

-Great keyboard application. A little annoying with the “awards”.

-My navigation bar is not hiding when im using the keyboard.. And i hope for fonts too.. Other than that, its awesome

-It could do a number row even long press fancy lots add-on finds etc

-Its just so esy n awesome! It would be better if u could make “talk text” so everything u say it will text it for u!

-What did it for me was the personalization & the word prediction. Learning how you type functions so well. I barley have to type anything.. I maybe have too swipe o punch 👊 a few letters, then I tap the word predicted above. By far the the best I’ve seen.!!

-I totally love the keyboard. I’m an old fart and it’s very easy to understand and use.

-I think that Cool Keyboard his app is amazing beculause i get to costermise my own key bords😘❤💋💖😇😇😇😇😇😇

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