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CamCard Free – Business Card R



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CamCard Free - Business Card R

CamCard Free – Business Card R

CamCard Free – Business Card R


No. 1 business card app, loved by 100 million users

* Top Developer on Google Play
* Must-Have Apps for Salespeople –
* Bringing Order to the Chaos of Business Cards – The New York Times
* The business cards just jump into your phones – CBS TV

CamCard is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards, the perfect fit for sales people, entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, and anyone who want to be one.

* Scan and store your business cards, never miss a card
* Exchange e-cards with people nearby
* Add notes & reminders to contacts
* Get contact updates. Be the first one to say congrats
* Enrich your profile to tell people more about yourself
* Search contacts’ company news to start a good conversation
* Navigate to contact addresses in Map
* Access contact information across multiple devices
* Manage contacts from all over the world with 17 recognition languages

*Free version: You can scan up to 200 cards in free version

Recognition languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, and Russian.

Brother app
CamScanner – Document scanning and sharing app.

Download CamCard Free – Business Card R App:-

Download CamCard Free – Business Card App ( 40 MB )

User Reviews

Mainul Chowdhury
Nice Great app

App user
Great Easy to use and makes mobile business a bit more productive.

Mid Nakal
Love it… Tried dozens type of this app but this one is for real….complete.

Maria Benzon
Great to consolidate all the biz cards! Love that it saves to google contacts too! Sometimes if the card background is dark or has creative graphics, then info doesn’t transfer well. Still love the app though. Been telling all my networking friends about this app too!

Jennifer Robbins
Love it now I can refer my family and friends business without carrying a binder full of business cards.

App user
No. 1 Business Card App I used/dowloades several business cards apps and deleted them all because I just didn’t like them. I finally find the right business card app and it has everything. So I say buy it, it’s worth every penny.

Larry Griffin
Great app I have been looking for an app that could create digital business cards. 95% accurate. I am slowly getting rid of my Rolodex. You must try this app if you use business cards

Sandeep Baliga
more then outstanding without this application your mobile is just a Zero, as specially if your are profession involved meeting multiple people.

Marta Leyva
Because of its ease of use, I share this app with others. I am a digital immigrant, in other words I’m older and don’t always get how to use all of these gadgets. I highly recommend using it.

C Nixon
Great tool! I juggle multiple business cards on any one day and this has been a lifesaver

Awesome app I’ve been using this app for a long time and its absolutely the best one of its kind.

App user
Used this several times with no problems, had 1 issue with non standard array card but not fault of the app. Reprinting my cards soon going to be clea

Lian Wah Koh
Business card management dream comes through. Excellent business card management app that turn a snap of card into updated google contacts and updated wechat or whatsapp contacts.

Amjad Hussain
The best app One of the best application I have ever used. Extremely helpful for the people in business world to maintain their contacts database so easily.

Fred Gagne
Great customer support. Love the app!!!!! I have been using this App for a year and it saves me a ton of time. I contacted Cust. Support and received an answer to my questions within a day. Awesome.

Barry Wilkins
Great for on the go This app will take care of business when you’re on the go and need copies, or PDFs that need to be stored or forwarded. I use it a lot and I like it.

App user
Rajeev I tried three four types pf application to store my business card. Among them thos is the best one. Load it and burden of carrying card is hostory.

Lin Hwang
Amazing! Wtf I wish I knew about this sooner! This is the free version and there’s a limit as to how many cards you can upload but that’s the only slight negative!

Donia Sanchez
CamScan I love this app. It keeps all my contact, business, personal cards all in one. No more carrying them all in my wallet/purse. Love it!

Sumit Bhargava
Best app Its help me a lot and would be best app for sales guys

Jinniya Rasekhi
Love this app to manage hundreds of business cards

David Lee
Best card reader. I have installed a few similar card reader and this one seems the best users friendly.. Most importantly is to take your photo on the card very steady and in bright light… The App will croft the photo automatically and read info precisely… Only about 75% accurate.. You have to do a little clean up work afterwards but still good enough… Good work….

Christopher Chong
Excellent I am impressed although I am not a paid customer the customer service go all the way to read review and kind enough to provide fixes. Excellent service !!

Ravi Nukala
Excellent. Yes that is what it is… Works like a charm and that too on different styles of card. Just mesmerising. It’s a 5 from me. Keep it up developers. You are doing an outstanding job.

Ruben Fountain
Awesome app The text recognition is very convenient. I like the option to import to Google contacts as well.

Daveed Sau
Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S4 I don’t use heavily. Very moderate usage… Maybe 2-5 cards added per month.

Dr. Supreet Soni
Amazing experience, don’t need to carry my cards & still have all the contacts at the tap of my finger.

Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu
Flawless Awesome app. Don’t have many business cards, but when I do, this app magically turns them into contacts 🙂

Martin Mueller
Very Good! I’m very happy with CamCard. Easy too use. Minimum changes after the image processing. Really helpful for all my business cards.

Shrihari borikar
Wonderful Very easy and important application for PRO or Politicians, and I think for everyone.

Maxine Gawron
Absolutely loving it for the ease of use and accuracy! Besides making my life easier it’s actually pretty cool to watch how the pretty average picture turns into a digital card. Amazing!

Great APP. have used it for years. Very easy to use and good functionality. Occasionally need to correct spelling… but very rare.

Moaz Bambi
5 stars to 3 stars. Unexplained new permissions added. Please explain them and you deserve 5 stars for this brilliant app.

Jaime Starcheski
Awesome app Great app shared with me by a colleague. I love it, convenient and effortless.

denis gosselin nearly perfect every time. It’s my go-to source to make sure that I don’t ever worry about losing cards. I take a CC within one minute of getting the card.

Mohan Mendis
Fantastic App Cool app for busy executives with loads of business cards to keep tab of or store

Patricia Ingram
Great software for business cards! It is easy to use, fast and accurate. It saves space in my bag, I really enjoy it!

Kuldeep Kumar Choudhary
Its awesome application I am using this application in Samsung galaxy s3 .its awesome

Jody Hudson
Perfect This app s just what I was looking for, it does exactly what I need and wanted to be able to do. You can’t go wrong with this pp

Nomis Haes
Effective and Convenient a good way to efficiently store your name card

Hidayat Mansuri
Great Concept I really love this app as you have to add hardly anything if you take right picture of business card also it will allow you take picture of other side as well

Sam Ashton
Love this app. Love this app. Necessary app for anyone that accumalates a bunch of cards.

Kishor Jashnani
User Friendly App One of the best app on android. Thanks, more than half of my work is reduced

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