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On Chatous, you can chat with people from all over the world about the topics you care about. You never know who you’ll meet! The connections you make through Chatous can be rich and real. Stay in touch with the people you enjoy talking to and bring the chat conversation to life through video chat and photo sharing.






★ Use #hashtags to find and chat with people with similar interests

★ Protect your identity through anonymity or by changing your display name at any time – it can’t be searched!

★ Use Chatous on your mobile phone or on your desktop computer at

★ Video chat and share expiring photos, videos, and audio messages!

We hope you love using Chatous as much as we do. We’re always looking to improve the user experience, and we’d love to hear from you with any feedback, questions and concerns. Happy chatting!

Download Chatous App 31M :-


Download Chatous App 31M


User Reviews :-


Rikan Khaos
You fúcks are still pathetic. Why should i waste money on wanting to find a random chat with someone opposite of my gender? They can just hit skip and bye bye money. Are you this dumb? There are better ways to microctransaction. But all of you dont make a 1/4 of a brain.

Xavier Jones
This app used to be very good until people in the video chat started to pull out their dicks!!!!! Now that’s all there is in the video chat, no more making friends, or meeting weird people just dicks!!! I have reported many people and nothing happens because i can see them again in the video chat! I wish it was restored to its former glory but it’s not!LITERALLY this app is for teenagers and you got grown men on their showing their dicks to kids!!! It’s not a safe app and it needs to be fixed or this app shouldn’t be for kids anymore! Please fix this.

It’s alright, but I had somebody pretending to be a 14 yo girl but admitted he was a 29 year old male. Chatous if you’re reading this reply and I can supply proof. The account is called Kylie, and the picture is of a brunette. Please take care other users.

Ritvick Srivastava
Actually the earlier version was better…. If we want to chat with girls we we’re able select the options of girls and if with guys then the other option… But with the new version we r unable to do so and this makes it worse!! One big request to the Chatous makers is to please dmake it like the older version, it was better!!

Elijah Salcedo
So I like the app but for some reason I can not confirm my facebook because it says it is the “devloper version”. Second, are the android and iOS versions different? My friend on iOS can search hashtags but I, on Android, can’t. Id like this to be fixed and to figure out why my version of the app is missing features. Thanks

Nadia Quamila
I changed my phone and now all of a sudden I can’t start a new text chat, I can only start new video chat. And I also can’t use the age filter. Can the developer explain to me what is going on? Thanks

BulKier Tech
This app is full of pedophiles!! and full of dudes who have there dick as a profile pic!. you people need to do something about it! also. it gives people likes who i never even liked! this app bas gone way down hill and the devs arent doing anything about the pedophiles which have infested this stupid app.

Justin S
(Problem solved) The application has been exceptional for months, and now, all of a sudden, the new chats with new people are loading much slower. If this problem is corrected, I will change the rating to five stars. Thanks!

harley marcum72
dont get me wrong i like it, but i loved it before this update. You cant type specific match preferences anymore. I just want that back. Unless im dumb and cant find out how

App User
I hate this app! Is so stupid I send people a text they skip me they wanna know what I look like u show them and they end the conversation well guss what they drop deal for all I care scew yall chatous

Surgical Gustage
I liked this ap when it was free. The microtransactions killed me on it and I would recommend finding another app if you aren’t willing to buy “coins” to find matches or be able to select the gender you want to talk to.

Bakhtiar Riar
I first installed this app back in 2014, and i loved it. It used to be the best online chatting app in the world. But since it’s updated with this tokens and stuff you made it the worst app in the world.

KĮLLĀR-NagiShi •
There’s a lot of people that show you dick pics when you tell them not too, I’ve reported a few as well, there’s lots over people who want to make friends on here. I want the part where you can search for a a hashtag and find someone else with the sane interest, it’s fun to us

Vimukthi Silva
Hello there Chatous ❤😭 I’m using this lovely app since 2015. It’s really amazing and helpful to make friends around the world. Right now I’m having few interesting friends. But few days ago I accidentally ended the chat with a person and I really miss her tbh😭😒 She’s a very nice person. How am I gonna get her back ?? I thought of pay with tokens and add her again. I just logout for few minutes from my account and when I login, her profile was NOT THERE !!😭😭all the ended chats were how am I going to reconnect ? I want my friend back.. Please help with with this !!😭😭

Daniel Moore
First you make us pay for gender specific chats and now you remove other options, this app is slowly becoming terrible, and after this latest update they just keep restricting people from talking to other what the heck is going on with this once amazing app Update: some how this app has become even worse riddled with mpre bots than real people and removed nearly every thing great and really you guys ruined a pretty great app for meeting people with your greed and ignorance

He Man
found MULTIPLE people with “childporn” as their username AND a penis as their picture. so probably should actually look at reports that people do. this app needs more people working on it considering the huge amount of people using it. could be cool to talk to actual people but everyone is an actual pedophile. (edit)as you have suggested I have reported every single one. annd wanted to let you know I have found a man who claims to have underage images of his 16 year old sister. HIS PROFILE PICTURE IS A LITTLE GIRL COMPLETELY NAKED can you PLEASE look at any of the reports that I have done, or get ANY moderation at all? it’s as a simple as having a few people make accounts on your app and ban anyone you see who is explicit. OR look at reports. your app is overrun by disgusting old people sending child porn to exposed 12 year old boys in exchange for their pictures! PLEASE look at your app.

I have no complaints about the build or interface. I removed ads early on, so I am not sure about their frequency. My issue is that the userbase is primarily horny teenagers who will just skip as soon as they see a gender or people who know the app is full of them and skip for the sake of avoiding them. This seems to be the opinion of those I have conversed with as well. It could be several dozen times being skipped before you find a real person. I also saw a penis while waiting, but the person skipped immediately, so the report button went away before I could tap it. If people want sex, that is their business, but it isn’t needed in profile images. I have also seen people claiming to be as young as 13, so they don’t need to see that either.

Maria pontoh
I love this app, i can improve my english, but i think there are so many bad stranger i don’t know i just hope that it would be clear now, and i have a question why i can’t search someone to chat??

App User
I am SO saddened by the fact that 95% of the people on this app are disgusting naked OLD candy offering men and only after spending a ton in tokens was I made really aware of the amount of deviant child preditors on this application. I paid for tokens a few times and was treated to more 5han half those labeled as female actually and the rest were just naked old creeps. I try reporting them but does NO good – they are still there, old, naked, hunting and disgusting. I would ask for a refund for the 9th time but I can’t be bothered anymore. After asking 8 times IM DONE EITH THIS APPLICATION……. EXCEPT FOR WHEN I AM ASKED MY OPINION ON IT.

Nathan Gino Lubaton
I really like this app for chatting when boredom gets me however past few days I couldn’t get matched with another person at all and it keeps matching me to someone named “Amanda” who keeps telling me to her on her Snapchat which is a red flag since I know it is a bit anyway. Ive reported it quite a few times but it looks like there’s alot of bots again.

I think that you should select who you want to talk to for free. I understand it’s how you make money but keep ads just subtle and make an emoji this that you have to pay for. Like if you want filters, different text etc.

Aslam Khan
There is a very fraud application. Never buy coins from here. Your money will be wasted. I used to buy coins from here but after buying coins I’m unable to enable gender so far. Whene i complained about this, support team only talking about support but do not support so far. Today there are more then 60 days, nothing happened to my 300 rupees.

It was working very well and suddenly I can’t find anyone on this app, can you fix it or do something about that, I’ll change this to 5 when you fix it and thanks

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